In an announcement that surprises no one except that dude from the Geico commercial that lives under a rock, Cincinnati Reds outfielder Aristides Aquino was named the National League Player of the Week. Mark Sheldon of was the first to report this.

For the week, Aristides Aquino played in six games for the Reds. He had a hit in each game – extending his hit streak to eight games. Three of those games were multi-hit games and in four of those games he reached base at least twice. But, that’s not really the story. The story was that he homered in four straight games in there, capping it off with a 3-homer game against the Cubs on Saturday.

That game led to the 25-year-old native of the Dominican Republic setting and tying records for both the Reds and Major League Baseball. In total it was a huge week for Aquino. Over the span of his 24 plate appearances he hit .500 with a .542 on-base percentage. Those alone are incredibly impressive. But they pale in comparison to his slugging percentage, which would have been enough as an OPS to win the award all on it’s own in most weeks. With a double and six home runs accounting for seven of his 11 hits last week, Aristides Aquino slugged 1.364. Along with his 11 runs batted in, he posted a 1.905 OPS. Well earned, Punisher. Well earned.

Reds release 2020 schedule

The Cincinnati Reds have released the schedule for the 2020 season. They will open things up at home against the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday March 26th. After that series they hit the road to Toronto and Pittsburgh before returning home.

May begins with a 10-game road trip that sends them to Washington, New York, and Colorado. They’ve got another 10-game road trip in the middle of June AND another one in September. What’s interesting is that their trips to play the National League West Division are almost all separate trips. As noted, they head to Colorado in early May. They make their trip to San Diego in the middle of another 10-game road trip in June. The trips to Los Angeles and Arizona are bunched together from June 29th through July 5th. They wrap the west coast up in mid-September by ending another 10 game road trip in San Francisco.

The times for every game has yet to be determined. But if you want to take a closer look at when the Reds will be where, here you go:

Changes at Redleg Nation

Maybe you noticed. Maybe you didn’t. But we’re trying to be open here, too. Over the weekend there was an ad that was running that seemed to effect only mobile users. It would pop up and forward some users away from the site. Unfortunately we don’t sell the ads to companies ourselves and rely on google to do that for us (and they take a good chunk of the money from that). They do vet the ads well, but every so often a bad actor will publish a good ad, get it approved, and then switch the code to something that wouldn’t be approved. It takes some time for google to get notified and take care of such an ad.

We don’t like having things like that happen. And I happened to be out of town for most of Sunday and away from a computer, so I couldn’t just shut off all ads. For this I apologize to anyone who was having issues accessing the site. Because of that, though, we’ve decided to experiment a little bit. We’ve taken down all google ads but one. In turn, we’ve added the “video highlight” thing to every post that usually is only accompanying the Game Threads and Game Recaps. We’re going to give that a week and see how it plays out and adjust from there if needed. That’s where we are and just wanted to let everyone in on the changes and why.

3 Responses

  1. lost11found

    Dream Big. Why Not!

    On a serious note, no matter how the rest of his career pans out it’s been a fun ride for the last few days. It’s nice as reds fans to have a guy come seemingly out of nowhere, with few expectation, and just catch fire.

    We’ve been on the receiving end with teams bringing up an endless stream of productive players that are not highly touted. It our turn, for once, to have one wearing the wishbone C.

    His arc remids me of Chris Sabo in some respects.

  2. Don

    Great week for the Punisher and a deserving reward.
    Hope he has many more.

    On the schedule we will get to hear Thom complain about how the Indians and Reds never play at GABP on the weekend, always a mid-week series.

    I accessed Redleg nation from a computer and a phone all weekend without issues.
    Thanks for all the updates and the great articles. Always informative and entertaining.