In the news that you were all waiting for, the Cincinnati Reds have made a splash for 2020. No, they didn’t add any new players today (yet). But they did add to their stable of jersey options. On Friday afternoon the Reds unvieled two new jersey options – one for spring training and one as an alternate jersey for the regular season. Well, sort of.

The Reds originally tweeted out that they had two new uniforms along with a photo showing off the two. But that tweet (and instagram post that was similar to it) was deleted. The tweet that still remains, though, is showing off the regular season alternate jersey option in the team store for sale.

Not entirely sure why the original tweet was deleted, but you can at least still see the regular season jersey above. You can make up your own mind, but I have made up mine, too. Not a fan. It’s not bad enough that it makes me want to vomit, but it’s just not appealing. The script logo doesn’t look great, but the Nike swoosh is just in the weirdest spot possible.

Original image shared by the Cincinnati Reds in their now deleted tweet

The spring training jersey is similar to what they’ve been wearing for years now. In the last two spring training’s the jersey had the “gothic” C on the left chest, with the player number on the right chest (and back of the jersey). The few years prior to that the Reds “C” Logo was on the left chest. In 2020 the left chest will have the Mr. Redlegs Logo – like seen in the above picture on the sleeve of the alternate jerseys.  In the now deleted photo, the spring jersey did not have any sleeve logos. In past years the left sleeve had the full-bodied Mr. Redlegs “running” logo. The right sleeve has always had that years spring training logo – and I’ll assume that will still be the case in 2020 and they simply didn’t have it ready for the mock up.

9 Responses

  1. IndyRedsFan

    Interesting that the Nike Swoosh isn’t in the lower photo. Maybe that’s why the tweet was deleted?

    • Sabr Chris

      Could be the difference between the on field Nike Jerseys and the Replica Nike by Fanatics jerseys.

      I just hope this doesn’t mean the Gothic C is going away.

      • Big Ed

        I am the other way on the Gothic C. I think it is ugly and dull – the worst thing the Reds have done since trading for Milt Pappas.

        It clearly didn’t work, either. They used it in spring training for two years, and got off to starts of 3-18 and 1-7. A true monstrosity in all respects. I’d rather they play in rompers than the Gothic C.

  2. Richard

    I would’ve more excited if it was the 1970’s/80’s Mr. Red

  3. Manfred M.

    If the Reds had as many wins as they have uniforms, they’d win the division every year. The fact is that bad teams constantly change their uniforms. Winning teams with great tradition do not.
    As far as the new “Reds-script” shirt, the script is just wa-a-a-a-y too big. And why do the Reds need to lump themselves in with the multitude of other script-wearing MLB teams? Just stick with the traditional “C-REDS” at home and “CINCINNATI” on the road!!
    Finally, I assume the red shirts will be worn mostly for day games. Why do the Reds wear bright-red, heat-absorbing shirts on 90-degree summer afternoons? They should be wearing white.

    • Doug Gray

      The script “Reds” dates back to 1936. It’s not exactly them lumping themselves in with the other teams.

      • Manfred M.

        I’m aware the script dates back to 1936. That uniform was one and done, so it’s not like this is some grand traditional Reds uniform look that was crying to be resurrected and restored. The “C-REDS” logo at home and “CINCINNATI” and the road have been the tradition for most of the team’s post-1900 history. It distinguishes them from other teams. The script-Reds makes them look like all the other script teams — nothing unique. Just my opinion.

  4. SultanofSwaff

    Too many eras represented on the hats and jerseys….i.e. the number is one era, the logo another and on and on . The best part of the 150 year parade of uniforms is that the older ones were consistent with their look, not a mishmash of styles.

    And for goodness sake can we shrink the size of the numbers/logo/names? They’re ridiculously large and nothing I would ever put on my body in good conscience.

  5. I-71_Exile

    Don’t care for the Reds script jersey, but I like the Spring Training one quite a bit. The old-timey Mr. Reglegs head is nice IMO.