Yesterday the news broke that the Cincinnati Reds claimed right-handed pitcher Kevin Gasuman off of waivers from the Atlanta Braves. The Reds didn’t have to immediately make a 25-man roster move because Gausman had not yet reported to the team. But he’s in Cincinnati today and that means it’s time to make some roster moves. In order to clear the spot on the 25-man roster, the Reds optioned left-handed reliever Wandy Peralta to Triple-A Louisville.

For Kevin Gausman, he’ll be joining the bullpen for the Reds. He pitched out of the rotation in Atlanta, but there’s no room for him in Cincinnati’s starting five. He’ll look to work with pitching coach Derek Johnson and find some improvements in his new role with the team.

With Wandy Peralta, he’s currently sitting with an ERA of 5.06 on the season. He’s thrown 32.0 innings across 37 games, allowed seven home runs, walked 14 batters, and he’s struck out 26 batters. His walk rate is higher than you’d like it to be. His strikeout rate is lower than you want it to be. And his home run rate is a lot higher than you’d like for it to be.

The left-handed Peralta has improved some over where he was in 2018. Last season he had as many walks as strikeouts. The walks have come down significantly, but still could use some improvement. And his strikeout rate is up, but still much lower than even an average relievers. Heading back to Louisville to work on improving in these areas would seem to be a good place to focus.

This set of moves does leave Amir Garrett as the only left-handed pitcher in the bullpen for the Reds. And he’s going to serve his suspension soon enough. He’s appealing now, but even if he does win his appeal, it’ll just be a reduction in the number of games he has to miss. With that said, Peralta doesn’t really do much against left-handed hitters. This season they are hitting him better than righties are.

With Amir Garrett still active, this may not be an immediate issue. But where the Reds will turn against strong left-handed hitters when he’s serving his suspension will be interesting to see. The team recently picked up Tim Collins on a minor league contract. The lefty is in Triple-A, but he’s not on the 40-man roster and would needed to be added if that’s the kind of move they chose to make. Between Triple-A and the Majors this season he’s held lefties to a .157/.254/.314 line with 7 walks and 15 strikeouts in 59 plate appearances.

Another option, though less traditional, if they are going to bring up someone not on the 40-man roster, would be Joel Kuhnel. He’s a big right-hander, listed at 6′ 5″ and 260 lbs. He’s dominated in both Double-A and Triple-A this season, posting a 2.10 ERA in 51.1 innings with 15 walks and 49 strikeouts. While he’s not a lefty, he’s dominated them this season. They are hitting .173/.233/.272 against him with 7 walks (3 are intentional) and 18 strikeouts in 90 plate appearances. And he’s a guy that should be viewed as a viable bullpen option moving forward, too. He’s throwing in the 95-98 MPH range, touching triple-digits, and has a very good secondary offering.

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  1. FreeHouse

    Brandon Finnegan has been pitching well how about turning to him? Any word on his velocity?

    • Doug Gray

      I’m working on something on Finnegan for later this week.

    • jbonireland

      He isn’t on the 40 man I don’t believe, and he’s pitched well in 5 games since he came back from the IL. I’d rather have Collins added to the 40man. Notice the starting lineup for tonight and again no Josh Van Meter in the lineup. Oh well for Josh getting his chance and he is going to play 2nd base.

      • Roger Garrett

        Already got him unable to hit lefties after an OPS of over 1.000 at AAA against them.Reds have made great strides starting in the off season of moving forward to become a legit major league franchise.Just have some more to do it seems when it comes to evaluating their players as to what they can do or can’t.

  2. Bigbill

    I think Hughes is about done as well.

    • JB

      I would agree because they dont use him enough. His arm needs to be tired for his sinker to work and using him once a week isnt doung it. Last year they used him constantly and he did quite well. Quite honestly I would get him up in the bullpen every day and throw even if they dont use him.

  3. Bill J

    Doug, I see according to Jim Call is of the Reds minor league system is not in the top 15, do you know where they are ranked.

    • Jefferson Green

      I recommend that you subscribe to Doug’s site:

      It is how he makes a living, and it is very good.

    • Doug Gray

      He injured his knee. Not ready to pitch yet.

  4. JB

    I like it but Sims needs to stay in the bullpen this year. He is doing well and they need him. I do agree looking at him as a starter next year. I would cut Schebler and Stephens off the 40 man. They are no longer needed and taking up space.

  5. Red Yoda

    I haven’t seen anything on Cody Reed in a while. Does anyone know how close he is to returning?

  6. Tom Mitsoff

    They certainly are not standing pat, are they? Not sure Boxberger has anything left after two pretty poor seasons back to back. Maybe Derek Johnson will make a trip to Louisville during the off day and spend some time with Boxberger.