The Cincinnati Reds (51-58) ran their way out of a win and walked right into an extra-inning 5-4 loss to the Atlanta Braves (66-46) at SunTrust Park, Saturday night.

With runners on second and third, one out, in the ninth inning, and the Reds down a run, Tucker Barnhart hit a pop fly right into the hole in short left field that landed for a hit. Despite the ball being within easy distance of a throw home, third base coach JR House decided to send Jesse Winker, from second base. Winker, representing the go-ahead run, was promptly gunned down. The Reds did not score again.

On the other side of the ball, the Reds walked nine Braves hitters. Atlanta did not record a hit, from the fifth inning until the walk-off single in the bottom of the 10th by Ronald Acuna Jr. The tag-team of Amir Garrett and Michael Lorenzen walked four Braves, in the bottom of the eighth, to give them a 4-3 lead. Then, in the bottom of the tenth, Jared Hughes walked two, while recording just one out. With a runner on third, and two outs, Hughes’ replacement, Robert Stephenson, gave up a walk-off single to Acuna, down the third base line.

Trevor Bauer’s debut wasn’t quite what was hoped for. He held the Braves to three runs, but he only pitched 4.2 innings (threw 107 pitches) and constantly battled through jam after jam. Sticking with the walk theme, he issued three of those, and added seven hits to that ledger, which more than drowned out the four strikeouts he recorded.

He did show his stuff, bending an impressive breaker multiple times.

In all, his debut was reminiscent of Sonny Gray’s debut with the Reds. He just looked like he was trying to overthrow everything, especially early on, and the results were mixed because of it.

One bright side was the fact that Aristides Aquino finally got his first hit. He also got, as I predicted, his first major league home run. His dinger came at a very good time as the Reds were doing absolutely nothing, thanks to Dallas Keuchel, and his long ball was of the three-run variety, which tied the game at the time.

Other than that, all I remember is walks, walks, walks, walks…

The Reds will try to salvage the series tomorrow, with Gray on the mound. The Braves will send Julio Teheran out to start the game.

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  1. Hanawi

    Bell’s been just as bad with the double switches this year. Double switching in the 6th and 7th innings of a tied game can’t be normal strategy.

  2. Great RedLegs Fan

    It’s clear Reds bullpen is made out of three men: Garrett, Lorenzen & Iglesias, so that’s another FO’s offseason duty.

  3. Great Redlegs Fan

    Good for Aquino, finally coming around to show his power in the bigs. Let’s see what the young guns (VanMeter, Aquino, Winker & Ervin) are capable of in the long run.

    • Mason Red

      Green I think Pete’s sarcasm about TB was directed at me and others who had/have concerns about the trade. I have posted my concerns but also stated that it’s always possible a change in scenery can jumpstart or turnaround a career. You’re right about 4 innings not being enough to judge TB or the trade and he will get plenty of opportunities to prove himself. Hopefully it will be positive.

    • Mason Red

      I’m not frustrated at all with the trade. It’s possible to critique without emotion including frustration. The Reds traded a player they didn’t want for a player the Indians didn’t want. Both players involved have a history which isn’t opinion but is fact. You fail to recognize that I have stated that I hope the trade works out for the Reds. I do have concerns based on the trading history of the Reds in recent years which again is fact not opinion. Without question that has caused frustration as has years of losing.

  4. Roger Garrett

    Well played game on Friday and not good at all last night.Sending Winker was a little league decision hoping for a little league throw.That cost the Reds the game when it looked like they were going to steal one.The 3 run bomb was great but the walk and single are even more encouraging.May have found something in the big guy and JVM just have to let them play.Time to scrap the all righty lineup and the extra pitcher that never pitches.Peraza I repeat should only play short if he starts a game and I am good with losing as long as we play young guys the rest of the day.

  5. Steven Ross

    To be honest, I don’t miss Bell in the dugout at all.

  6. Steven Ross

    A game the Reds had to win. Rally from down 3-0 then tie it in the 9th at 4 is one you just can’t let slip away. Let’s see, started the season 7 games under .500 and as of August 4th, still 7 games under .500! It’s mind numbing how this team simply can not make any kind of run.

  7. rex

    looking at the sched I seen this weekend as the hardest match up of the second half.

    A split wins the head to head 4 to 3.

    A split is not a bad thing at all.

  8. M

    JR House needs to be sent down to work on his game.

    • Scott C

      Or yo0u don’t send Winker unless the outfielder hasn’t touched the ball yet. Not putting Winker down but he is not fleet of foot.

  9. CFD3000

    Sorry I couldn’t chime in from SunTrust Park last night – internet connection was awful. Also had a frustrating concessions encounter, and those issues remind me how solid the GABP experience is (independent of the team on the field). This was an awful game for the Reds, and a very lucky game for the Braves. Two key hits, doubles by Freeman and Donaldson, were seeing eye griunders down the line. Relievers literally didn’t allow a hit for 5 innings, but still gave up two runs wrapped in a 6 walk package. And except for Barnhart’s late flare nothing fell in for the Reds. This game was as sloppy as Friday’s was crisp.

    Bauer will be good. He just didn’t look relaxed, and the guy is definitely intense. Watched him long toss in left field befor the game and he has a gun. Whoever was throwing it back to him had three times the height in his trajectory and Bauer was throwing lasers. I was right with you Jeff on predicting Aquino’s home run and hope he can relax now too. And finally, JR House made a big mistake, but so did Winker. With that flare in front of him, if he reads it off the bat he scores easily, but just didn’t seem to be sure it would fall. Should have stopped at third, and that could have changed the outcome. Here’s hoping Gray is on and the Reds can split today.

    • da bear

      Winker read the ball well, he’s just not that fast. Winker was not far behind Iglesias who had to stay close enough to the third base bag in case a Brave caught the ball. Had Duvall or one of the other two Braves dove for the ball and kept it from being picked cleanly off the bounce then Winker scores easily. Not gonna fault House too much based on the poor result, House took that aggressive chance when he saw Winker was already near third base. Unfortunately the ball bounced softly for Duvall to grab hold of.

      Bauer will be great. Reds need another strong RH bat. Hopefully Aquino is part of the solution. Reds should let VanMeter and Winker face off against lefties the rest of the season.

  10. jbonireland

    While I don’t like David Bell blaming him for the decisions made last night is wrong. He wasn’t managing, Freddie B was. As far as JR House lighten up, he has done a relatively good job this year. Better then what we have had there the last several years.

    A shame they are sitting Aquino down, for a .209 hitting guy to play second base. Starting almost anybody rather than DD would be better, however Winer should be in left, Van Meter at second and AA in right. DD is not the answer going forward.

  11. BigBill

    Is no one going to talk about Jared Hughes and how he seems terrified to throw a strike? Seems time to think about DFA. He looks done.

    • RedAlert

      Well said !! Completely agree with you !!

      Please get in that dugout Shchi ! Your words make more sense then anything that coaching staff did last night – clueless is putting it mildly !