This season has officially hit the point of no return. The casual fan has checked out and the die-hards are dying. Lest we forget, this Reds team has been fun! There have been plenty of things I will fondly remember when I look back on 2019. I have ranked them for your enjoyment.

1.) The Punisher

Some of the most fun Reds baseball in any season took place upon calling up the man known as Aristides Aquino. This has to be as fresh in your mind as it is mine but I thought it worth rehashing his three-dinger game against the Cubs. At this point he was in the midst of a streak never before accomplished by a Reds rookie. He’s since set like a bunch of home run records. Just take a sip or two of your coffee and enjoy this, again:

2.) Puig Our Friend

The man Aquino replaced was the first big ticket-seller on the Reds in awhile. Yasiel Puig was one of the most likable players in recent memory and made the Reds a ton of fun. I won’t get into his actual productivity here. Instead, here’s some fun things to remember from the brief tenure of Puig:

3.) La Piedra

The mandate this past offseason was to get the pitching. Probably the most significant pitching gains came actually come from within. Luis Castillo made his first All Star Game appearance and announced himself to the league as a dominant pitcher. His mid-to-high 90s fastball that moves combines with his mid-to-high 80s that moves a lot to form one super pitcher. His abilities have captured the attention of national pundits and the affection of the local faithfuls.

4.) Derek Dietrich

If we split up the different things that comprise the awesomeness of Dietrich into multiple numbers, then we may as well make an entirely different list. Suffice it to say, I’ll just loop it all into one. He ignited the Reds-Pirates rivalry to new heights by launching a ball out of PNC Park and simply admiring it for a second. 

He saved the good people of Great American Ballpark from a swarm of bees (kinda). 

He helped showcase the finer points of a sleeveless jersey (also an A+ tweet from the Reds Twitter account). 

Lastly, who could forget how he expanded the effectiveness of eyeblack. 

5.) Count on AG

As I am fond of saying on the podcast with which I lend my voice, relief pitching is a fickle thing. That’s definitely not an original thought but Reds fans have seen a handful of examples supporting that hypothesis. With that being said, a team leader for the future has emerged from the bullpen and his name is Amir Garrett. He has dominated (mostly) from the mound. He’s become a leader in the clubhouse (Bronson Arroyo told me he considers AG one of the leaders). He also led an unforgettable all-out assault on this group of dummies wearing dumb colors.

These are just a Top 5 for the year. What else should make the list of 2019 top memories?

Let’s keep happy, Redleg Nation. The baseball season will soon be over, leaving us pining for any amount of content from our Reds amidst a whirlwind of football, basketball, soccer, and hockey. Let’s enjoy the last month’s worth of games and try not to let the negativity of another playoff-less season get us down. Or you can, you just won’t see me anywhere near that party. For me, the Reds have been fun this year.

Go Reds.

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  1. Don

    Thanks for the positive reinforcement that this team has been entertaining to watch.

    • Rut

      Sonny Gray has been fun.

      All the writers forced puns, be they 50 Shades, Anatomy, Touch of, have gotten a bit forced…. but I still am a sucker for the Crockett comparisons!

  2. CFD3000

    Just the fact that there was talk of a playoff run in August is so refreshing.
    The arrival of some exciting young players – Aquino of course but also Senzel and VanMeter.
    The quality of starting pitching – not just Castillo, but Sonny Gary who, let’s be honest, was a bit of a reclamation project with question marks after a roll of the dice on his extension, and the arrival of Trevor Bauer will form a formidable first three in 2020.
    And the final season of Marty Brenneman. Some will take that as a celebration of a Reds treasure, others will celebrate the departure of a cranky old Uncle, but either way it’s a positive.
    The only recent memory on the level with this year of improvement was Votto’s (near) MVP campaign of 2017. I have enjoyed this season and the Reds climb back to relevance, and I intend to enjoy every game of the last five weeks or so. Go Reds!

  3. The other JB

    Jeff Good job on this , I really enjoyed the overlay of Castillo filthy. I’ve been a reds fan since 1970 and good or bad , I’ll be one for life .

  4. TR

    Fans should rally around the Bengals new coach. He’s got a lot on his plate especially with Mike Brown still in-charge. This year has been a positive change for the Reds, especially starting pitching, and I hope more change is coming, especially offensively, by playing the young guys regularly.

  5. Ron Payne

    There were some very enjoyable moments this year. It has been interesting, but interesting doesn’t replace winning.
    My final thoughts about this season and about what should happen before next season:
    – I’m not totally onboard with Bell’s managerial style, but he deserves another full year with hopefully a better team in 2020.
    – Extend Derek Johnson and fire Turner Ward.
    – Hire Wayne Krivsky as a scout and director of minor league operations. In a recent interview with Ken Broo, he brought to light the problem with baseball in general. In so many words, he said that baseball has gone overboard with analytics, while pushing good scouts aside. He is not against analytics, but that organizations have swayed to that side too far. It needs to be more balanced. I agree. In my opinion, analytics are not going to measure a player’s attitude, desire, hustle and work ethic.
    – Move Nick Senzel to third and Josh VanMeter to second. Yes, this means trading Suarez. Atlanta?
    – I would extend Jose Iglesias. If you can get a better offensive shortstop (Bogaerts, Gregorius, etc.), then do it. Iglesias would be a solid backup.
    – I’m not a big fan of platooning, but a platoon of JD Martinez and Joey Votto at first would be sweet.
    – IMO platooning means that you have two players that aren’t talented enough to be everyday players.
    – I would look to move Suarez, Raisel and maybe even Winker this winter.
    – As far as free agency goes, Bogaerts, Grandal, Cole and Dellin Bentances would help.
    – And lastly (and least importantly), I would like the Reds to make one of the throwback uniforms their everyday uniforms.
    I love this site. Everyone enjoy the rest of the summer!

  6. MK

    I for one have seen enough of Derrick Dietrich. I would DFA him and bring up Blandino or Alf-Rod. Maybe a contender will pick him up and save some payroll. if the Blue Jays can give up Freddie then the Reds should follow the example. As far as admiring his home run he should have been fined by Bell for putting his teammates in jeopardy. He had done it to them once and he knew what the repercussions were so he did it again and they were lucky Suarez wasn’t injured for longer than he was . Going forward VanMeter can provide everything and more of what Dietrich can provide.

  7. Dean Wormer

    When did losing become fun? Another losing/wasted season in the books.
    Winning Baseball Bob Castellini style.
    Positive momentum on display by getting swept by the lowly Pirates.
    Yeah, this has been fun.