This morning the Cincinnati Reds introduced their newest outfielder and free agent signing Nick Castellanos at a press conference with the local media. He had just signed a contract for 4-years and $64,000,000 – though he does have the option to opt-out and head to free agency after both the 2020 and 2021 seasons if he chooses.

One of the few things that was asked of Nick Castellanos was what his expectations were for the 2020 season with the Cincinnati Reds. His answer was rather simple: “WIN.”

That was it. That was his entire answer. There’s confidence on just about every professional athlete’s mind that they are going to win. It is tough to get to the highest level of sports without that belief that you are better than the other guy you’re going up against.

Reds fans will certainly be happy if Nick Castellanos expectations become reality. It’s been a tough stretch for Cincinnati Reds baseball lately. The last time the Reds had a winning season was back in 2013. And really, they haven’t come close to having a winning season since, with the 2014 season being the best since and that team was 10 games under .500.

Last offseason the Reds front office made moves to try and get the team back to contention. On paper, the moves looked good. While the projections weren’t quite there to suggest they were a playoff team, the acquisition of Alex Wood, Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, and Kyle Farmer pushed the talent level and projection level into the .500 range. But things didn’t quite work out as planned as Alex Wood missed most of the year and Yasiel Puig had easily the worst offensive season of his career.

This offseason the front office took things to the next level, and did so by hitting free agency with a truckload or three of cash to spend. It began when they signed infielder Mike Moustakas to a franchise record $64,000,000 free agent deal. They followed it up by inking the second largest free agent deal in franchise history for a position player and their first ever Japanese player, signing outfielder Shogo Akiyama early in January. Starting pitcher Wade Miley joined the fold shortly thereafter. And now the organization has matched the Moustakas deal by bringing in Nick Castellanos.

The expectations aren’t just to win from Castellanos. Those are the same expectations from the Reds front office, ownership, management, coaches, and other players. And given how the team has gone out and improved the roster in the last six months – including picking up Trevor Bauer at the trade deadline in 2019, the fans expect the winning to be more than just hope and talk.

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  1. DrunkenViking

    The man wants to win. He made as much clear in Detroit when they started their downfall and unloaded players. He doesn’t want stuck on a team that doesn’t care about winning for 4 years. He also wants to get paid if he comes here and mashes 35 and drives in 110. The Reds did what it takes to get one of the top FA outfielders here and I am fine with that.

  2. CallowayPost

    Dude looks great in Red, TBH.

    I’ve been saying this on other sites, but if he does choose to walk after year one, or even two, that he put up monster numbers that he believes merit a higher payday (64 Million dollars…oh what I would do with you), and if he betting on himself like that, the same way the Reds are betting on themselves this offseason…I’ll take it. If he doesn’t in year one, he gets another chance in 2021…that’s TWO years of a player playing for a bigger pay day in our ballpark. Jerry Mcguire…eat your heart out.

    As mentioned above, it’s also insurance for Nick, that this team will hold of their end of the bargain and continue to do everything they can to win. No one wants to be in a position Arrenado was put in the same year he signed his huge deal.

    Again…Red is really this mans color.

  3. Slicc50

    Just read about the Suarez injury…….good thing the Reds have some guys that can cover 3b if he is not ready to go at the start of the season!

    • RojoBenjy

      I bet it’s fragments of a torn labrum. That’s about all there is that could be there to “clean up”.

      Don’t hold your breath folks. Good thing they picked up Moose and that’s for double sure.

  4. RojoBenjy

    “Swimming pool injury” to boot.

    Finnegan falls off the dock trying to jump in his boat.

    Can’t catch a break.

    Need Senzel now.

    • slicc50

      Funny how one little thing like this your team can go from “we have too many good players” to “I sure am glad we have all of these guys!” LOL

  5. Tom Mitsoff

    And that’s why you need all the good hitters you can accumulate.

    • Matt WI

      Ding! Don’t like having 2 key guys have shoulder injuries.

      Over/under on comments like “it seems like it affected his power” this season? But NEXT spring will be “best shape of his life.”

  6. Brackiss

    I love the upgrades the reds have made. I’d like to see them bring back scooter on a minors deal. Give him a chance to show he can get past last years injury lost season. He’d also be a low risk back up option in case of injuries. Too bad he didnt play short too.

  7. Redsvol

    Reds spent $164 million on 4 very good players this offseason – with max length of contract being 4 years. Angels spent $245 million for 7 years on an awesome player (Anthony Rendon) going into his age 30 season. We shall see who spent their money more wisely but I like the Reds strategy much better.

    Now we need a couple better relievers……

  8. My Beloved Reds

    Following the 2018 season , it was “get the pitching,” which they did. Following the 2019 season, it was “get the hitting,” which they have. I’m thrilled with the moves the past two years!!! I’m hopeful that following the 2020 season it won’t be “get the bullpen and defense.”