We are literally one week away from pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training in Goodyear, Arizona. Can you feel the excitement? I can’t wait for some actual, real baseball activities to start. But we are also less than three weeks away from actual spring training games getting underway, too. The first game of the spring is going to be on Saturday the 22nd of February. That game won’t be televised. Neither will the next two. But starting on Tuesday the 25th against the Los Angeles Angels of Mike Trout, Fox Sports Ohio will be broadcasting eight games in the span of a month from Arizona.

Seven of the eight games will be played in the afternoon within the Eastern Time Zone, though three of those games will fall on the weekend. Only one night game will be on the Fox Sports Ohio schedule for the spring, and it’s late in the spring, too. Let’s take a look at the full schedule:

Five games will be done by the Fox Sports Ohio crew, while three more will be handled by the opposing team. Why there are more games in spring training handled this way, to reduce the costs, I’ve never understood. The eight games in 2020 is two less than the ten that they carried last year.

Last spring there were an additional five games that were carried on MLB Network. They have not yet released their schedule for the spring, so we are unsure how many games will be broadcast on their network. For now, though, you can put it down on your actual or digital calendar that you get to watch at least eight games from Arizona featuring your Cincinnati Reds.

4 Responses

  1. centerfield

    Remember “Game of the Week” on Saturday afternoon. That picture of a game on a B&W TV is wonderful.

    TBD: Can you stream the game on the internet? If they block your IP, maybe try a VPN Service.

  2. JoshG

    i decided to pay the $50/month to stream youtube tv so I could still see the sports channels I like. ( Fox Sports Ohio, MLB Network, Big Ten network, NFL network and all the espns.. still cheaper than cable

  3. redsfanhelpme

    I decided to switch to DirecTV since Dish and Sinclair still have not been able to reach a deal. So tired of MLB Blackout rules which wont let me purchase the Extra Innings package through Dish so that I can watch my REDS!!!

    Do not have the internet capability to stream YouTube TV. I guess I can save on my satellite TV for the next two years!

  4. Eric

    If you live in market in the Reds TV Territory, you can subscribe to a live TV streaming service such as YouTube TV or Hulu Live TV to get Fox Sports Ohio as a Regional Sports Network to get Reds games. If you live in Indiana, you will also get Fox Sports Indiana as another Regional Sports Network that also broadcasts Reds games.