Our good old friend Mike Leake returned to Great American Ballpark’s mound today and provided the vintage Mike Leake experience: 6.0 solid innings with an accidental home run mixed in. Nowadays that’s known as the Anthony DeSclafani Special. Except neither of those guys mattered in the end because Michael “We want a hitter, not a silly pitcher” Lorenzen ripped a walkoff double in the bottom of the ninth. What a week that guy has had, man.

Final R H E
Arizona Diamondbacks (77-68) 3 3 0
Cincinnati Reds (67-77) 4 12 1
W: Iglesias (3-11) L: Lopez (2-6)
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Anthony DeSclafani gave us another one of his Anthony DeSclafani Specials, going 6.0 innings with three hits and three strikeouts. Walks got him in trouble a bit and he had one horrid pitch that left the yard. Otherwise, not a bad day for the Reds fifth man.

— In the bottom of the third, after a two-out single from Joey VottoEugenio “BamGeno” Suarez sent number 43 out to deep centerfield. He is on some kind of tear of late, and while it seems unlikely that he’ll hit 50, I refuse to believe that he won’t hit 50.

— THEN IN THE EIGHTH, Suarez launched his second dinger of the game, tying it up and giving the Reds a shot. NOBODY TELL ME HE WON’T HIT 50.

Thanks, Nick 🙂

— Amir Garrett, Robert Stephenson, and Raisel Iglesias all issued a single walk but escaped their innings clean otherwise. A good look from the stalwarts of the Reds bullpen (sorry, Michael Lorenzen).


After Jose Peraza and Phillip Ervin pinch hit singles, Lorenzen battled to a full count, fouling off pitch after pitch after pitch before lacing a line drive down the left field line. Peraza came home to score and the Reds walked it off for the second time this week.


— Playing the shift against Jake Lamb, Freddy Galvis was able to field a tough groundball in the hole, but Eugenio Suarez muffed the turn on a sure-double play ball in the top of the second, leaving runners on first and second with no one out and DeSclafani yet to give up a hit. Two batters later, the hit came and the Dbacks went up 1-0.

— DeSclafani grooved a middle-middle fastball to Ketel Marte in the top of the fifth, giving up the Reds lead. The theme of Disco’s starts of late tends to be “solid except for one or two pitches left in the middle of the plate and sent to St. Peter’s gates.”



— Both teams jerseys today were so ugly it almost made the field somewhat beautiful? In an eclectic, pin-striped, red-hued fever dream kind of way. Like two teams from the Gates of Hell guard staff playing an office-league softball game. Beautiful in a mundane, terrifying sort of way.

— Always good to see Teddy at the ballgame:

— My Titans stood on the field while the Browns beat themselves so that’s at least entertaining to watch.


Cincinnati Reds at Seattle Mariners

10:10 pm EST

Trevor Bauer (10-12, 4.60 ERA) vs. Justus Sheffield (0-1, 5.51 ERA)

18 Responses

  1. Aaron B.

    And really he could still pitch late in a game if needed that way. Move Senzel back to IF and let it be… the Reds are pretty stubborn though so I don’t think they have the stones to make that decision, but maybe Lorenzen forces the issue if he keeps hitting.

    • Bill j

      Pete you’re right about good judgement, Friday’s leadoff hitter was on base 4 times with 1 hit & 3 walks and scored 3 runs. Saturday and Sunday their 2 leadoff hitters were 0 for 8.

  2. TR

    An outfield of Aquino, Lorenzen, and Winker/Ervin would give the Reds some much needed offensive pop. Billy was an exciting player but not hitting wise.

  3. RedNat

    I think a lot has to do with the development of Jose Siri. His bat actually came to life a little the last week in Louisville. I am hoping he can eventually be the everyday guy in center. But you are right if he doesn’t pan out Lorenzen is probably our best option as our everyday cf in 2020.

    • greenmtred

      Jim, you’re one of a number here who suggest that infield is less of an injury risk than outfield. I’m not disagreeing, exactly, but I’m not sure about it either. Running into the wall, on one hand, being run into by a baserunner, on the other hand. It’s probably easier to avoid running into the wall than it is to avoid being run into, though maybe not in the heat of the moment.

  4. Chris Holbert

    With the bullpen disasters they have had, I am not sure how they can think about making him a full time CF. I would say use him more in late innings on “off” bullpen days, and do more effective douBELL switches using him, thus saving a bench player here and there, but I think he has not enough regular AB since he concentrated full time on pitching. He can be utilized more in the OF, especially with the OF defense we have witnessed this year.

  5. MBS

    I keep going back and forth on what Lorenzen is. What if he were the platoon mate of Winker? That would give him like 1.4 something starts a week on average, or like 33 starts a season. That would be 115 plate appearances. Use him also a a bat off the bench, (no need for a double switch) in 15% of the remaining games getting him roughly 20 more plate appearances. So he could still be used out of the pen on a regular basis, (maybe even some of the games he starts) and get 135 PA. I think that might be the sweet spot to keep him focused on pitching, while getting the most offense out of him. If you start to approach 200 plus PA then I think his pitching might suffer.

    • lost11found

      I really like this idea. He is the best equipped of the BP guys to be an opener, as you don’t have to burn a PH for his first AB and if streched out a bit, could give you 3-5 innings w/ 2 AB’s even, if things were going well.

    • MBS

      I wasn’t aware that next season was going to have that change. I’ve read several changes have been proposed, but I don’t know which are going to take effect. I think if they go to the 26 man roster, they will cap the pitchers at 13. That’s the number the Reds carried all season. If you can have 13 pitchers and then have Lorenzen as a 2 way player, that will give Bell and Williams the kind of flexibility I think they want. It will be interesting to see what rule changes happen in 2020

  6. J

    Maybe someone has already addressed this, but I’d like to know how many times in the history of MLB a pitcher has had a game winning hit while pinch hitting for a leadoff hitter who isn’t injured. I assume it’s happened approximately once, but I’m wondering if anyone knows the actual number.

  7. John G

    I realize the cap will probably never be popular, but I always really liked the home sleeveless pinstripes

    • JB

      I like them as well. The sleeveless makes the look and the pinstripe looks nice.

  8. greenmtred

    I think it makes sense to give Lorenzen a lot more time in the outfield for the remainder of this year, certainly. Because, while he has looked good, it’s also a very small sample size and pitchers probably haven’t really developed a strategy to deal with him. Installing him in center and neverlooking back only works if he’s good over an extended period of time.

  9. Davy13

    Hire Dombrowski, like now! Built a championship with the Marlins, a championship contended with the Tigers, and built a championship with the Red Sox. Give him a little more play-money with the payroll.

  10. Bill J

    How many more years of sorting will they do? Jim wonders about Senzel health, I wonder about Winner’s and JV health & age. The FO and manage don’t know where to or if to play Ervin and JVM. Could someone make a decision, please!

  11. TR

    Unless trades are made in the offseason, 2020 shapes up to me as a continuation of the rebuild. I’m in favor of players alternating at the following positions and then going with the one who is getting it done that leads to wins which is, of course, the point of it all. Leftfield: Winker/Ervin, centerfield: Lorenzen/Siri, second base: Senzel/Van Meter, and first base: Votto/O’Grady. And Lorenzen could then be used either in center, the bullpen or as a pinch hitter or runner. The question is would that fit the manager’s style?

    • Chris Holbert

      Siri, is years away, if ever..

      • TR

        Similar comments were made about Aquino.