As a big part of my job I hang out on the never-ending cesspool that is Twitter. Some day it’s better than others, though. Last night the Cincinnati Reds won. And they hit a bunch of home runs, too. At least on social media it was the one that Aristides Aquino hit that had people talking. To be fair, he destroyed that baseball. The homer went 448 feet to dead center field, hitting the top of the batters eye.

Here’s the funny thing: That wasn’t even the longest home run hit on the night by a Cincinnati Red. Eugenio Suarez hit one three feet further earlier in the game. He’s been hitting moon shots all season long for the Reds, so maybe it just got lost in the shuffle a bit. He’s sitting on 30 home runs right now. Nearly a quarter of those have gone at least 425 feet (7 of them).

As for Aristides Aquino, the timing on his blast was good for me. Over at I keep track of the home run distances on the farm system. It’s one of my favorite articles to do. Unlike the Major Leagues, the data isn’t publicly available, so it takes time to compile the data from sources and video review. Fortunately I have some good sources around the minors and can get the Trackman distances for most of the ones hit. This season, the 448-foot homer that Aquino hit last night would only rank as the 5th longest home run he’s connected on this year. It’s not even close to being the longest that he hit.

All of that, though, got me to thinking that it might be fun to take a look at some of the longest home runs of the year for the big league Cincinnati Reds. The ones hit by Aquino and Suarez were both among the top on the season. I was surprised to see that the Reds have only hit 17 home runs this season that were 425+ feet. It feels like that number would be higher, but it’s not.

Josh VanMeter – 463 Feet

How far down the list would you have to go if someone asked you who would have the longest home run of the season for the Cincinnati Reds back in March before you dropped the name Josh VanMeter? He wasn’t even in Major League spring training this year. I’d venture to guess half of the readers of this article didn’t even know he existed in March. But here we are, and the 5′ 11″ and (listed as) 165 lb 24-year-old has the longest homer of the year for the Reds.

Eugenio Suarez – 457 Feet

Surely you remember this one, right? Wearing one of the throwback uniforms, Saurez crushed one to dead center field up onto the top of the batters eye.

Yasiel Puig – 453 Feet

Our departed friend Yasiel Puig unloaded on the Brewers back in late June to the tune of 453 Feet.

Eugenio Suarez – 451 Feet

This home run was just last night. It comes in as the fourth longest home run of the season by a Cincinnati Reds player at the Major League level.

Aristides Aquino – 448 Feet

Another one from last night, the one that prompted this entire article, was the monster shot to dead center field.

Rounding out the List

That’s the Top 5 list. But here’s the rest of the list for home runs hit by the Cincinnati Reds that went at least 425 feet.

Date Player Distance
7/24 Josh VanMeter 463
6/30 Eugenio Suarez 457
6/21 Yasiel Puig 453
8/6 Eugenio Suarez 451
8/6 Aristides Aquino 448
5/24 Eugenio Suarez 445
7/3 Yasiel Puig 445
4/7 Derek Dietrich 436
7/22 Eugenio Suarez 433
5/22 Derek Dietrich 432
7/27 Eugenio Suarez 432
4/26 Jose Peraza 432
4/23 Yasiel Puig 432
5/24 Yasiel Puig 431
5/11 Eugenio Suarez 429
6/19 Yasiel Puig 428
4/26 Eugenio Suarez 425

3 Responses

  1. Bill J

    Don’t know if anyone remembers Luke Easter, but after he hit a long homerun a reporter ask him if it was the longest he ever hit. He replied did you see it land, the reporter said yes and Easter said it wasn’t the longest.

  2. TimS

    Why do the Reds have such a better winning percentage at night?

  3. TR

    The bombs are exciting for the moment, but I’ll be more impressed if the young guys make contact more consistently to lower the LOB total and get runners in scoring position across the plate.