Jason Linden joined me for another rousing edition of the World’s Most Dangerous Podcast. Today’s big topic: should the Reds “mortgage the future” for one good Reds team in 2020?

We also tackled the widest variety of Viewer Mail questions we’ve had in a long, long time. Enjoy!

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8 Responses

  1. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Mortgage the future? I wouldn’t believe we would have that much “future” to mortgage to get a WS championship. I mean, if our minor leaguers were that good, where teams were going to come to us and offer us their best players, to the point where we could win a World Series, I would think either:

    1) This would have been happening already, or
    2) If the minor leaguers are that good, why not go ahead and play them in the first place?

    Now, what I would have no problem with is, for example, is this. We have Suarez at 3rd. Not unless we do something like go get Rendon and move Suarez to SS, Suarez is going to be our 3rd baseman for a while. So, if we had a developing 3rd baseman in the minors, then they could be someone we look to “let go”. For, they would be blocked by Suarez. Unless we decide to let Suarez go and go with the minor leaguer instead. Either way, we have a player at some point in time we can consider letting go. Where this always brings up the perverbial question, “Do you go with the veteran or the rookie?” Even that answer can change with each individual team. For example, if I have a young team already, I would probably lean toward keeping a veteran presence in the clubhouse. If the team is an older team, I would probably lean towards getting some youth on the team.

    • greenmtred

      Yeah. My thought, too. The Reds’ “future,” as it stands now, wouldn’t be enough–mortgaged or otherwise–to give them a reasonable shot at the championship.

  2. Michael Smith

    Loved the top 5 movie discussion and props to Jason for acknowledging that he does not believe he has watched enough to give a great informed opinion. I asked my daughter for hers (23)

    1. Princess Diaries
    2. Second Princess Diaries Movie
    3. All 18 of the Harry Potter Movies

  3. Mbs

    They don’t have to mortgage the future. They do need to spend some serious money.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I have to agree. And, that’s what I don’t like about the Reds with their farm system. I mean, for example, with Lodolo, if he was to spend one season at every level of farm system we have when he was drafted, he would be 26 years old, a rookie where many he was drafted with would have been in the big leagues 2-3 years already.

      Or, like now, he spent 6 games at Billings then moved him to Dayton, for 2 games only, then shut him down for the season. Not that I agree with that or not, but I do understand it. But, what now? Move to AA? Stay in Dayton, which may be for the entire season again?

    • TR

      I agree with Pete 100%. When a player is ready no matter whether he’s 19 or 25, bring him up and let him find his own way to stay in the Bigs. My opinion is the Reds are often to tied to a plan that a player must put in time at each step of the minors before being brought up to the majors. With smart organizations, this is not always the case.

  4. The_next_Janish

    I agree. This was a really good episode to watch#viewermail

  5. Earl

    Reds still trying to live the Burt Reynolds lifestyle on the Mac Davis salary. Unless they hit one of those years when it all clicks, that is about their only chance of winning a title.

    It ‘could’ happen, but they are going to have to get good and have some of these prospects hit the jackpot and considering the track record of the organization, that’s a dicey proposition.

    It probably doesn’t help that the Cardinals are in the same division and have been pretty much good almost every year since the mid 90s.