Final R H E
Philadelphia Phillies (72-66)
5 7 0
Cincinnati Reds (65-75)
8 9 0
W: M. Lorenzen (1-4) L: J. Alvarez (3-4) S: R. Iglesias (29)
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Trevor Bauer pitched on three days rest after getting the go-ahead by David Bell. This is apparently something the iconoclastic pitcher has been lobbying to do his entire career.

“I like pitching,” Bauer said. “Why waste a day in between times pitching? I can do it. All my data says that I can do it. I feel better on four days than I do on five. Feel better on five than I do on six. Better on six than I feel on seven. I can do it. I’m probably going to be better on short rest than I am on normal rest, so why not?

With Kyle Farmer placed on the IL with an oblique strain and Nick Senzel scratched, the Reds began shorthanded again.

They got off to a fast start in the first with an easy 10-pitch inning by Trevor Bauer and a Joey Votto opposite field HR. 395 ft.

In the 2nd, the fun began. Brian O’Grady tripled with one out. Nola walked Bauer. Josh VanMeter singled in O’Grady with 2-outs. Votto doubled on an 0-2 count, scoring Bauer. Aristides Aquino jumped on Nola’s first pitch, slashing a double directly over the 3rd base bag, scoring VanMeter and Votto. By the time Tucker Barnhart grounded out to end the inning, Nola had thrown 52 pitches and the Reds led 5-0.

Relying on his fastball most of the evening, Bauer found trouble In the 5th. On his 76th pitch of the night, pinch-hitter Logan Morrison hit a 2-run home run. J.T. Realmuto followed shortly after with his own 2-run home run on an 0-2 Bauer delivery. Brian O’Grady then robbed Bryce Harper on a drive into the gap with a fine running catch, his glove just barely long enough.  But the score was now 5-4.

Jay Bruce tied the game, homering off the batter’s eye in the 7th, his 25th HR of the season, at the expense of Michael Lorenzen. But, Jose Iglesias would answer, slipping the surly bonds of earth in the bottom of the seventh as the Reds took the lead right back.

Adam Hasely robbed Freddy Galvis of a front row home run with a climb-the-wall catch in the bottom of the 8th.

Then Michael Lorenzen would put on his best Shohei Ohtani imitation, taking over the game with his arm and his bat. His 2-run blast would put the game out of reach as Raisel Igesias closed out the ninth with a little help from a pretty catch on the warning track by Phillip Ervin to end the game.

The Good

Brian O’Grady. The 27-year old went 2-3, with a triple. Plus that beautiful catch in CF.

Joey Votto. Joey MVP took the express train to left-center for his 14th HR, then doubled, going 3-4 on the evening.

Robert Stephenson. BobSteve had another efficient 1-2-3 6th inning.

Jose Iglesias. Pinch-hit home runs were the order of the night as Jay Bruce and Logan Morrison each had one. Then Iglesias came to the plate to get in on the fun in the bottom of the 7th to give the Reds the lead once again, 6-5.

Michael Lorenzen. One mistake and he had given up the lead. But, Lorenzen wouldn’t just hang in there on the mound, he would thrive.

The Second Guess

With 24 games left in Marty Brennaman’s broadcasting career, you knew he wasn’t going to go gently into that good night. Brennaman’s business card says TELLS IT LIKE IT IS in bold Helvetica type. So, with the Reds looking lifeless at the plate last night, and the career count winding down, the Hall of Fame announcer got in one more swing:

“I don’t think the boys have their heart in it right now.”

Tonight, with the Phillies best pitcher on the mound in Nola, and the Reds down their best hitter, Eugenio Suarez with a hand injury, Nick Senzel a late scratch, and Kyle Farmer just placed on the IL, the Reds had an answer early, fighting off Nola and the Hall of Fame announcer, even as the Phillies’ hurler’s first 5 outs of the game were all strikeouts.

It’s a curious jab to take at not just the players, but also by proximity, the coaching staff. Apart from questioning the professionalism of everyone involved, almost everyone on this club is playing for a job next year. Does anyone really think VanMeter, O’Grady, Aquino, Ervin, Bowman, Stephenson, and a host of other young players don’t have their heart into their newfound major league team or their futures? Has Jose Iglesias ever looked like he was mailing it in?

Thom Brennaman has spent several days hammering Nick Senzel for changing his swing mechanics in the middle of the season, all the while claiming he was doing no such thing, just pointing out facts. No matter how you come down on what the rookie is attempting to do, his work seems like the antithesis of not having the heart for this game, this season.

Lorenzen’s home run and the subsequent mood in the dugout was the team’s rebuttal tonight.

Swing and a miss, Mr. Hall of Fame announcer.


