Final R H E
New York Mets (80-73)
8 10 0
Cincinnati Reds (72-82)
1 7 1
W: J. deGrom (10-8) L: L. Castillo (15-7) 
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Living in New York, there are few things I like more than seeing the Reds beat the Mets and Yankees. With the Fox Sports Ohio feed blacked-out here, I’m relegated to the TV broadcast team of Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez, who—I must admit—can be wonderful when they get past their outer-borough bias. Knowledgeable and full of interesting banter, a baseball fan can do a lot worse.

Hernandez though—old school to a fault—hates Cincinnati Chili and thinks Joey Votto “thinks too much” at the plate—and almost never fails to mention both.

The SNY Network crew featured Castillo and his use of the changeup; how the ball coming out of his hand looks identical to the fastball while being 10, 12, even 13 mph slower. Mets’ outfielder Michael Conforto commented that even with guys sporting outstanding changeups, occasionally they will slow the arm action down a little bit and you’ll sense something off the fingertips—but not with Castillo.

Part of the fun of this game was the pitching duel and the obvious respect each ace had for the other.

deGrom would return the favor in the bottom of the 5th, retiring Castillo on 3 pitches.


The Good

Aristides Aquino slipped the surly bonds of earth for the 17th time this year in his 174th at bat to wreck the Mets’ shutout.

Luis Castillo. 7 innings, 3 hits, 7 strikeouts, 3 walks, but …

The Bad

… two pitches. The second was a slider that Amed Rosario took out of the ballpark to give the Mets and almost insurmountable lead, given what deGrom was doing to Reds hitters.

Keury Mella retired the first 2 batters before forgetting how to get people out.  The next 6 batters reached. Three more runs scored.

The Ugly

You want me to say the offense. I’m tempted to, but you have to give it to Jacob deGrom tonight. His ERA is now 2.51. He has the second lowest career ERA among active pitchers. Only a guy named Kershaw has been better. Maybe the Yankees lineup gets something off him tonight. Nobody else, though.

The Second Guess

I’m not sure the ball delivered by Sal Romano that Pete Alonso deposited out of the field of play was even in the strike zone. Yet, he still was able reach out and poke it deep into the Cincinnati night, off the power stacks, threatening to bring the Toyota truck down to field level. As much as some like this homer-happy season, it’s become too much for me. There’s been over a 20% increase in home runs in major league baseball. In Triple A, where the major league ball is being used for the first time, home runs have increased by 50%, which is simply ridiculous. Ken Rosenthal has labeled it “Bludgeon Ball.”

I agree. Baseball is losing much of the nuance that made it so great. It’s time to reel this back in. I hope the Commissioner and Rawlings get their act together.

The Mets are 3 games back of the last wildcard spot. They remain a desperate team. The Reds have 2 more chances to ruin their season.

17 Responses

  1. Mason Red

    I hated to see the Reds lost a “pitching duel” 8-1….

    • TR

      Especially with a leading candidate for ace status on the mound.

    • Roger Garrett

      I agree but the Mets had a lineup of guys that can hit and we don’t.I felt he had to shut them out to win because I never thought for a minute we would score against their starter and only hoped we could get him out early.Of course we start swinging in the dugout against every pitcher and against De Grom that’s easy pickins for him to go deep in the game.From day one our starters have known they can’t give up much because we don’t score so every mistake is huge just like last night.We lost the other night 1-0 and gave up one hit which is who we have been all year long.Sure Castillo still has a ways to go but for my money O Grady in center and JVM at second along with Casalli behind the plate gave us a better chance to score but what do I know.

    • Mason Red

      A loss is a loss regardless. But that’s where we are as Reds fans. Finding things to celebrate just to make us believe the Reds are actually a professional baseball team.

  2. JB

    What else is there to say about this team that hasnt been picked over a thousand times by them or you? The offense sucks along with the bullpen. We get it. It was nice listening to broadcasters who get it and will say our team stinks than a bunch of buttkissers who dont and say everything good about Ohio and where everybody lives. I’m starting to think I know more about Ohio than the state I live in.

