We are into the top half of the countdown of the longest home runs hit by the Cincinnati Reds during the 2019 season. Coming in at the #5 spot on the list is Aristides Aquino.

This is the third home run that has landed Aristides Aquino on the Top 10 countdown, and it’s the furthest one that he hit in the Major Leagues this season (though he did top it in the minors with a 471-foot monster shot). On August 10th, Aquino took a 97 MPH fastball from Dillon Maples and hit it where very few have hit a baseball at Great American Ballpark.

The Video

The Metrics Behind The Blast

The ball came in fast, at 97 MPH. It left even faster. The exit velocity was 107.4 MPH. It was a tough day for Dillon Maples, who came into the game in a mop up role in the 3rd inning – his first game in the Majors in five weeks. It was also his last game in the Majors for the next month. Maples would give up two homers on the day.

Distance Metrics

Reds Rank: 5th

Major League Baseball Rank: 160th

Aristides Aquino 2019 Rank: 1st

Other Metrics

Launch Angle: 26.9°

Exit Velocity: 107.4 MPH

Reds Exit Velocity Rank (on home runs): 27th

The Story Behind The Blast

It was a huge day for the Cincinnati Reds. And a big part of that was thanks to Aristides Aquino. The Reds put a hurting on Kyle Hendricks and the Cubs pitching staff, beating them 10-1 and hitting six home runs on the day. Aristides Aquino led off the second inning with a solo home run to put Cincinnati in front. Nick Senzel followed with a homer of his own to extend the lead. In the next inning Aquino came back to the plate and homered again off of Kyle Hendricks to make it 4-0. Before the inning was over, Hendricks was out of the game.

Dillon Maples took over and got the final out of the 3rd. The 4th inning began by serving up a homer to Eugenio Suarez that made it 8-0. After a ground out by Josh VanMeter, Aristides Aquino came back to the plate and saved his longest homer of the day for his final homer of the day. He homered deep into left-center, over the visiting bullpen. It gave him seven home runs in his first 10 games of his career.

August 10th was the fourth consecutive day that he had homered. When the game was over he was hitting .464/.500/1.250 on the season through nine games on the year, with seven of his 13 hits being home runs. That game came in the middle of a run through August that saw him setting new records for most home runs to begin a career (either by games or plate appearances) what felt like every day.

You can follow along the entire series here.

8 Responses

  1. My Beloved Reds

    Here’s to hoping that 2020 brings us August Aquino vs September Aquino!!!

  2. Big Ed

    The pitch on that video was right in his wheelhouse, but his swing was as compact as a guy that size swing. I think he could have been a little mentally tired in September (this being his first year playing that long), and his swing started to lengthen.

    Aquino in his age 25 season had a lower strikeout rate (26.7%) than did Aaron Judge (30.7), and the AB/HR was only a bit worse, at 10.8 to 10.4. Judge walked quite a bit more often.

    • Ed

      You might be right- I recall him whiffing hard on lots of cherry fastballs right down the heart of the plate. He also struggled with outside pitches. Do you know where can I look and see where he tends to connect, and where his whiffs are?

      • Doug Gray

        BrooksBaseball.net is probably a good place to start.

  3. CallowayPost

    I’d bet that the hungriest young player on this team is Aquino, who had a big taste of the national spotlight, that he flew high on. When the rest of baseball adjusted, I think he got in his own way trying to keep the pace going. I think the kid now has a chip on his shoulder, and wants to be a part of the big bopper conversation every night on TV. I think he wants his name, The Punisher, to be just as big as the Wild Horse.

    Someone has to be the future big stars in this game. Young guys become superstars.

  4. RedNat

    of our 4 current outfielders , I trust Aquino the most. he appears durable and plays good defense and is a good baserunner. at minimum he will give you Adam Duvall type numbers with 30 HR and 100 rbi seasons but obviously he has a much higher ceiling.

    • CallowayPost

      He was doing what MLer’s do during the stretch and that is to hit the pitchers mistakes, and then some.

      His game is power.

      Once he clicks and these two get harnessed together, with natural maturity, I think you’re looking at a future star.

  5. Rude Onederful

    amazed it was ‘only’ 452. I’ve never seen another one land up there