Please excuse the absolutely terrible headline, but what the heck else can you say at this point? Aristides Aquino has homered once again tonight. He’s been in the Major Leagues this season for 17 days. He’s playing in his 16th game – all in August. And he’s now hit 11 home runs. Those 11 home runs, now in 18 career games, is just another Major League record that The Punisher now hows for fewest career games to reach that number of career home runs. He also owns the record for 8 homers, 9 homers, and 10 homers.

Our own Jason Linden wondered what the average home run distance is for Aristides Aquino this season after he hit another 400+ foot home run tonight.

Well I decided to take a really deep dive into it. The 11 Major League home runs hit by Aquino have averaged 406 feet. But, the 25-year-ld right fielder also hit 28 home runs in Triple-A this season in 78 games. Yes, he’s now sitting on 39 home runs this year in 94 games played. In Triple-A this season for the Louisville Bats his average home run distance was 408 feet. He’s a strong, strong man.

From Elias Sports Bureau: With 11 HR in 17 games, Aristides Aquino will share, at least, with Rhys Hoskins the modern Major League record for HR in a player’s first 18, 19 or 20 career games. Hoskins hit his 11th HR in his 18th career game.

Here’s the latest one from tonight:

The legend continues to grow. Opposing pitchers simply can’t make any sort of mistake to him right now. And having watched him in Triple-A this year, that statement probably applies to the entire season. He has simply destroyed nearly every mistake made in the strikezone all year.

5 Responses

  1. Roger Garrett

    Just not any words or anything to compare this to cause it hasn’t ever happened.Just glad he is a Red.

  2. Jack

    Enjoy the ride. I can’t remember being this excited to see a Reds player swing the bat since Eric Davis

  3. Don

    overall great night for Reds and the young team is showing it can compete. Won 2 of 3 from Cards so far.

    AA just keeps going. Hope he keeps up rate of 1 HR every 5 AB going. It is really fun to watch.

    Wood needs to pitch very well on Sunday. He should be will rested with less than 80 pitches in last 2 sort outings.

    Hopefully a strong showing from Wood to get 6+ inning with under 90 pitches and Reds get a few runs so they take 3 of 4 from Cards the cards to make the season series 7 up 8 down with 4 to play.

    Reds have a chance to be above 500 against all the teams in the Central this year.
    Cubs 9-7 (3 to play)
    Brewers 8-8 (3 to play)
    Cards 6-8 (5 to play)
    Pirates 5-8 (6 to play)

    If they can get to 500 or better against all the teams in the Central that would be a great accomplishment for 2019 and set the correct attitude for 2020 that they can compete and maybe dominate the division.

    The only teams in the league that the Reds have a losing record for 2019
    Indians 1-3
    Dodgers 1-5
    A’s 1-2
    Phillies 1-2 (4 to play)
    Rangers 1-2
    Nationals 1-5

    Interleague Play, Dodgers and Nationals are why the Reds are not above 500.

    Team is much improved in 2019 and look to have a foundation for 2020.

  4. Big Ed

    AA already has more homers than Senzel, in 269 fewer ABs. He is one HR behind Votto, in 368 fewer ABs.

    They have 40 games left. 12 more homers puts him ahead of Puig for second on the team, although Dietrich has 19 for now.