Final R H E
New York Mets (81-74)
6 9 0
Cincinnati Reds (73-83)
3 6 0
W: B. Brach (5-4) L: T. Bauer (11-13) S: J. Wilson (4)
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The Opener

Mets announcer Gary Cohen:

“They have handled their rebuild different than some. They went out and traded for veteran pitchers this year to upgrade their staff. Then they went out and traded for Bauer at the deadline.

“But this is an interesting Cincinnati team going forward, because they should be able to pitch well. They’ve got Castillo, Gray and Bauer all coming back next year to lead the rotation. And they should be better offensively. A full year out of Aquino. That will certainly help. I mean, when you look at their ledger this year, they’re 9 games under .500, but they’ve lost 32 games by 1-run. That’s generally a sign of a team that’s going to take a step forward next year.”

Stroman on Tuesday notched the 50th win of his major league career. He was drafted in 2012 by the Blue Jays. There are only 2 other pitchers who have reached 50 wins from that draft class. Michael Wacha, who’s won 59 for the Cardinals; and Alex Wood, who’s basically missed the season for the Reds, who’s won 53; and then Stroman with 50.

I loved this call by Cohen for the obvious snark. On a ground ball to Votto at first, Bauer raced over to take the throw. Joey fielded the ball close enough to take the ball himself to the bag, but because Bauer was moving emphatically to first himself, elected to pull up and feed the ball to Bauer for the out and avoid a potential collision:

“Votto comes in and for some reason decides to feed it to Bauer and that’s the second out.”

Well, the reason was fairly obvious, but never mind. Keith Hernandez had just gotten done reflecting on why the Reds had the best placement of the on deck circle in the National League because it gave a great angle to look at the pitcher. And because Hernandez was a great hitter himself—and probably belongs in the Hall of Fame—he would notice that sort of thing and call the Reds placement of their on deck circle “spectacular.”

As I noted the other night, they can be a really good listen, but you’ve got to wade through the bias.

The Good

Back-to-back singles by Joey Votto and Eugenio Suarez in the bottom of the 1st inning paved the way to a sacrifice fly by Aristides Aquino to cut into the lead gifted by Trevor Bauer moments earlier.

Kyle Farmer hit a solo homer in the bottom of the 5th inning, cutting the Mets lead 4-2. But after back-to-back-to back walks by Bauer, Phillip Ervin and Votto, Suarez popped out to end the inning.

Tucker Barnhart would homer in the 9th. That’s something.

The Bad

After 2 outs to begin the 1st inning, Bauer got the sequence all wrong. Double. Double. Hit batter. Home Run. And just like that, the Reds were behind 4-0.

After stifling the Mets for the next 4 innings, Bauer gave up a first pitch home run to J.D. Davis in the 6th to extend the Mets’ lead to 5-2.


The Ugly

Phillip Ervin. In the bottom of the 7th, Edwin Diaz, who is having a terrible season, walked Alex Blandino on 4 straight pitches. Ervin saw a 5th straight ball, then swung at a ball out of the zone that turned the at bat around for Diaz, ultimately resulting in the first out. Votto would walk, as Dias continued to be unable to throw fastballs for strikes, but after working a full count, Suarez would swing at a ball out of the zone for the second out. Aquino would chase pitches out of the zone and eventually look at strike three. Diaz, who was ripe to be had–escaped.

The Second Guess

SNY decided that the Jets’ loss to the Patriots and the attendant post-mortem was more important to their viewership than the Mets drive to make the playoffs. So, I lost the game feed at the end of the 8th. Thanks, New York. This we know: NFL > MLB. Stay tuned for the full Jets report card. I hear Brandon Nimmo homered in the ninth. Mets fans wouldn’t know. SMDH.

The last day of Summer. I’d give anything to have been at GABP today. The Reds have long been out of playoff contention and several Reds are MIA with the flu. Still, some of us hold on, imbibing these last innings, knowing that last call is moments away, sending us home, the winter imposing its own kind of prohibition on us until spring.

21 Responses

  1. Ed

    I was at this game, and it was a beautiful day. Bauer gave it up out the gate unfortunately. I don’t want to beat up on Peraza because I’d like to see him succeed but he had two pooe moments in the outfield- a dropped fly ball he let bounce off the wall, and a grounder he let roll all the way to the corner before even starting to run it down.

    I’m now firmly in the “deal Bauer” camp. He’s been great, but he is a tremendous unknown. I struggle to think of a drop in performance as bad as his. Almost every ball today for the first four innings went close to the wall. He was just lucky to escape with 5 earned runs. 6 or 7 strikeouts, but sure looks like people have him figured out.

    Finally- re: 1 run losses—- those happened early in the season, when the rotation had Roark and Mahle, when the bullpen was clicking. Since the deadline, the one run losses have been replaced with straight up blowout losses. Man. A lot of work needs to be done over the next few months.

    • Ed

      I’d take it one step further and say he was the wrong dang trade target from the get out

    • Ed

      Trade him or no- Bauer has some sort of psychological or physiological issue that needs not to be figured out before he gets 10 million dollars to perform like this.

