The Cincinnati Reds called up Aristides Aquino a week ago. He’s been absolutely, unequivocally on fire ever since. As I type this, in the bottom of the 4th inning on Thursday night, he’s hitting .500/.526/1.056 on the season. That’s an OPS over 1.582 for those keeping track at home. That’s breaking OPS. But tonight the Reds outfielder has been breaking records measured by Statcast, too.

In the 3rd inning of the game Aristides Aquino showed every single soul on this God forsaken planet why he’s nicknamed The Punisher. Down 5-1 Aquino clobbered a home run 445 feet into the upper deck on a line. The ball had barely started traveling down by the time it reached the glove of the fan in the bleachers. The exit velocity on that home run? 118.3 MPH. That’s the hardest hit home run of the year in all of Major League Baseball. It’s the hardest hit baseball since Statcast began tracking exit velocity for a Red. The previous team record was 116.5 MPH by Michael Lorenzen. No other Reds player has topped 114.9 MPH.

But it wasn’t just the insane hitting power that Aristides Aquino showed off on Thursday night. Earlier in the game he fielded a single from Anthony Rizzo and fired the ball into second base. The throw was 101.5 MPH into second base. That was the hardest throw by an outfielder this season.

So here we are, just over a week into the season and Aristides Aquino is already not only breaking Cincinnati Reds records, but he’s also setting records in Major League Baseball.

4 Responses

  1. Doug Gray

    Because in 2017 and 2018 he couldn’t hit in Double-A – had a sub .300 OBP in both seasons. He made changes this spring and it’s allowed him to hit better. In May he had shown that in one month he was having a good month. And the Reds weren’t going to sit Winker, Puig, or Senzel to play him after having a good month of April.

    • David

      People forget. Aquino was always a promising athlete, but had real trouble adjusting. He came up at the end of last year, and did not do much except strike out.

      I saw him hit a single the other night to right field, that showed he could adjust on a pitch down and away.
      The double he hit tonight reminded me of George Foster, how George was so strong he could muscle out an inside pitch off the handle and hit it, even when he was jammed.