While we all sit around and wait for something to happen in free agency, they are playing baseball all around the world in various winter leagues (The Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Australia, and Colombia all have active leagues). The league in the Dominican probably has the highest level of play, though Mexico will give them a run for their money – especially before the playoffs when you start seeing more and more big leaguers show up.

Some big leaguers are already there, though – including the Cincinnati Reds own Brian O’Grady. The outfielder is playing with Aguilas Cibaenas this season and in their last game he made his presence known with a big 3-run homer.

There’s a few things to talk about here. First – that crowd is amazing. This game is in the middle of the season, in the 5th inning, of a game they were leading. It was a 1-run game at that point, but still – the crowds at these games are so into it that it’s almost like a different game than we’re used to here in America. Take notes. Second, Brian O’Grady knew he got that one. Third – look at his teammates. We need so much more of this kind of attitude and play in Major League Baseball.

Potential trade target?

It’s a slow news day, but something slightly intriguing popped up last night on MLB Trade Rumors. Connor Byrne suggests that maybe the New York Yankees would consider trading Miguel Andujar. He’s only ever played third base as a professional – even in the minor leagues – and that’s not exactly a fit for Cincinnati who has Eugenio Suarez locked up. But the article does note that the Yankees have discussed playing him at first base or even in the corner outfield – and that’s where the Reds could certainly play him.

On one hand, he hit .297/.328/.527 as a 23-year-old rookie with 47 doubles, two triples, and 27 home runs in 2018. On the other hand he played in all of 12 games in 2019 due to a shoulder injury. There’s plenty of offensive upside here if the shoulder gets back to normal and he can build on and grow from that 2018 rookie season. But the downside there could be that the shoulder isn’t ever the same – he certainly wouldn’t be the first player to deal with that – and you trade a lot given his contract situation and never reap the benefits.

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  1. Reaganspad

    I think Winker is a great call Jim, as is Tucker. A good trade to clear some roster spots as well.

    Doug is such a tease….


  2. Earmbrister

    Andujar has Hands of Stone at 3B. Can we expect any better at a new position?