The Philadelphia Phillies have claimed outfielder Nick Martini from waivers. The Cincinnati Reds placed Martini on waivers to create a spot on the 40-man roster when the team officially signed outfielder Shogo Akiyama. The Reds originally picked up Martini on waivers themselves back in November. The San Diego Padres put the 29-year-old outfielder on waivers to clear a spot themselves and Cincinnati took a chance that after hitting .328/.432/.482 in Triple-A for Las Vegas that he could bring the organization some value from the left side of the plate.

With an already very crowded outfield, and with Nick Martini going to be 30-years-old next season and only having 87 games in the Major Leagues in his career, it’s unlikely that this will be a move that the Reds look back on and wish they hadn’t made. With Akiyama, Aristides Aquino, Nick Senzel, and Jesse Winker looking like the group of starters the outfield seems set.

The group of potential 4th/5th/6th outfielders is also quite loaded with depth. Phillip Ervin, Travis Jankowski, Mark Payton, Scott Schebler, and infielder/outfielder Josh VanMeter will all also be competing for a spot on the 26-man roster in February and March out in Goodyear.

With all of those outfielders to choose from, the Reds will still have plenty of options for lefties to match up with if that’s the route they choose to take. Both Winker and Akiyama are lefties from the “starter” group. From the backup group there’s still Travis Jankowski, Mark Payton, Scott Schebler, and Josh VanMeter. The right side is a bit more limited. Nick Senzel and Aristides Aquino are joined by Phillip Ervin and Jose Siri as the only right-handed hitting outfielders on the 40-man roster. And while a 4/6 split doesn’t seem bad – there’s not much of a chance that Siri is competing for a spot on the team to begin the year. He has seen limited action in Triple-A in his career, and when he did get there, he struggled.

4 Responses

  1. Gaffer

    I should have just ignored all those waiver claims of OF over the last 3 months, because they are gone again.

  2. RedsFan11

    I know it’s been said time and time again but with so many potential bats in the outfield I wish they would consider moving Senzel to short. Galvis is the Billy Hamilton of shortstops and you can’t go into the season with the plan to play him 140 games. I’m sorry

    • JayTheRed

      Like Hamilton he has good defense. but unlike Hamilton, Galvis has some pop in his bat. and overall his numbers are a little better than Hamilton’s

      I too want to see a trade made for a better SS but, i’m beginning to wonder if it’s even possible the Reds will be able to pull it off without having to overpay.

  3. Don

    The assessment of the team is fair and accurate.

    The infields have a veteran track record so the projections have a statistical base.
    Team is hoping Suarez repeats, Votto is better than 2019, Moose has a solid year. Galvis is a defense first SS.

    The outfielders are young with limited to no track MLB track record so these projects are much more variable and based on hope that talent translates to MLB success.

    So far I like the path off the off season for the Front Office.

    I am hoping Senzel is not traded in a Seager or Lindor deal as Senzel has the work ethic and desire to be a hitter which has a BA that starts with a 3 and an OBP that starts with a 4 while being a 20/20 HR/SB player for 10 years.