While there’s been plenty of arguing on the internet about whether the current decade is from 2010-2019, or from 2011-2020 – it seems that the internet writers of the world are using “content strategy” to say that it’s 2010-2019. And with that in mind, David Shoenfield of ESPN put together the Major League Baseball All-Decade Team from that time period. Only one Reds player made the list – Joey Votto – who got the nod at first base over Miguel Cabrera and Paul Goldschmidt.

Why it’s Votto: He led all batters in the decade in runs created and on-base percentage, ranked third in WAR, won an MVP and matched Cabrera in wRC+ (while being a much better fielder).

Let’s be sure to note that the above statement by Schoenfield is referring to all hitters at all positions, not just first base. Among position players only Mike Trout and Robinson Cano had more WAR than Joey Votto did during the past decade.Let’s take a look at Votto’s stats for the decade:

During the decade, Joey Votto led the National League in several categories during a season. He played in a league best 162 games twice. In 2013 he led the league with 726 plate appearances. During the 2011 season he led the league with 40 doubles. Five times saw him lead the league in walks. In seven seasons he led the league in on-base percentage. In his 2010 MVP season he led the league in slugging. And twice, in 2010 and 2017 he led the league in OPS.

Former Reds closer Aroldis Chapman was the only other player from the Reds who was in the “others considered” category. He and Kenley Jansen lost out to Craig Kimbrel in the reliever category.

While Schoenfield went into detail on why he chose each player from this decade, he didn’t do that for all of his previous decades picks. But it was fun to look back at the picks that were made. That list features plenty of former Reds. Those lists include Barry Larkin from the 90’s, half of The Big Red Machine in the 70’s, and a sprinkling of Reds in the previous decades.

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  1. Bromleyjake

    Because Votto’s best attributes translates to a high OBP rather than those “milestone” stats like RBI, HITS, or HR, do you think his chance at getting in the HOF will be hurt by several declining seasons in his final years?

    • Gaffer

      No because the voters in 10 years will not be as dumb as those of the last 50 years.

    • Doug Gray

      Nope. The voters 15 years from now when he’s eligible to be voted on are going to be a very different kind of voter.

  2. CFD3000

    Well deserved. Cabrera and Goldschmidt are both franchise level players but Votto’s skill set and accomplishments are getting their due in the modern era of analytics. Counting stats are straightforward and make easy comparisons from era to era, but OBP, OPS, WRC+ and OPS+ are the stats of the future. And Votto has been by those measures an amazing hitter. This is another hint that he is likely on his way to the Hall of Fame when he hangs up the cleats and joins the Mounties.

    • CFD3000

      Also, how about that Big Red Machine? Five of the starting eight for the decade of the 1970’s were Reds – Bench, Perez, Morgan, Concepcion, and Rose. Two of those could be the best players at their positions, ever. Amazing.

  3. Hotto4Votto

    The average Hall of Famer accumulated between 50-70 WAR over their career. Votto currently has 56.2 fWAR or 60.2 bWAR depending on which metric you prefer. Recent inductees vary in WAR range, from Harold Baines at 38.7 bWAR to Vlad Guerrero at 59.4 bWAR, Edgar Martinez at 68.4 bWAR, Alan Trammell at 70.7 bWAR and finally Chipper Jones at 85.2 bWAR. Votto falls solidly in the midst of those players with an decent shot of getting into the Martinez/Trammell range over the next few years especially if he finds a bounce back year or two.

  4. Ron Payne

    Well deserved. If Joey could somehow put up numbers like he did in 2017, this goes from a good lineup to a great lineup in 2020. Especially if we picked up another bat or two.
    I think his accomplishments have been overlooked because of how bad the team has been.

  5. RedNat

    I don’t understand the advanced stats to probably appreciate how great Votto is. All I know is that he is a really great ambassador for game and has been great the city of cincinnati.

    There are baseball moves and then there are BASEBALL moves and his long term contract was. The latter