Nick Castellanos can hit. He’s hit for quite a while in Major League Baseball. Over his last four seasons in Detroit he had posted an OPS+ of 118, with a best mark of 128 in the 2018 season. In a third of a season, 51 games, with the Chicago Cubs after being traded at the deadline, he posted a 151 OPS+ by hitting .321/.356/.646. Castellanos has stated that he felt the ballpark in Detroit severely hampered his power. His jump to Chicago certainly saw him hit for the kind of power in a third of a season that he had never shown before, giving some credence to what he was saying.

Mike Petriello of decided to take a deeper dive into just how much of a difference the ballpark makes with regards to Nick Castellanos, and if moving to Great American Ballpark’s home run friendly park will actually help him out.

There’s some interesting stuff within the article, so you should probably be sure to check it out and read all of it. But there are two things that seem to be important within: The change in ballparks last year to Great American Ballpark may be worth six additional home runs. That’s huge. But that there’s also reason to think that maybe that won’t happen based on a few other factors – but either way, he’s probably going to remain a good hitter, just how good we don’t really know.

Reds lose Jose Siri to the Mariners

When Cincinnati signed Nick Castellanos they needed a spot on the 40-man roster. To make a spot the team designated outfielder Jose Siri for assignment. On Monday afternoon the Seattle Mariners put in the claim and picked him up. Siri had one option remaining, unlike a handful of other outfielders on the 40-man who seem to be fighting for one or maybe two spots available. But Cincinnati’s front office just felt that he was going to have a tough time finding a spot on the team. They may have also felt that he was the most likely to get through waivers. He didn’t.

When it comes to Jose Siri, there’s some good and some not-so-good with his profile. On the good side, he’s got plenty of tools, and some of them are explosive. He’s got plus plus speed, plus defense in center field, and he’s got above-average raw power. There are worse profiles to work with, for sure. But on the not-so-good side is that he’s got poor pitch recognition, and it’s resulted in his struggles to hit for average, get on base, draw walks, and make contact. There are concerns that he’ll ever hit enough to be more than a somewhat useful bench player who can be a strong defender and good base runner with occasional power.

Reds offered Marcell Ozuna a 3-year deal

When Marcell Ozuna signed with the Atlanta Braves it was a bit of a blow to the Cincinnati Reds. They had been trying to sign the outfielder for what seemed like the entire offseason. They were first rumored to be interested in Ozuna before the World Series was over, and had kept up their pursuit the entire time. At the time of the signing it was reported that Cincinnati had made a multi-year offer, though the details weren’t out there. Well, according to Jon Heyman of MLB Network the Reds offered him a 3-year deal for $50,000,000. Ozuna chose a higher salary for 2020 over more money guaranteed, hoping to perform well in 2020 and get a larger, longer deal.

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  1. PhoenixPhil

    My opinion, Castellanos > Ozuna. I hope I’m right.

    • JayTheRed

      Honestly, I’m glad he went somewhere else. At least Castellanos seems excited to play for the team even if it is for one or maybe 2 years. I never like Ozuna for this offseason. 2 years ago I would be hoping to get him but I think the Reds made the better move by Ozuna not taking our offer and getting Castellanos.

  2. MK

    Just wonder if at the beginning of the off season the Reds would have traded Siri for Strop if they had the opportunity.Would have rather kept Siri than Schebler.

  3. RedNat

    Jose Siri epitomizes the problems the reds have had drafting and developing solid multi tool outfielders this century. and it has been a frustrating problem because that was one of our strengths through the 1990’s. Where are the Eric Davis’s, Reggie Sanders, Ken Griffey Srs’ of the world?
    Are we just not drafting the right guys or are we not developing them properly? or is it just to much to ask to have a player that can actually hit, run ,catch and throw?

    Even the outfielders that we draft seem and actually make it into the bigs seem to have a lot of holes in their game. Ervin, Dunn, Winker, Bruce just to name a few. Just sad we have to rely on free agency now to fill our outfield spots.

    • JayTheRed

      Sure makes you wonder about the instruction they are getting in the past. I think this new procedure they are doing with having one plan all the way through the system is going to help future draftees.

