When the news broke earlier this morning that the Cincinnati Reds had agreed to a contract with free agent outfielder Nicholas Castellanos, you knew there was going to be an Emergency Podcast episode of Redleg Nation Radio. I was joined by Doug Gray and we discussed the specifics, where Castellanos fits into a crowded outfield, and what moves might be next (will Nick Senzel be traded?). Plus, we grade the Reds off-season and make some predictions for 2020.

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12 Responses

  1. RedNat

    I hope Aquino doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. of all our young outfielders he has the biggest upside to me. good defender, appears durable, good speed, great power potential. if I had to choose I would keep him over Senzel or WINKER.

    • Stock

      When you K% is half your OPS (which is was for Aquino in September) you are not going to stick in the majors. Once pitchers figured out how to pitch to Aquino he was deemed worthless. That is not to say he won’t counter that adjustment given time. Just that he didn’t last September.

      • Lockersocks79

        Aquino is 25 and hasn’t had a chance to put in a full season. Nearly 20 years ago Reds fans had a similar argument about Adam Dunn, but look what Dunn gave you with his 200 strikes outs/season!

        I’m all for trading Aquino if it brings Lindor but I’m not for writing him off as a has been at age 25 with 2 months of major league experience.

  2. Bdh

    Disagree with Doug. Trading senzel would be a huge mistake. It would likely be for one of the 2 year shortstops that the reds wouldn’t be able to extend and would cost more than just senzel from future teams. 2 year windows and then long rebuilds isn’t a recipe for success or a good way to continue growing a fan base. Free agency isn’t always going to be this kind to the reds either so probably not a good idea to trade a player you have 6 cheap years of control with especially when in 2 years he could possibly be the best position player on the team.

    • Bdh

      I’m not counting on minor leaguers until they prove it at the top level. I’m still waiting on the rotation of (Stephenson, Reed, Garrett, Romano, finnegan) that I thought was going to take us to the top a few years back. Plus if senzel is traded for an impact SS it will cost some of the better minor leaguers in the system right now too.

      What’s the team look like in 2 years if you trade senzel and others to get a 2 year shortstop?

      C – both current mlb guys will be free agents by then correct?

      1B – nearly 40 year old Votto making 25 mil

      2B – 34 year old Moustakas making 16 mil

      SS – ?

      3B – Suarez (face of the franchise)

      LF – Winker

      CF – Shogo (don’t know how he will translate but he will be on his last year regardless)

      RF – Aquino – is he closer to august or September?

      That’s a lot of question marks to go with high priced players in Votto and Moustakas on the decline.

      3/5 of The current rotation will be gone and Iglesias will be a free agent closer as well.

      Free agency is an option but how much will there be to spend with the 40+ a year going to the old infielders and hopefully a Castillo extension. Will almost be time for Suarez and Gray to figure out their next contracts as well.

      1 player alone won’t keep the reds a contender but a 26 year old Senzel who wouldn’t even be in arbitration yet would give the reds a much better outlook and would allow them to pick and choose what to spend their money on.

  3. Eric

    Procedural question: I want the “listen” to show up in your stats – that still happens if I catch this on Spotify, right?

  4. Colorado Red

    Reds DFA Siri,
    Just say a report on MLBTRADERUMORS.com

  5. RedNat

    Dont understand Jose Siri being DFA. I still had high hopes for him