The Cincinnati Reds have claimed shortstop Freddy Galvis off of waivers. This was first reported by Shi Davidi of SportsNet.

Freddy Galvis has played 103 games for the Toronto Blue Jays this season at shortstop. He’s played another five at second base, and five more as their designated hitter. The 29-year-old middle infielder has been a staple in the lineup for Philadelphia, San Diego, and Toronto for the last five seasons. This season has been his best offensive year of his career.

There are some things to like with Freddy Galvis. First, he’s a true defensive shortstop. That in itself has value. Second, he’s starting to show a different level of power than he has in the past. He’s slugging .444 this year, which is easily a career best. In 473 plate appearances he’s hit 24 doubles, tripled, and hit 18 home runs. Those are the good things.

But there’s a reason that Freddy Galvis was available on waivers, too. He’s got a career on-base percentage of .291. Over the last three seasons it’s been .309, .299, and .299. He simply doesn’t get on base with any sort of frequency. He never has. He’s been in the big leagues, and played in at least 43 games every year since 2012. Only twice has his on-base percentage topped .300 and it’s never topped .309.

On paper, Freddy Galvis looks like a quality bench player. He can cover you around the infield defensively, and at shortstop he’s a quality back up option. Off of the bench he can also provide some pop. The Reds will have a decision to make on him following the season. He’s got a team option for the 2020 season. To keep him around it will cost $5.5M. If they let him walk it will cost them $1M.

The Reds will be losing Jose Iglesias to free agency after this season. That left their only option before today for the shortstop position as Jose Peraza. Bringing in Galvis gives them another potential option for 2020 if they choose to keep him around. Being able to see what he can do in a new league and new ballpark could be of value. That said, Rogers Center in Toronto is every bit as hitter friendly, if not more than Great American Ballpark is. Don’t expect the power to play more because of the switch in ballparks.

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  1. Tom Mitsoff

    Wonder who will be let go / optioned to get Galvis on the roster? Peraza does still have options, I believe.

    • Great Redlegs Fan

      Looks like a good move. Assuming 2B is Vanmeter’s for grabs, there’s a surplus of middle infielders between AAA & ML to sort out in Peraza, Iglesias, Blandino, Trahan and Galvis.

  2. jazzmanbbfan

    What does he bring that Iglesias doesn’t, or have the Reds decided that Iglesias isn’t able to be signed for next year? Iglesias has a career OBP of .315 and I have trouble believing Galvis is a better fielder than Iglesias. Just wondering. Seems like $5.5 million for Galvis is less than they would be paying if they re-signed Iglesias.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Potentially one more year under contract is what Galvis brings that Iglesias does not. I have not seen Galvis play much, but the word on him is he is a very good defensive shortstop. On paper, it seems like an Iglesias clone for $5.5 million in 2020, which is a good deal. Apparently re-signing Iglesias was not in the cards.

      • Chris

        He’s not even close to a clone of Iglesias. Galvis doesn’t play quite as good of defense, but he is a true power hitting SS, which Iglesias is not.

  3. Nate

    Unfortunately this signals to me that re-signing Iglesias is not an option for the Reds. Hopefully that is not the case and it’s just more competition for Peraza to keep his spot and/or a quality back-up.

  4. Roger Garrett

    Good pick up.I like the defense and the pop and would love a better OBP but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.That should have been a song and it was by golly.Sung by a guy called Meat Loaf.Can we see him play like really soon?Galvis I mean and not Meat Loaf,

  5. David

    2019 xwOBA: J. Iglesias 0.292, Peraza 0.288, and Galvis 0.273

  6. Roger Garrett

    Iggy wasn’t signed for a reason,Galvis was put on waivers for a reason and Peraza is still here for a reason.None of them get on base at league average and never have and never will.Galvis first played because he could field and this year he has hit and with power and he signed next year so it works for me.Power always plays in GABP and he will provide above average defense.Good pick up and for a good reason.Could we pencil him in for 20 homers next year?I will take that all day long with above average defense.

    • DB

      Yup Galvis was put on waivers for a reason . DANTE BICHETTE!

    • Chris Holbert

      ..and he is a switch hitter, so another lefty stick…with power

  7. David

    Alex Blandino cannot really play shortstop. I have seen him play both at AAA level and in the majors. He does not have a strong enough arm to really play SS.

    Maybe they get rid of Peraza and keep both Glavis and Iglesias.

  8. Aaron B.

    Rogers Center has pretty big dimensions and is indoor (so no jet stream, wind aided homers), I find it hard to believe it is as hitter-friendly as GABP.

    • Don

      Rogers Centre: Dome so no cold windy and wet April or May games

      Dimensions: Foul lines: 328 ft.; power alleys: 375 ft.; center field: 400 ft.
      Fences: 10 ft.

      Dimensions: Left field foul pole: 328 feet; left field power alley: 379 feet; center field: 404 feet; right field power alley: 370 feet; right field foul pole: 325 feet;
      Fences: Left field: 12 feet; center field: 8 feet; right field: 8 feet.

      GABP is probably same to larger in left field with a higher wall, larger in center with a shorter wall and a slightly smaller in right field with a lower wall right and center.

      Dome in April/May and not being as cold could mean more than warm summers.
      Galvis did have 20 HR for Philly in 2016, 12 for Philly in 2017 and 13 for Padres in 2018.
      18 so far this year seems like returning to 2016 power.

  9. Don

    Glavis is a switch hitter and mainly plays SS and some 2nd Base.

    Also played outfield some as well for Philies early in career

    BA = 259 as right handed vs LHP and 281 LHB vs RHP this year
    BA = 243 as right handed vs LHP and 262 LHB vs RHP for career
    65 HR as LHB, 17 as RHB.

    Gives Reds another left handed batter vs right handed pitching.

    Better fielder than Peraza and identical career fielding % as Iglesias.

    Looks like a wash on defense vs Iglesias and more power hitting but lower average.

    On paper a good FO move by Reds as this could find the 2020 SS with a small salary cost if turns out wrong.

    Toronto FO whom is going total youth movement with Bo Bichette at SS and Cavan Biggio at 2nd.

    More evidence that Reds FO is trying to do something which is a huge change for the team.

  10. Mason Red

    The Reds are building a powerhouse one waiver pickup at a time….

  11. Chris Holbert

    There is always hope we could a switch between Votto and Senzel……

  12. Chris Holbert

    They will not option a reliever as I believe Garrett is beginning his suspension

    • David

      Probably Brian O-Grady, as someone mentioned above.

  13. IndyRedsFan

    They have a 40 man spot available….from DFA’ing Hernandez last week.

    Would guess that O’Grady goes down to create the spot on the active roster.

  14. mike hanes

    So, he will be Lindor’s backup?

  15. jazzmanbbfan

    He’s in the starting lineup tonight so I guess not.

  16. Roger Garrett

    I agree and we need more.Beginning to think and act like a major league franchise.Soild move as we move forward.

  17. earmbrister

    I’ll third that motion. The FO is doing a great job, scouring the waiver wire for anyone who could help, in addition to the active trade deadline. Galvis is a great pickup for next year; hope that one of the BP waiver additions will prove fruitful.

  18. BigBill

    I get and like the addition so we can let go of Peraza. Now maybe we can talk about the real problem in the lineup. His stats look almost identical to Iglesias. Has only 12 home runs, compared to *, hitting 256 compared to 289, on base 5 is 356 to 329 and plays a non premium defense position. Anybody figure out who I am talking about??