The Cincinnati Reds (50-57) fell to the Atlanta Braves (65-45), in a rain-shortened game, by a score of 4-1.

At the moment the game was called, it was in the top of the seventh inning, with Phillip Ervin at the plate. There were no outs, no one on base, and the count was 0-and-1.

Not long before the rain delay began, former-Red Adam Duvall hit a solo home run to push the Braves lead to three. They got their first three runs on a three-run homer by Freddie Freeman, in the first inning.

The Reds lone run came when Ervin scored on a single by Jose Peraza, in the top of the second.

Anthony DeSclafani (6-6, 4.07 ERA) started for the Redlegs and pitched five innings, allowing three earned runs on the Freeman homer, but did manage to fan five Braves. Wandy Peralta was brought in to pitch the sixth and allowed the homer to Duvall. His ERA now sits at 5.12. David Hernandez, in his first action since being brought off the IL, got Ronald Acuna, Jr, to line out to centerfield.

Cincinnati had managed just four hits off Atlanta starter Max Fried (12-4, 4.07), who was still pitching at the time the delay began. Three of the four hits were singles, with the other being a double from Joey Votto, his 22nd on the year.

Aristedes Aquino got his first Major League start, but did not record a hit in a pair of at-bats.

Game two is set for Friday at 7:20 p.m. The Reds will pit Alex Wood (0-0, 3.86) against the Braves’ Kevin Gausman (3-6, 5.97). The season series is now tied at two, apiece, between these two sides.

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  1. RedNat

    I hope this season doesn’t wind up like 2006. we traded two of our best offensive players at the all star break in Felipe Lopez and Austin Kearns for 2 relief pitchers Bray and Majowski who were awful. the offense really stalled in the second half and we ended the year with a losing record even though we had a very strong first half.

    • Reaganspad

      Well, Van Meeter versus scooter raises obp by a buck an a half.

      I am standing alone on an island saying Joey will go on a great second half like we have seen from him before inspired by the Bauer trade. It would be great to see Tucker return to form.

      We are kids in RF and LF (Senzel is no kid for a rookie). In fact Senzel is more complete than Winker.

      Wink needs to also step up in the 2nd half.

      It would be great if as a team they would take a pass on challenging the umps strike zone and just play.

      If the do that, they will make a run at this thing and the fo will look brilliant

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Who calls a game nowadays? The tremulant Braves, that’s who.

  2. Michael lieb

    If your bullpen had been as bad as the Braves you would call the game early as well…

  3. CFD3000

    I don’t know what the rules are on calling games versus suspending them. But the Reds are here in Atlanta for three more games, two of them night games. And our weather is in that classic summer cycle of clear all day with evening thunderstorms. It would have been easy, and predictably safe, to suspend that game and finish it this afternoon. Plenty of time with reliable weather. No need to steal the Reds chances of a comeback. Disappointing. I’ll be at the games tonight and tomorrow – no rainouts please. I’m excited to see Wood, Bauer, Aquino and VanMeter for the first time. Go Reds!

    • Matt WI

      Agree. While I’m sure there are many difficult logistics with opening up a stadium early in an unexpected turnaround, you’d think the mlb stance would be to finish games through as the rule whenever possible. If this had been the Sunday game and nobody’s coming back to town, then fine, so be it.

  4. Ed

    People complain when actors get political- some people like it. Bauer puts it all out there, in a way that a more mature version of himself would likely keep quiet. We don’t need to know what Jesse Winker or Luis Castillo think about global warming, and they know it. I love baseball, and the Reds do a pretty great job of keeping positive on social media. If Joey Votto scoured the social media pages of some woman who said she didn’t like his playing, and shared awkward pictures of her to bully her, people would be repulsed. Just like if Suarez worked a bunch of 420 and 69 into his salary. It’s supposed to be edgy I guess, but it takes focus away from the game. Contrastingly, Puig for the most part keeps his crazy in the game, on the base path, whatever. The bullying stuff is a bad look and it would be much cooler if the first thing people heard about him was that he has a Trackman system in his house and works to analyze and mimic other players’ pitches and deliveries- that he works to invent new pitches. But he draws focus on to personal stuff that obfuscates the qualities that are actually interesting, I think.

    • Ed

      I think we’re on the same page with all this. His team mates seem to like him, and he comes across much more thoughtfully on TV than he does on social media. I’m hoping for the best.

      Regarding the 420 and 69 comment – it’s just silliness. I believe Bauer wanted $7 million, was looking to avoid arbitration, but the Indians refused, so Bauer submitted his salary request just slightly lower, $6.420,969.69. 420 referring to marijuana, and 69 in reference to the adult connotations of the number… Bauer then started a “69 days of giving” charity campaign, where he gives a charity a hundred bucks for each strike out he makes. Just the kinda stuff that makes it tough to get your kids deeper into the game and the stuff around the game. He should totally express himself however he wants- but the juvenilia wears thin and distracts from his talent. I can’t wait to see him pitch though.

  5. Ed

    He struggled, but then all the Reds were hitting the ball into the ground. I wish I could see him play tonight, and I’m hoping he gets the ball up and in the air, but I’m going to be driving. Have to listen instead

  6. Roger Garrett

    I can lose with the young guys and they may never get better but it sure beats watching older guys who I know won’t get better.Reds have struggled all year with lefties and must figure that out but I can live with every loss because we are actually looking at younger guys.Its smart it can be exciting for the fans and its the right thing to do.Just one more thing to do and that’s put Peraza at short every day and JVM at second every day along with the platoon of Winker/Ervin and Acquino every day in right.Lets play ball.

    • CFD3000

      There are some who want to see Peraza get another extended look. I’m fine with that as long as it’s at shortstop, where the opportunity cost is low. But I don’t want to see him ever taking at bats from Ervin, Aquino or especially JVM. I’m looking forward to seeing at least the latter two in person tonight against a righty, along with Winker, Senzel, and the new approach Votto. Can’t wait. Go Reds!

      • Ed

        Speaking of new Votto- the Athletic has a really cool side-by-side gif showing exactly how Votto, Suarez, Peraza, Winker, have changed their stance/swing since May. They’re all like a foot taller! Really neat to see. Hope it keeps working.

  7. Jefferson Green

    Excellent to see. I imagine that they wanted Tucker to catch Bauer’s first start tomorrow, so Farmer plays while Tucker and Trevor converse about each Atlanta hitter and game plan for Saturday.