    • Steven Ross

      You’re right JB. Our offense does suck. Bullpen has not been very good. It’s usually Thom who waxes poetic about everything being great in Ohio. This guy is great, so is that guy. I wish just one of our broadcasters had the stones to question why Bell slots Tucker 5th. Has anyone seen his September stats? Go ahead and rip me but I’m tired of Votto arguing every called 3rd strike. Swing the bat. While I’m at it, he should not be batting 2nd. Zero speed and even Joe Morgan, earlier in the year, said his best stats are hitting 3rd. Thus I have no faith in Bell going forward. Just don’t see it.

    • James H.

      The Mets are in nation coverage much more than the Reds, and the Mets suck. They suck this year, and they sucked last year, and the year before, but it’s Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, and Cubs on national media, all the time. So i can see why he’s irked with the author’s tone.

  3. JB

    Agree with Mets announcers. They aren’t afraid to say something that will hurt somebody’s feelings either. Not one time did I here who is from Ohio or even New York last night. Refreshing

  4. Rut

    Baseball will continue to lose the nuance, and they don’t seem to care.

    NL DH is a coming, and even though some love to harp on “who wants to see a pitcher hit?”, guys like me want to see the pinch hitters and when they are used, who matches up with them from the pen, etc.

    Removal of the loogy just one more step down this road, and one more nail in the coffin for me.

    • TR

      For me impermanence is a fact of life, and I’ll welcome the DH if and when it comes to the NL.

  5. RedNat

    I agree with Richard. The homeruns are ruining the game. Like the 3 pointer in basketball. Move the fences back. I mean waaaaay back

    • TR

      I imagine they said that back in the heydays of Babe Ruth.

      • greenmtred

        Probably not: Ruth was the guy hitting homers, it was a new thing, and it was a while before a significant number of other players followed suit.

    • greenmtred

      I absolutely agree. If I wanted to watch pinball or whiffle ball, that’s what I’d watch. I’m approaching the cusp of abandoning over 60 years of fandom. I’d feel only marginally better if the Reds were good this year: the game is losing dimensions and becoming boring.

      • TR

        I’ve been a Reds fan for 75 plus years and still regard baseball as the best of all the sports in spite of the ups and downs of the Reds. In our fast moving electronic age, the game can come across as slow and boring which includes too many pitching changes, as Jim points out below. I’d like to see more complete games from starting pitchers but that probably won’t happen with the pitch count, big salaries and the fear of injury. But, I think the DH in the NL will add some excitement to the game.

  6. Roger Garrett

    I said way back in the spring that our offense would get exposed because our pitching would be better and we would not get cookies to hit down 4 or 5 runs all the time.With a healthy Winker and Senzel along with JVM and AA this team has a nucleus to start with because I see 2 guys above average and the other 2 average offensive players.Throw in Suarez and that gives the team 5 guys that will get it done along with Ervin platooning with Winker.Joey could still be an asset with his ability to get on base but the Reds still are 2 or 3 players short of having a good offensive team.Tucker,Iggy and Peraza are just not good hitters.Tucker does get on base some but the other two never saw a pitch they didn’t like just like Galvis.In todays game batting average tells us nothing because its all about getting on base and slugging.Good teams have players that do just that and bad offensive teams don’t have players like that because your team can be pitched too with no fear of walking guys or them hitting it out of the park.Our roster is full of guys just like that.Must get some bats and then worry where they play in 2020.Castillo,Gray Bauer and others are good enough and with an improved offense this team can make some noise in 2020.

  7. Daytonian

    @Richard: “As much as some like this homer-happy season, it’s become too much for me… In Triple A, where the major league ball is being used for the first time, home runs have increased by 50%…I agree. Baseball is losing much of the nuance that made it so great. It’s time to reel this back in.”

    +100. My thoughts, entirely. Baseball no longer seems like baseball. And games at the ballpark as a result seem boring. You no longer really note or care when someone hits 30, 40 or even 50 home runs. Suarez has reached an amazing number–but it doesn’t even feel like a great achievement when everyone else is doing the same.

    You can rein it in… without going all the way back to the dead ball era.