The Cincinnati Reds held their introductory press conference with the local media on Thursday night at Duke Energy Convention Center, where the Reds will be holding Redsfest Friday and Saturday. Obviously Mike Moustakas was there, but he was joined by Scott Boras and Tyler Beckstrom of The Boras Corporation, as well as manager David Bell, General Manager and Vice President Nick Krall, and President of Baseball Operations Dick Williams. You can watch the entire press conference below.

It was a rather quick, and easy press conference as there were only a few questions asked. But let’s take a look at what Mike Moustakas said about why he chose Cincinnati over the other suitors this offseason.

The reason I picked this team was being on the other side, playing in Milwaukee I was able to see what these guys had.What they were bringing to the field every single day – The love and passion they played with. The pitching staff was incredible, the lineup was incredible. And I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to make this team a little bit better, and to help get to the post season, which is why we all play the game. I was talking with David (Bell) earlier – the most addictive thing ever is post season baseball and I can’t wait to get back there.

Cincinnati Reds. Playoff Baseball. Mike Moustakas. That all sounds great. And hey, maybe Chad Dotson is onto something else with this tweet, too…..

9 Responses

  1. Ed

    Certainly beats “let’s head for the cellar”

    No I kid, I’m psyched, even more for so whatever comes next!!

  2. Colorado Red

    He liked what he saw, and what the Reds offered.

  3. Rut

    Hahaha, reason he is here is 4 yrs, $64 million!

    But good to know he can teach a Crash Davis class on cliches, they are very useful with the sports media (and general public by extension)

  4. B-town fan

    I noticed on the Reds website that it was mentioned that Donnie Ecker was hired by the Giants as there new hitting coach. I was kind of surprised he was hired away, especially after several Reds players credited him with helping them a lot last year and the new title he got as Hitting Director . Seems like quite a loss, I wonder who they will get to replace him. I was kind of surprised the Reds didn’t just go ahead and promote him to hitting coach after Ward was let go, with so many players liking his teaching , and him being on the forefront of hitting methods.

    • Ed

      Well, I have to assume there is some reason Ecker wasn’t given the hitting coach position. Bell chose Zinter for that position because they worked together years ago, even though Zinter is an unproven coach. Yikes. Hope it’s not nepotism at work.

      • Ed

        Nepotism from their former baseball club “family” maybe? I’m gonna stretch the definition here ahem

  5. JoshG

    I actually like Ryu, and Keuchel would still be a good fit

  6. Doug Gray

    Bob Castellini has made public statements or offered interviews about four times since he bought the Reds. I’m not surprised at all that he wasn’t present here – he simply doesn’t do public things very often.