This has been a big year of celebration for the Cincinnati Reds, at least when it comes to stuff beyond the field of play. This was the organizations 150th year of professional baseball celebration. They’ve worn plenty of throwback uniforms in celebration of that. And to a far lesser extent on the field, it’s been a year-long celebration of Marty Brennaman. The radio broadcaster has been calling games for the Reds since 1974, and as the season has gone along, during his final trip around the league, opposing teams have taken their opportunity to recognize his career, and thank him.

And now it’s going to be Major League Baseball doing it, too. MLB Network will be broadcasting the final game of Marty Brennaman’s career on Thursday afternoon. The game begins at 12:35pm EDT. The video feed will be that of Fox Sports Ohio, but they will use the audio feed from 700 WLW to feature Marty’s final calling of a Cincinnati Reds game, as first reported by Bobby Nightengale of The Cincinnati Enquirer.

While many of us here at Redleg Nation have our own opinions on what Marty Brennaman means to us, and we will be sharing much of that next week after the season is over and we’ve had a chance to hear the final call, Matt Vasgersian had something awesome to share earlier today.

While he touches some on his past, and how he was introduced to Marty Brennaman in the piece, he’s now doing his own thing at the highest of levels, too. He calls games for ESPN and he hosts shows for MLB Network.

Update at 4:05pm

In the ultimate and great wisdom of Major League Baseball the MLB Network broadcast will be blacked out in Cincinnati Reds viewing areas.

You heard that correctly. Everyone in the country will be able to watch the game and listen to Marty Brennaman’s call except for the people in the Cincinnati Reds market.

The business of baseball continues to be the absolutely stupidest thing about the game of baseball.

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  1. NorMichRed

    I was a kid in my early 20’s and a grad student at U.C. (but a long-time Reds’ fan) when Marty first took the microphone in the mid-70’s. While in Cincinnati, I got to hear Marty chronicle some of those epic NL West championship struggles against the (still hated) Dodgers. In my wanderings across the U.S. since then, I’ve always savored the chance to listen to him (and Joe) call Reds’ games on the airwaves. Even while becoming an original Rockies’ season ticket holder and getting to introduce my kids to MLB through those early Rox teams. While I lived on the west side of the Mississippi during my working “prime,” coming back to northern Ontario to fish in the Summer with my family meant having my AM radio on after fishing to listen to the games crackle (and fade) on the air from WLW. (Both my kids still give me a hard time about “listening to that static on the radio up there.” Static, but worth it to get an inning or two when the signal decided to bounce correctly over 700+ miles.) And since returning to the Upper Midwest 20+ years ago, I’ve gotten to hear the sunset versions of his calls. (Hooray MLB radio and SiriusXM!) And even on matters where I respectfully have disagreed with his subjectivity, I’m glad that he earned the right to critique the team that has written his paychecks. A rare candor in a business that now shamelessly gushes far too often, especially as in recent years when there has been little or nothing to gush about. Best wishes to Marty & Amanda on a great retirement! Franchester, you’ve given me a lot of joy over the years by plying your craft so well…enjoy the links, the travel, and all else that lies ahead.

  2. redsfanhelpme

    Yeah, I have Dish and thought the I would be able to watch it since FoxSports Ohio is not available. I checked the guide and it showed that it was blacked out!! I would not be able to watch even if I paid for MLB Extra Innings!!! UGH, baseball blackout rules are the absolute worst!! I currently pay for MLB Network and FoxSports Ohio!!! I wish they would just set up subscriptions for me to pay for what teams I want to watch…

  3. Mason Red

    End of an era. Marty and Joe on Reds radio will be with me forever. How I miss those days.

  4. Rut

    Hahaha, welcome to our (out of market) world, Reds fans!

    Only Reds games I CAN’T see are when they play Nats or Orioles. They expect us to buy the upgraded package to include MASN — but I live over 4hrs away from DC in Raleigh!

    I can live with that break — my wife appreciates it! But only real effect is that the teams I totally ignore are the Nats/O’s…. and I pay up for the full MLB Extra Innings package to the devils at Spectrum.

    Baseball certainly has this so backward it is laughable…. and sorry to laugh at the start here but this is just a taste of the stupidity that MLB traffics in.

  5. Don

    I use MLB at bat for most games and MLB channel on YOUTUBETV and the Mets and Yankees vs Reds are blacked out as I am in New York State. (7+ hours to NYC, 3 HRS to Cleveland and 7+Hrs to Cincy). Drive to Cincy is about the same time as drive to NYC.

    Dumb rules but oh well.

    Will have game saved on YOUTUBE TV so I can watch that broadcast or I could watch the Fox Sports Ohio Broadcast on MLB ap. Will not be able to watch game live as will be at work but will be able to watch when I get home Thursday PM.

    One of the advantages of being outside of MLB blackout zone.