It’s true that if you have found your way to Redleg Nation over the years that at some point in your life you’ve probably taken the Cincinnati Reds a bit too seriously in your life. I know that I have. With the word fan comes a certain connotation. Sometimes that word doesn’t feel quite strong enough to describe some of us and how we interact with “our” teams. But at the end of the day, we are fans of whoever because we find it fun. And today’s the day I’m going to share something fun.

The amount of music that I listen to varies wildly. To give you perspective on that, the last two artists I bought “albums” for are Taylor Swift and Logic. My favorite band is Less Than Jake. That’s a trio of country/pop, rap, and ska/punk. Judge me if you want. Despite a pretty wide variety of music that I do listen to, I had never heard of the band PUP before, but they certainly just moved up the list of bands I like. Wikipedia tells me that they are a punk band out of Toronto, and apparently they are big enough that guitarist Steve Sladkowski was interviewed for Cut4 about his fandom of the Blue Jays.

I’m sure the Blue Jays have their moments. Any of us old enough will forever remember Joe Carter’s home run and the feeling that brought us, even as non-Blue Jays fans. But the best part of this entire thing is the last 13 seconds when Sladkowski says “You don’t get many Canadian baseball players…. other than Joey Votto, who should be President of Earth.”

The man is not wrong. And with Joey Votto currently being on the injured list, maybe now is the time he starts working on his campaign slogan for President of Earth. Do you have any suggestions?

Disclaimer: This topic is meant to be fun. There will be zero tolerance towards any actual political talk in the comments. Don’t mention political parties (unless they are made up as a part of a “baseball/Joey Votto slogan”), politicians, or anything of the sort. Zero tolerance means you’ll be banned from commenting moving forward. Be nice. Play nice. This is supposed to be fun.

11 Responses

  1. Ed

    I think robot Nixon was president of Earth once.

  2. CFD3000


    Not only is that a fantastic nickname, but as a candidate for President of Earth, even the Internet already knows he’s the best, the only reasonable choice. When I type that word and highlight it, a little window pops up that says “No Replacement Found”. There is no replacement for Joey Votto.

  3. CFD3000

    Doug, this seems an appropriate spot for a quick thank you. As Chad’s involvement with RLN has changed, I was nervous that a new leader might mess up a beautiful forum for Reds fans. Change can be scary. And though RLN has a different feel in many ways, it’s still excellent. And the single best thing about it is still the civil, respectful conversation and debate about all things Reds. I have no doubt that we would all have plenty to argue about, maybe get angry about, when it comes to politics or morality or many other sensitive topics. But here we are a family with a shared passion and a deep mutual respect. And as the main guardian of that bedrock principle you have done a wonderful job. RLN is in good hands. Thank you for your clear statement of priorities and prohibitions. Thank you for finding PUP and the Votto quote. Thank you for taking such good care of RLN. – Chris DeBlois

    • da bear

      I’ll third this notion. Thankful for the website’s existence, and hopeful the team will turn things around and be smarter in all their budget related decisions to overcome the vast economic disparity between big revenue and small revenue teams and that this website and all reds fans here will be around to enjoy that moment.

    • Doug Gray

      Thanks Chris. I appreciate that. I, and the others here at Redleg Nation are doing the best we can to try and provide good content and a decent place to keep discussion of the Reds going.

  4. Chris

    I love Less Than Jake! They’re definitely in my top 3 favorite bands. I love Joey Votto!
    This is my first comment ever on here. When you hear someone else likes Less Than Jake, it’s a big moment.

  5. RES

    Joey Votto cannot be president of Earth as the Constitution (work with me here) clearly specifies that the president must be a natural born native of Earth and everybody knows Joey Votto is other-worldly!

    • Streamer88

      Peace be with you Earthlings, I’m Joey Votto. Before I solve your world hunger thing, what’s this baseball game about?

  6. Jeff Dunn

    More Than Votto,
    Less Than Jake

    Now that’s a bumper sticker I’d proudly put on my car …