The Reds made a big free agent signing this week, bringing Mike Moustakas to Cincinnati to play second base. Jason Linden and I discuss the signing and go in-depth into what comes next for the Reds, including why Zack Wheeler makes sense and why Marcell Ozuna and/or Nick Castellanos might not. Plus: we love Jesse Winker, but should he be traded?

It’s a special MOOSE edition of the podcast. Enjoy!

(Extra points to anyone who identifies the opening and closing themes of this week’s podcast, along with their significance.)

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10 Responses

  1. Goat

    Please trad Winker! His defense is atrocious. I’m all for signing Wheeler, but getting Hamels on a two year deal would be far less risky. Focus on longterming Desclafani instead because his numbers aren’t too far away from Wheeler’s and he’s just now coming into his own. Don’t be looking at obvious choices like Ozuna and Castellanos, instead look at trades for players such as Joc Peterson. Get more pitching because you’ll never have enough.

    • Donny

      Joc Pederson is a big no for me.For me, he is not much of a upgrade over Scott Schebler.

    • Colorado Red

      Wheeler is now off the board. 5/118 with Phili.
      Sign G Cole. That would be a rotation.

      • Colorado Reds

        That would make the reds Central favorites.
        If you could somehow add a cheep bat, the WS would not be out of range.

  2. Donny

    For me the biggest question mark for the Reds outfield is Nick Senzel .
    He is like one of those cars that you go out and buy that a lot of us seem to have to go through or experience in life of the car breaking down and continuously having the same problems that seem to never be able to get fixed. ”People call that a Lemon” and after a year or so after spending so much money and time and effort you realize you’re going to have to somehow get some of that money back that set you back in life.

  3. Donny

    ”Nick Senzel”
    I hear this all the time and i guess you can make a argument that playing every position on the field can lead to a injury risk, but what about a higher injury risk.

    It just seems to me that outside of being a catcher and a pitcher. Centerfield would be the third most risky. Chasing down a lot of fly balls, making dives and leaps, banging up against the wall. No position on the field is going to be doing more running than the center fielder. Not to mention the jog from dugout to center field and vise versa each inning. Just a thought

  4. Rusty Shafer

    I feel Jonathan Villar would’ve been a much better value than Moustakas to play 2B. Lower cost, younger & faster, signed for shorter term, more speed, natural middle infielder, etc. With Moustakas playing 2B the Reds will have only one above-average infielder (Suarez). Does defense no longer matter to this FO?!? Additionally, most available corner OF’s are average to below average defensively. Villar had 40 steals in 2019, Moustakas had 3. Villar’s BA & OBP both higher last season and for career.

    both higher

  5. Datdudejs

    I think you guys are nuts that you don’t think Winker is enough to get one season of Mookie. The Reds should say no if Boston offered that unless they had an extension pre worked out, which Mookie doesn’t want to sign an extension

    • Wes

      Be like winker mahle TySteve. Boston will trade but they won’t force a trade- they’ll just pay tax if they have too. I wouldn’t do that trade though. To much control to give up for one season