As we have been doing for a while now, when the Cincinnati Reds make a significant move we here at Redleg Nation chime in with how we felt about the transaction. Earlier this week the Reds signed left-handed starting pitcher Wade Miley to a 2-year deal with an option year for 2022, with a guarantee of $15M (includes the 2022 buyout, but not the 2022 salary if the option is picked up). Here’s what some of the writers had to say about the deal:

Ashley Davis

It’s a fairly low risk, high reward signing that still allows the Reds to sign a free agent hitter. Wade Miley gives the starting rotation some stability, which the Reds will need when Trevor Bauer and Anthony DeSclafani become free agents after 2020. Miley’s not going to give the Reds 200 innings, but in the last two seasons, he’s had an ERA+ of 159 and 116, respectively. If Derek Johnson can get Miley to pitch like that again and forget about last September when he gave up 21 earned runs in 11.1 innings, Miley’s going to be quite the value for a fifth starter. And to those who are worried about Tyler Mahle not getting his chance, don’t worry. He’ll still pitch with the Reds at some point during the season. Injuries happen every year and teams need depth. The 2012 Reds team that used only six starters for an entire season was an anomaly.

Jim Walker

Wade Miley wasn’t the shiniest pitching toy available this off this season.  He probably wasn’t even the best still available when the Reds signed him. However, he fills a need for the Reds, a left-handed starter who should take the ball every fifth day and keep the Reds in the game most of the time.

This signing reinforces the message sent by the Mike Moustakas signing that the Reds seek to be players in the free agent market. While neither of these guys are top-tier signings at this point in their careers, they represent a quantum step forward from the rehabilitation and dumpster diving projects which have characterized the Reds recent off season free agent acquisition efforts.

The quality of the Reds projected 2020 starting rotation is being noticed across MLB. This portends good things for the Reds not just on the field of play but also in being able to attract the  interest of quality free agents moving forward.

John Ring

This isn’t a big-headline move but a good one. I like it a lot. It deepens the Reds starters, allows Tyler Mahle time to develop since he has options available and is just a two-year deal. I’d guess his relationship with the Reds pitching coach was a big factor in him coming to the Rhineland. I’ll feel better if the Reds can add another bat before the season starts; if not, this is a crucial season for Winker/Ervin. My last two cents: leave Senzel alone and let him hit like he used to in the past. Our hitting coaches, who were mostly abject failures as hitters in the major leagues, should leave him alone.

Jeff Carr

I really like this deal. Look, in a vacuum, no, this deal doesn’t make the Reds a playoff team. When we look back on this offseason, though, and see this as the 3rd or 4th best get for this front office, it turns out to be a heck of a deal. And average of $7.5 million for a guy who gives you six bonafide major league starters and he has a track record with Derek Johnson (one of his best years in 2018). This also gives the Reds a good pitching staff once they make the playoffs. Castillo, Gray, and Bauer for your starters and Miley, Disco, Mahle for your long relief guys. The mantra of Dick Williams’s front office has been smart, savvy moves and this fits right in.

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  1. RedNat

    I like it because you basically get a good starter and a reliever in one deal. I really feel Mahle belongs in the bullpen. I actually think he could be a closer with his tenacity and competitiveness but at the very least a very good long reliever.
    Now let’s get this Lindor deal done and 2020 could be the best reds team of the century!

    • Colorado Red

      To do that, we need Lindor or Story.
      Then we have a legit chance.

    • Wes

      I’m w ya on mahle to the pen ! He had one real bad 1st inning last season but outside of that start, which was toward end of season, he was very good early in games. Imo, that makes Iglesias available, and he has way more value than anyone here gives him credit for. There’s tons and tons of closers who hit a mental hurdle and then go on to get it back together. Iglesias was throwing a 100 in September- it was a bad mental year for him- that’s all, and he’s still in that favorable contract. Back to mahle, he’s also a great option to start a game to get through lineup first time. If Mahle goes through order once and then u bring in a completely different type of pitcher in Miley to go 5 strong- that’s a great play !

      last thing on mahle is he wears down- he’s looked rough at the end of just about every season. Reds need June mahle in August and September and the most logical way to do that is put him in the pen.