14 Responses

  1. CFD3000

    One rough inning for Bauer but he looked really good on short rest for four innings. Baby steps? Nice game for O’Grady – reminds me a little of Aquino’s breakout game in Atlanta after a very slow start of his own. Nice game for Votto. Baby steps? And a very nice game for Lorenzen, with a night not seen since some guy named George Herman Ruth in 1921. Pretty good company there. And I liked that Thom said David Bell has realized he can use Lorenzen in the field and on offense a lot more next year. But he’s just now figuring that out? Nice win for the Reds. How about a split tomorrow?

  2. Coachgates

    The complaint about Marty’s comment is way off. Here’s why. At the time, he was absolutely correct. I watch the Cincinnati Reds faithfully in my living room in central NY (Clinton to be exact). I love the Reds and have for over 40 years. The effort that was given by Phil Ervin when he made that comment was pathetic. He swung at 3 balls that were way out of the strike zone and his body language was such that he didn’t care. The next batter (VanMeter I believe) did no better. Marty was just saying what anyone watching was thinking. My actual theory is that the batters were annoyed that David Bell went to Wandy “the batting tee” Peralta in a 2 run game after they had just scored to make it closer. We all know that Wandy is not good. Why?

    • Ed

      I agree. Marty would love to see the Redlegs win. I’m guessing he’s just as disappointed as anyone of us.

    • Ed

      Wow- this one was a joy. Listening to Marty on the radio in the car to get materials for a (miserable) bathroom remodel, my daughter bet me $5 the Reds would win. I told her I couldn’t bet against them, so I’d give her $5 if they lose, and she could give me $1 if they win. We had just bought the Topps 35th anniversary Babe Ruth card at the card shop, and a Lorenzen rookie card. She saw Iglesias’ homer on the MLB At Bat app before the radio broadcast, and she totally lit up, cheering out loud. Amazing. When the radio caught up with the app, we both cheered. So great- So nice to see a win, especially with some solid defense and homers from Votto and … Lorenzen. The connection to the Bambino was great too- and I am a big fan of Iglesias. Fun stuff. Go Reds!

    • JB

      I agree. I think it was a statement made for last couple of weeks. The Boys realize they are out of it. Its heartbreaking to them because finally in August they were still in a playoff chase. With 22 to play it’s going to be hard to get up for the games when there is nothing to play for. They need 8 -14 to not lose 90. I guess that’s a goal for them. Although I dont see it. Great chance they lose 90 .

    • Mason Red

      We live in an age where announcers can’t point out the obvious when in comes to players and their mistakes. Marty did the same during the BRM days or any Reds team. There is plenty for Marty to point out with this team. Instead of shooting the messenger people should direct their frustrations toward those who put this team on the field.

  3. Ed

    Gotta add- she was supposed to be brushing her teeth when Galvis was robbed of his home run. I found out she wasn’t brushing her teeth because she was suddenly booing from our upstairs landing.

    It doesn’t take much to remind me that this is the best sport on this planet. I felt something similar watching the A’s last night. Such a pure game.

    • JB

      Enjoy these days with your daughter Ed. They are priceless and you will look back on them someday with a tear in your eye and a smile on your face.

  4. James H.

    Marty, schmarty. I’m more concerned with Bauer’s mouth and lost production. What’s the data say about his production as a Red?

  5. Jim Walker

    I am thinking Marty was probably correct because I had long since moved on to something else which I don’t recall before the point in the game when he made this statement.

  6. Don

    Good win for the team.
    The first time team has scored more than 5 runs and won a game (except Miami) since Aug 17th.

    Small milestones to play for the rest of year.
    Get to 500 in division (27-38 so far) (doubtful as would need to sweep Cubs, Brewers and Pirates).
    Win season series vs Cubs (9-7 so far) and Brewers (8-8 so far). Close gap on Pirates season season (5-11 so far)

    Win 2 of 3 from Seattle which is put the Reds at 10-10 vs the AL

    Spoil the D-Backs, Brewers, Mets post season hopes.

  7. Big Ed

    Agreed. They need to put some fun into the game as the season winds down. They may as well find out what he can do, even if it is a longshot that he can be real productive as a hitter. I kind of wish that they could find somewhere for Lorenzen to play winter ball as a hitter.

  8. Scott C

    Last night was a tough game to watch last night. Bruce was my favorite Reds player while he was here. So I kind of cheered when he hit the home run and then groaned because it tied the game.
    When Haisley made that catch I had the same feeling. When he was UVA as a freshman, he came and spoke at our church about his faith. I held his camera for him so he could video tape the talk for his parents. Adam Haisley is a great kid and as you saw last night plays with a truly humble spirit. It was hard to watch but I am glad the Reds pulled it out. Lorenzen is the bomb.