  2. Richard Fitch

    I’ve never seen Ervin as anything other than a 4th outfielder. I have no problem with a Winker/Ervin left field. A platoon there makes for a very good option and one less outfield position to worry about.

    My biggest problem with Bauer is that they only have him for one year. I’m interested in 2020 and beyond. A lot of people only care about 2020. That is very shortsighted.

  3. Steve Schoenbaechler

    If there’s anything with Bauer, with next year being a contract year for him, he better be on his game next year. For, if he wants to play out on 1-year contracts for the rest of his career, not many people are going to be coming a-calling with what we are seeing.

    I mean, sorry, but from what I see, it’s only about 1-2 steps up from Homer. I see one good year in 2018, a decent year in 2017, everything else has been pretty much “serviceable”, including this year. And so many were calling him an ace?

    • Ed

      Yep- He’s performed significantly worse than Mahle / Roark, yet you could pay both of them many times over for Bauer’s salary. Roark has even helped pitch the A’s into a wild card spot. Bailey too.

      • Ed

        Oh man. Roark had a Bauer-esque day in Oakland today

  4. RedNat

    Aquino seems to be an rbi machine. We could have 2 100 rbi players with him and Suarez next year. I dont think that has happened for the reds since the BRM era

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      2013. Brandon and Bruce.

      Twice, Duvall and Votto were close. Like, one had 100+ and the other had like 97-99.

      But, that’s going to come from getting people on base. We need those people, high OBP people.

  5. Jon

    I was at today’s game. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much going in, with Bauer pitching and a lineup with more players that should be on the bench than should be starting. After the top of the first inning, I knew the Reds wouldn’t recover. To his credit, Bauer was solid the rest of the game. The offense was miserable, and that is concerning. Votto, Suarez, and maybe Aquino have earned spots on the team next year. Add to that Senzel and Winker. That leaves three holes needing filled this winter: shortstop, catcher, and either second base or CF (given that Senzel can play either).

    On another note, why is Romano being used out of the bullpen??? The Reds tried that experiment with him in Louisville this year and it went horribly. When he returned to the rotation, he turned things back around.

  6. TR

    Bauer’s value is at a low with a year left on his contract. If he can get it together, with the help of Derek Johnson, then it’s the FO decision whether to extend him. If not, then trade him in late July.

  7. Indy Red Man

    I’m a big Bauer fan. He has great stuff and obviously had a Cy Young level season last year. 56 ip with the Reds with a 68/19 k/bb ratio. Nothing wrong with that, but way too many flyballs which can turn into home runs. Everyone raves about his work ethic so hopefully he can get it together. He needs to keep working on that change-up. I don’t think his hard slurve stuff changes speeds that well. Its almost like he’s a 2 pitch guy.

    I use him alot as an example, but look how long it took Charlie Morton to get it together. They can win with Gray, Castillo, Bauer, and Disco as their 1 thru 4. Its the hitting, bullpen, and fundamentals. Basically every other facet of mlb except starting pitching

  8. Ed

    Bauer with the most depressing, willfully ignorant and “why me” baseball interview of the decade over at the Athletic

    • RedNat

      yes after watching the interview it is hard to imagine Bauer being a red much longer. maybe he just needs to get out of the state of Ohio to a club with a huge ballpark like Detroit or KC.

      • TR

        Maybe it’s just his personality, but I don’t think Bauer is pleased being a Red. I think he’s more comfortable in the AL.

      • Mason Red

        When a playoff contender is willing to trade a starting pitcher there should be red flags immediately. But the Reds were desperate to unload Puig since that was the plan when they traded for him. TB has been given every opportunity but he’s a .500 pitcher and always will be. That’s fine for a 4 or 5 starter but not a 3. But also it has to be taken in consideration that he’s a head case which is a big treason why Cleveland traded him. I trust their opinion more than the Reds. Of course the Reds are always more than willing to grab a player off the trash heap with hopes they will turn things around.

      • TR

        The Reds rebuild is fizzling to an incomplete in contrast to the winner of the NLE, Atlanta, who is seeing their rebuild go forward with young players.

    • James H.

      He’s a wuss. “I can’t pitch right ’cause my butt hurts.” Dude needs his hand held in a pitcher friendly park, and then he’ll talk like a badass, over-confident in his ability.

  9. Steven Ross

    Believe that would be Madden in Chicago. Love to have Bochy but he has healthy issues plus retiring in San Diego sounds nicer to me then Managing in Cincinnati. But they do have an opening in San Diego with great minor league prospects. If Bell continues to roll Tucker out batting 5th next year, you can kiss the season goodbye.

    • greenmtred

      If the Reds improve the quality of their hitters, he probably won’t bat Tucker 5th.

  10. Cbus

    The rebuild was largely based around Winker, Senzel and the young pitching which have all disappointed for one reason or another. Aquino is a nice surprise but w/o Winker and Senzel turning into much better than average hitters I don’t think there is much hope for 2020’s offense either. Don’t see much chance of upgrading SS or C with what will be available.