      Ok 1 more, Louisville would be an insult to an accomplished player like mahle. He’s earned his spot on this team.

  2. sixpack

    A very GOOD SIGNING. and gives us a lefty. Lindor would be great, but not for two years and the cost for our future.

    • Colorado Red

      All depends on the cost.
      I would off Nick Senzel straight up.
      Per Baseball trade values, 6 years of Nick, has more value then 2 of Lindor.
      Would not offer more.

      • Ben Harrison

        The Indians would laugh in the Reds faces if they seriously thought Senzel for Lindor was a serious offer. It’s going to take at least Senzel, India, Santillan and probably Lodolo to get Lindor. He’s that good of a player

      • Hanawi

        That might be the most ridiculous trade proposal I’ve read yet. Lindor has 2 years and will make about $45 million. His value is not that high. That’s more than the Red Sox gave up for Sale, who had 3 years and $38 million owed.

      • Dennis Hardebeck

        Ben, don’t you think Nick 6 years isn’t worth something?

  3. sixpack

    Lindor? I do not want to repeat the last 7 years and he would cost us too much.. Get a different Bat.

    • Redleg4life

      Agreed I’m looking ahead to trying to be competitive beyond 2022. It has been a long slow rebuild and I’m not trying to watch us be great for 2 years and horrible for another decade.

  4. Stock

    At first I was against this acquisition. Miley was a one year wonder. 2018 was great but before that he struggled to make rosters and last September he was terrible, to put it politely.

    Then I read he was tipping pitches in September. That along with the fact that Derek Johnson was his pitching coach in his breakout season was enough to make me dig a little deeper. Throw out September 2019 because it is easy to correct the flaw of tipping your pitches.

    Summary of date for 2018 + 2019 (excl September)

    Starts: 44
    IP: 237
    ERA: 2.89 (7 of 61 qualified pitchers had a lower ERA than this in 2019)
    WHIP: 1.02 (6 of 61 qualified pitchers had a lower WHIP than this in 2019)
    K/9: 8.7 (28 of 61)
    BB/9: 3.07 (44 of 61)
    GB%: 51.9% (5 of 61)
    Hard Hit%: 36.6% (26 of 61)
    Soft Hit%: 18.2% (21 of 61)

    I love the ERA, WHIP and GB%.

    Four FA bargains this off-season IMO

    Grandal, Wheeler, Didi and Miley.

    It hurts that we did not get either Grandal or Didi. But this is a great pick-up in my book.

  5. Gonzo Reds

    ESPN has us gaining 5 wins with our moves so far. We’re going to have to do more if we want to make the playoffs… Indians calling for best and final offers this weekend for Lindor. Wonder what our bid will be…

    • Streamer88

      Gonzo! Great stat from ESPN – recall though that advanced team level stats about our runs scored, runs allowed and clutch hitting yielded a performance that *should* have generated something like 85 wins.

      90 wins puts us in that martini shaker of “anything is possible”.

      (Yes this is an off season optimism take).

  6. Wes

    What do padres and dodgers best offers look like ??

    If padres offer either patino or abrams I would jump all over either of them and call it a day if I’m Cleveland either of them are heads and shoulders above trammel. SD may also want clevinger. If so that brings gore into play. If gore/abrams was offered for clevinger and Lindor- reds and dodgers have no chance. That being said- SD doesn’t like to part w top talent.

    Dodgers are in a bit different boat- they have mlb ready controllable talent they can dispose of and not miss a beat. A Urías/Verdugo package is a strong offer. Two former prospects w same accolade or better than senzel. Dodgers are usually pretty stingy w their talent too but they have pressure on em and have missed on some guys.

    My guess it goes down like this- from LA- Gray and Downs to Clev; Seager to Padres. Lindor to LA and Padres send trammel to Cleveland. So Cleveland gets Gray downs and trammell while reds miss out on seager and Lindor. #worsechristmasever

  7. eddiek957

    Gray and downs and the dodgers get lindor. Well at least the reds have farmer

  8. TR

    I like the acquisition of Miley. At least one lefty in the starting rotation is usually a good thing.