      Too much tinkering can mess players up.

    • Sabr Chris

      Over the years I’ve felt the front office has favored athletes with the high scores on the physical tools but have tended to undervalue the “hit” tool and plate approach. There certainly has been a disconnect in coaching across multiple levels, but I also think they have not scouted for coachablity. Its telling when several player’s sudden and often late improvements come after working with former players, Soto teaching change up and Larkin’s work with Cozarts stance come to mind.

      • RedNat

        yes, it is just frustrating to me that we can’t find players that are great athletes that can hit as well. we either get Billy Hamilton who cant hit the broad side or the barn or Jessie Winker who can hit but is such a huge liability on the bases.
        I guess the reds theory is that it is easier to turn a guy like Billy Hamilton or Drew Stubs into a .300 hitter than it is to turn Jessie Winker into a gold glove caliber 50 stolen base a year player. But they just haven’t been able to improve these guy’s “hit tool”. Siri is especially frustrating because he had a 40 game hit streak in Dayton but then kind of fell off the face of the earth.

  4. Scott C

    I think all in all, I am happier with Castellanos that I would have been with with Ozuna. No facts to back up why, I just feel he is going to be more productive in GABP.

    • Amarillo

      Not to be that guy because we know what you mean, but Coors is hitter friendly.

    • Howie

      Siri had one hitting streak in Dayton. Beeg deal. Billy Hamilton stole a lot of bases, too. No loss in Siri. Definitely Castellanos over Ozuna. If the Cards were willing to let him walk, that says a lot. And while there was talk about his lack of defense, what wasn’t mentioned much was his thumb & shoulder injuries last year. He couldn’t throw a ball thru an already cracked window.

  5. Jackson

    I am both happy that the Cards lost Ozuna, and that the Reds did not get him.

  6. Ron Payne

    Betts and Price to the Dodgers. Verdugo to Red Sox. A third team is involved in trade also. Reds?

  7. Ron Payne

    No. The third team is supposedly the Twins.

  8. Olbuzz

    Been meaning to sign up for awhile to get in the conversation. The bonehead move with Siri forced my hand. Hopefully they didnt intend to shed him so easily.
    He had his shortcomings but he could have stepped in centerfield in a pinch… Probably now! 39 gm hitting streaks even in A ball ate telling. Surely there was someone else to cough up. We’ve all seen guys that something small turns their switch on. Kind off expected that with him.

    I see a lot of guys running Mahle down. Hopefully someone thinks twice before giving him away for nothing or somehow expose him. not all these players are stars at 22. Most hit prime 27-28, it takes some experience usually for most.
    Winkers another, sad defense, injuries an limited to one side of the plate hitting, but he has some hitting skills that should payoff eventually.. I saw some metrics early last season (maybe here) on his launch and barrel stats I think, that were impressive. Kind of can’t miss numbers. A large part of getting back to our rightful place involved letting a few of the young guys grow into mlb players. Gonna be some hit an miss but for guys line TM and Winker. They should be just about ripe. Two no hitters, even in milb aren’t accidents. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Mahle around the no.3 slot at season end. Don’t know any of their work ethics are there… but they have been at some point

    Touting three long shots maybe pressing my luck on opening nite. Anyway great stuff Doug Grey, on both sites. I’ll get that meal money in asap Sir
    Hey, is Siri under that $50k rule if he doesn’t remain on their 26 man roster. Thanks

    • Doug Gray

      Siri can be sent to the minors. No rules – he was a straight pick up simply for being willing to add him to the 40-man roster.

  9. Nelson c Coble

    Still concerned about shortstop. Seager would be icing on the cake for the off season.

  10. Hanawi

    Well, they have Lux as well, but I’m not sure they want to rely on him as the everyday shortstop if they are going for it by taking on so much salary.

  11. Sabr Chris

    Betts to LA solidifies that line with Seagers staying. So cross that name off, however the pre-arb infielder they got from the Angel’s for Peterson might make Chris Taylor available. While not an elite player, certainly an upgrade over Galvis, and I’d think the acquisition cost wouldn’t be exorbitant.

    • Gonzo Reds

      Sal Romano and a mid-level prospect for Chris Taylor?