Final R H E
San Diego Padres (59-65)
3 5 0
Cincinnati Reds (58-66)
2 8 1
W: Perdomo (2-3, 3.52 ERA) L: Bauer (10-10, 4.06 ERA) SV: Yates (36)
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A depleted Cincinnati Reds side struck their way out of a 3-1 loss at the hands of the San Diego Padres. The visiting Friars combined to strikeout 13 Redlegs while sending them to their seventh loss in the last 10 games.

Trevor Bauer was much better than the last time I wrote a recap for one of his starts. He tossed seven innings with 11 strikeouts. He did allow two earned runs and one un-earned run (thanks to an error by Jose Peraza in left field). Bauer had all of his pitches working as he routinely got swings and misses. He even had a little fun with Manny Machado after one of those strikeouts, giving me one of my new favorite GIFs:

He was half of a dominant pitching performance for the Reds. Lucas Sims came in and pitched a perfect final two frames with three strikeouts.

Unfortunately, the lineup provided little bite. They tried to put together a late comeback after scoring one and loading the bases. Eugenio Suarez found himself in a deja vu moment, though, as he struck out with the game-tying run on base in the bottom of the ninth.

There are only two games in which the Reds struck out more than Monday night. On May 3rd against the Giants and on June 2nd against the Nationals the Reds struck out 16 times.

The bottom of the Reds lineup did their best to carry the team on. Jose Peraza, Freddy Galvis, and Tucker Barnhart all notched a pair of hits. Galvis scored both Reds runs. His first came of his own making.

On top of his night at the plate, Tucker had this play with his arm. Just file this is that overflowing folder of “reasons why Tucker Barnhart’s glove is made of gold.”

Probably the biggest news of the game was the late scratch of Nick Senzel. When asked after the game, David Bell mentioned an IL stint has not been ruled out. Senzel was plunked on the left arm in the finale against the Cardinals. He did pinch-hit in the bottom of the ninth, but grounded into a fielder choice. Should an IL stint be necessary, he will join Joey Votto on the shelf, with Jesse Winker possibly following close behind. Winker was also held out Monday, leaving everyone to speculate as to the seriousness of his condition.

With the above guys out, the top of the lineup struggled. Phillip Ervin, Jose Iglesias, and Suarez combined to go 1-for-11. To add to his not-so-good night, Suarez earned a golden sombrero.

The Reds will trot Sonny Gray out to the mound tomorrow. They need to start making hay in this 10-game stretch against sub-.500 teams. If they have any designs on finishing 2019 with something other than a losing record, they need to win at least seven of their next nine. Cal Quantrill is slated to start for San Diego.

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  1. CFD3000

    Winker has now been out as long as Votto. Why not admit that he’s hurt, move him to the IL and get back to at least a 24 man roster (can’t be 25 until Garrett gets back from his suspension)? Disappointing game tonight. Peraza with two hits, but a critical dropped ball that was eventually the difference in the game. And with Senzel ailing, I was actually expecting a squeeze bunt. Alas, not to be. This felt like a game the Reds should have won, but between the spring training lineup and a disappointing night from Suarez plus the Peraza error they did just enough to lose. Frustrating. They need to take the two remaining games then 3 of 4 from Pittsburgh. It’s time in the schedule to make that push to .500!

    • JB

      Doesnt matter what manager, they just can’t seem to put guys on the IL. They just love to play with a short bench.

    • Scott C

      No way they are going to squeeze bunt with Barnhart on third. And they couldn’t run for him because Farmer was already out of the game. Poor Game management starting both of your catchers just to get another right-handed bat into the lineup.
      Peraza should never, never, ever play the outfield. He looked like a deer in the headlights last night.

  2. RedNat

    Winker, Senzel and Votto now are just injury prone. This is the reason more than any, that We keep Peraza around. say what you want about him but he is very durable and can fill in for these guys at different positions when they are down

    • Still a Red

      Peraza apparently can pitch 🙂

    • SaveTheFarm

      Not sure a hit by pitch on Senzel can be grouped in with the “injury prone” title.

  3. Ed

    I’d love to see Suarez mash 40 homers this season. He’s not far behind Yelich, Trout, Bellinger… but it sure feels like he struggles with 2 outs, and folds with 2 strikes. Two big opportunities for him to sway the game with a base hit, but no dice.

    does anyone else think it makes sense to flip Bauer in the off season?
    And if someone needs a Peraza, please take him.

    • Ed

      I absolutely agree… from the ol’ approximate eye test, Iglesias and Galvis get the momentum rolling for this ball club. Iglesias, despite his low wRC, has one of the longest hitting streaks in MLB. Iglesias and Galvis, maybe Ervin, Senzel- they can hit the ball and get on base.

      Suarez and 34 homers is a serious accomplishment. Aquino is mashing the ball… I think another big stick or two would make such a tremendous difference. Reds have a couple guys who seem to hit and can get on base.

