We are getting close to the top of the list. This week we tackle the 3rd longest home run hit by a Cincinnati Reds player this past season. It’s also the 3rd time that Eugenio Suarez shows up on the list.

This home run came near the end of the season when he hit two homers on September 15th. His second homer of the day came off of the same pitcher as the first – Zac Gallen. He took a fastball and destroyed it into left-center in Phoenix.

The Video

The Metrics Behind The Blast

Zac Gallen’s fastball to Eugenio Suarez came toward the plate at 93.3 MPH. It left the plate at 108.9 MPH and it traveled 456 feet. It was the second homer of the day for Suarez, and the third for the Reds. Coming on a full count, Suarez seemed ready for the pitch.

Distance Metrics

Reds Rank: 3rd

Major League Baseball Rank: 103rd

Eugenio Suarez 2019 Rank: 2nd

Other Metrics

Launch Angle: 25.4°

Exit Velocity: 108.9 MPH

Reds Exit Velocity Rank (on home runs): 14th

The Story Behind The Blast

The Cincinnati Reds were leading the game 2-1 when Eugenio Suarez came to the plate. Both he and Josh VanMeter had already homered off of Zac Gallen in the game, going back-to-back in the 4th inning as the Reds took the lead.

The home run was the 8th of September in just 13 games for Eugenio Suarez. It gave him 47 homers on the season, and it also was his 100th RBI on the year. Far more important than that, though, was that it tied him with Andres Galarraga for the most home runs in a Major League season hit by a player born in Venezuela. A few days later Suarez would break the record, and 10 days later he would extend it. The game was also his 4th multi-homer game of the season.

You can follow along the entire series here.

3 Responses

  1. Hotto4Votto

    Saw on MLBTR that the Reds are one of three teams (along with St. Louis/Texas) that are still in on Ozuna. I’ve been against an Ozuna signing from the beginning, largely because I felt we had better options on the FA market and he wasn’t much of an upgrade, if any, from a platoon of Winker and Ervin. Obviously, adding Ozuna would likely come about only if we trade an OF (Senzel or Winker) otherwise there’s just not enough projected playing time.
    But, as I sit here pondering the remaining moves the Reds could make, there may be a scenario where it makes sense. If Winker or Senzel is traded, I believe the Reds must add another starting caliber OF’er. I don’t think relying on Aquino full time is a wise bet for a competing team. Having Aquino split time makes more sense, whether that be with Winker or Akiyama. A primary 4-man OF rotation of Senzel/Winker, Akiyama, Ozuna, and Aquino would look pretty good overall.
    One last aspect to consider, it likely weakens St. Louis who I see as the prime competition for the NLC. Or…maybe I’m just trying to convince myself.

  2. Scooby doo

    Find footage of Nick Esasky against Dodger’s that he hit into upper deck. 492 feet.!