Final R H E
Milwaukee Brewers (87-70)
4 7 1
Cincinnati Reds (73-84)
2 8 1
W: B. Suter (4-0) L: S. Gray (11-8) S: J. Hader (36)
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The Opener

It is—as Dusty Baker might say—the last rodeo at GABP for the Reds in 2019. Some of you are ready for the season to end. Not me. I need a little more before I say goodbye. Pittsburgh, here I come.

*         *        *

More 1st inning offense for the Reds. Like a rainstorm just after I’ve washed my car, runs to begin the game are de rigueur for the home team this season. A double by Joey Votto and a double by Aristides Aquino plated the first run. A single by Tucker Barnhart upped the ante.

Ryan Braun homered in the 2nd inning and I’m sure it was a clean home run because Ryan Braun would never cheat:

“I have always stood up for what is right. Today is about everybody who has ever been wrongly accused and everybody who’s ever had to stand up for what is actually right. Today is not just about me, not just about one player. It’s about all players. It’s about all current players, all future players and everybody who plays the game of baseball.”

It makes the heart flutter. Next year, I hope his players’ weekend jersey spells “Tom Joad” on the back.

The 3rd inning undid Sonny Gray. A single and a double with a couple of walks mixed in made for a 2-run stew. Gray left the game after 5 innings having thrown 74 pitches and behind 3-2.

In the bottom of the 9th, trailing 4-2 with 2 outs, Christian Colon singled and Jose Peraza came within 5 feet of tying the game, doubling off the wall. Josh Hader would strike out Kyle Farmer and all but assure the Brew Crew will be one of the Wild Card representatives next week.

The Good

Joey Votto and Jose Peraza would both go 2-4 tonight. They represented the bulk of the Reds’ offense.

Matt Bowman came in in relief of Amir Garrett and kept the Brewers lead to 1-run, striking out 2 swinging.

The Bad

Amir Garrett has had a shaky second half. That continued tonight. After a first batter strikeout, a walk to Yasmani Grandal and a double to Mike Moustakas ended his evening.

Matt Bowman came out for the 9th. Walks. They, you know, haunt. With Eric Thames on first, Lorenzo Cain singled, and with that, Matt was out of the game.

The Second Guess

Two more games with Marty. No more games for Sonny Gray this season. He’s been magnificent for the Reds. Here’s hoping he has another season like this in the wings for 2020.

12 Responses

  1. FreeHouse

    Like I said in a post earlier, this team is good at scoring runs in the 1st inning and not scoring at all after that. Bring in Castellanos! If you have to over pay, do it!

  2. RedNat

    Boy I hope the team can give Marty one more reason to say ” and this one belongs to the reds” but it doesn’t look promising.

    • D Ray White

      The sad thing is, even with the tram’s struggles, they’re still only in line to draft 12th. Hard to replenish the minors with top talent drafting in the teens. Trading away Gray and Long for minimal production hasn’t helped.

  3. CFD3000

    It is frustrating to see a lineup that ends with Barnhart, Dietrich, Peraza, Iglesias and the pitcher (I know I have the order wrong). That’s a big hole for over half the order. The Reds need Winker, Senzel and VanMeter back and healthy. And they’re going to need one more bat at least next year. The starting staff is good right now and maybe even getting better (DeSclafani has been awfully good lately). But without real offense behind it, the staff can’t carry this team much higher than .500. Lets hope this game was not a preview of 2020.

    • Matt WI

      Yeah… as surprising as the Perza double was, it was immediately tempered to see Farmer as the next guy up in the 9th. But, they’ve got who’ve they’ve got right now.

      • Scott C

        I agree with you Matt, but Farmer does usually give you a good AB and he did last night sticking out on a wicked slider by Hader. Sometimes the bear gets you.

    • Mike

      I really don’t think we will see much of VanMeter or Winkler. Looks to me that Bell for some reason does not like these two. Loves him some Peraza though….. People will say that Peraza is hitting now…. Well that may be true, but he hits when the pressure is off.

  4. redsfanhelpme

    Exactly the problem with this offense!! Not enough walks and too many strikeouts!!! Even Votto has joined this trend. They need to figure out to stop this!!!

  5. Bill J

    I’m like someone said in an earlier post I wonder about Winker and Senzel. In the last 3 years has either one of them played a full season without an injury?

  6. Matt WI

    Richard… I for one appreciate the Ryan Braun quote. As a Reds fan in Brewer territory, I’ve never moved into the forgiveness phase for that guy. Never will. I get irrationally happy every time he makes an out when I’m otherwise enjoying a Brewer game.

  7. Matt WI

    Bob Uecker was on the radio call for the Brewer broadcast, which I caught part of in my car running my kids around. He hasn’t done road games in the last few years… one can only assume he made the pilgrimage for Marty’s sake. Very nice gesture.

    • Matt WI

      Oh wow. That would be something! I’m disappointed it’s a day game, I won’t be able to listen live to most of it, if any. But, I’ll be making use of the archived games from and listen through for this last one for Marty.

      And as someone said above… please let there be one more “and this one belongs to the Reds…” Cue the tears for thousands of us.