      As much as I like Tucker, I think catcher is a place to upgrade for power. As much as I love Votto, first base should really be generating power instead of just base hits. If Votto is going to be getting on base instead of hitting for power, I guess they need to find power elsewhere. Maybe that means short or second base? Left field?

    • Hanawi

      Jose Iglesias is a number 8 (NL) or 9 (AL) hitter on a good team. Peraza is in AAA for a good team. The fact that the Reds are batting both of them in the top 5 of their lineup shows that they still have a ways to go and/or Bell has no idea who his best hitters are. Probably both.

    • Don

      Suarez for his career with 2 strikes has a 0.170 Average
      Strikes out 43% of the time (744 of 1750 PAs with 2 strikes)
      Walks 31% of the time with Full Count 164 out of 521 PAs

      From baseball reference for his career Late & Close which is (Late & Close are Plate Appearances in the 7th or later with the batting team tied, ahead by one, or the tying run at least on deck)
      461 PAs, 124 Ks (19%), 36 BB(5%), .234 BA. .298 OBP, .282 BABIP

      So he has successfully gotten on base just under 3 in 10 times in situations like have occurred on Sunday and Monday.

      In a comparison Joey’s career Late and Close Stats.
      1163 PA, 249 Ks (21%), 227 BB(20%), .279 BA. .426 OBP, .344 BABIP

    • Bruuuuuccceee

      Thom mentioned this on the broadcast the other day. If Suarez can get ahead in the count, he was one of the best hitter’s in baseball. If he gets behind however, he is one of the worst.

  4. Hanawi

    Not sure what you’re trying to say. He led the league in errors and OPSed under .750 last year. You think that deserves a starting spot no questions asked? They should have sent him down and told him he wouldn’t be recalled until he found some plate discipline. Instead he’s been one of the worst hitters in baseball who gets regular at bats.

  5. JB

    You all have good points. As soon as he lost his job they needed to send him down so he could play every day and work on his game. He is young and has skills. He just needs to fine tune everything and get comfortable. Playing different positions and not playing consistently isnt helping. They botched this big time.

  6. Don

    Having watched almost every game this year, the starting lineup last night did not instill confidence in this fan. I was hopeful but figured the Reds would struggle to score. They just have not seemed to have any answer vs Left Handed starters this year so I started to look at stats to back up this feeling.

    Team stats
    Vs RHP (3569 PA)
    BA 247, OBP 314 SLG 434, BABIP .291 841 Ks (23%)
    Vs LHP (1050 PA)
    BA 262, OBP 334, SLG 423, BABIP .305, 215 (20%)

    My gut feeling is not accurate as vs LHP other than slugging are better than RHP

    The Reds offensive is just below average across the board.

    I agree with the comments that what looks to be constant experiments could be a factor.

    I am by no means a Bell defender as he does seem very overmatched as a manager so far this year but the reality may be he could be getting the most of out of the players that just do not have the talent as other teams in the league.

    The numbers seem to bear this out and the FO jettisoning the veterans that did not perform this year to me are examples of recognizing this short coming in talent and seeing if they can address. There is only so much which can be done during the season. Other FOs can see the lack of talent and not offer anything for it either.

    Hopefully the Reds (Bell) do have the less experiences players play (cannot say younger as the entire 25 man roster is under 30) more even in the left vs left and right vs right situations the rest of the year to get data as if there is talent which can be built for 2020 or not.

    Galvis, Iglesias, Barnhart, Suarez, Votto, Peraza all have enough of a history (> 1500 plate appearances) at the MLB level to have enough of a history to be able to know what they will contribute in 2020.

    The rest of the position players on the 25 man roster do not have a track record which can be used to have confidence in 2020 with them.

    Play the young guys if they cannot go 15-23 the rest of 2019 to avoid the 90 game losing season they do not have the talent to build around in 2020.

    Better to know going into the off season with that data than with the hope this inexperienced player can fill this spot all off season,

    Please play the inexperienced players the rest of the year, the team and fans needs this data to have confidence in 2020 as potential only means the person has not done anything yet and the plan is hope.

  7. Still a Red

    Read that Senzel is tweaking his swing…apparently as an investment in the future…but at the expense of today. Everyone rightly disappointed in Suarez’s inability to deliver in the 9th in the last two games, but Senzel has too (swung at first pitch two nights ago to pop up, ground out to third last night trapping Barnhart, when a fly ball likely scores tying). Why on earth tweak things now, when he seemed to be doing pretty good as is. Sure, maximize his attributes, but work on it in the off season.

  8. JB

    That’s why he needs to go to AAA and play every day. If the light comes on and he figures it out then he comes up. If not he stays there like everybody else. I dont know of any other player that doesnt start thst way. Why they are letting him learn on the job in the majors is baffling.

  9. Don

    The c Trent one looks right.

    The one on looks like an April Fools Day joke with all the players out of position.

    Iglesias has not played 2nd all year and has not played at any position but SS since 2013.

    Barnhart in left and O’Grady catching, that is funny