Two episodes this week? Sure, why not!

Chris Garber and I analyze all the recent moves by the Cincinnati Reds — including the signings of Nick Castellanos and Pedro Strop, plus the cannonball-related injury to Eugenio Suarez — and settle on the important question: where does Nick Senzel fit in?

Also, the devil went down to Georgia.

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5 Responses

  1. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I posted this elsewhere. It does involve Senzel. . .

    All I know is this. . .

    The Reds have to do something about this OF. I mean, they have 10 OF’s on the active 40-man roster. I doubt Nick and Shogo will see the minors. I doubt Senzel will see the minors. So, you have:


    You would think two of these are on the major league team come the beginning of the season. Meaning the others are either headed to the minors, DFA’d, traded, etc. I mean, we can’t carry all of these OF’s on the major league team at the start of the season.

    Given that, while I could understand ones like Winker, JVM, or Ervin may be headed to the minors and thus would concede to it, I wouldn’t like it. I mean, these guys were definite contributors last season. And, we can’t find one spot for them on the team this upcoming season? Or, we can’t find a spot for them “in a trade” with another team this upcoming season, a trade that could assist us?

    Given this, I can’t help thinking, if a team with a SS we could use offers the SS and wants Senzel, as long as it’s a decent trade for us, I say we take it.

    • Amarillo

      Do we really have 10 Outfielders though? Ervin can’t hit right handers (aka 3/4s of all pitchers) Jankowski has a .635 career OPS from 1000 plate appearances which is worse than Billy Hamilton’s with us. Schebler mysteriously forgot how to hit a baseball last year. Then you have a rule 5 draft pick, Van Meter who was ok as a utility player, and Aquino who followed one incredible month with one awful month and then he stunk up winter ball. I don’t see 10 Outfielders, I see maybe 5 that I would be ok giving notable playing time to. If Schebler/Jankowski/Payton just end up on waivers is it really that big of a problem?

      • Matt WI

        Agree with most of what you say there Amarillo… especially that last sentence. End of the day, they don’t really miss those guys and whoever ends up filling their space would probably provide the same replacement level production anyway.

        Honestly, if some other team was tantalized by Aquino’s power and would flip the Reds some more bullpen depth or whatever, do it. Don’t get so attached to one month of power like the team did with Billy Hamilton’s speed for far too long.

  2. RojoBenjy

    It’s in stone, now!

    No joke. Bobbleheads drive the front office moves and non-moves.

    See Puig, Yasiel in 2019.