The trade deadline has led to a bit of remodeling of the Cincinnati Reds roster. Gone are every day guys in Yasiel Puig and Scooter Gennett. Tanner Roark is out of the rotation in Cincinnati and will be joining the Athletics. Aristides Aquino has been called up from Triple-A Louisville where he was earning every last bit of his nickname, The Punisher. Tonight the new-look Reds will take on the Atlanta Braves in the start of a road series for Cincinnati with first pitch set for 7:20pm ET.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA H HR BB K
Anthony DeSclafani 103.0 4.01 103 19 30 110
Max Fried 109.0 4.21 120 15 34 108

Anthony DeSclafani

The right-hander has been quite good since the start of June, posting a 2.94 ERA in nine starts. The big difference in the most recent two months compared to the first two months is the home runs. He allowed 14 home runs in 11 starts in April and May. In June and July he allowed just 5. His walk rate has improved some, too.

DeSclafani has pitched worse on the road, than he has at home this season. His ERA is 3.40 at home, but it is 4.65 on the road. When it comes down to his platoon splits, they are rather drastic. He owns right-handed hitters. They are hitting .212/.242/.338 against him in 209 plate appearances this year. But left-handed hitters own him. In 230 trips to the plate against the righty, left-handers have posted a .299/.371/.564 line  against him.

Max Fried

The left-handed pitcher is trending in the wrong direction. In April his ERA was 2.30. It rose to 4.11 in May. In both June and July it was over 5.00. He’s continued to miss bats, his his walk rate jumped a little, as did his home run rate. In July he made just three starts, though, so the numbers are a tad skewed after making 7 starts in April, and 6 in each of May and June.

Fried has thrown better at home than on the road with an ERA of 4.01 in 9 home starts versus a 4.40 mark on the road. At home his control has been significantly better, with a walk rate half of what it’s been when he’s sleeping in a hotel room the night before he takes the mound. Like DeSclafani he’s got platoon splits that are pretty big. Right-handed hitters had a .295/.348/.474 line against him in 359 plate appearances this year. Lefties are only hitting .230/.294/.310 against him on the season in 111 plate appearances.

The Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

David Bell has stacked the lineup full of right-handed hitters and Joseph Daniel Votto.

  1. Nick Senzel, Center Field
  2. Joey Votto, First Base
  3. Eugenio Suarez, Third Base
  4. Phillip Ervin, Left Field
  5. Jose Iglesias, Shortstop
  6. Aristides Aquino, Right Field
  7. Jose Peraza, Second Base
  8. Tucker Barnhart, Catcher
  9. Anthony DeSclafani, Starting Pitcher

Atlanta Braves

  1. Ronald Acuna Jr., Right Field
  2. Ozzie Albies, Second Base
  3. Freddie Freeman, First Base
  4. Josh Donaldson, Third Base
  5. Brian McCann, Catcher
  6. Adam Duvall, Left Field
  7. Ender Inciarte, Center Field
  8. Johan Camargo, Shortstop
  9. Max Fried, Starting Pitcher

News and Notes

If you’ve already seen the lineup, then you noticed Aristides Aquino’s name in it. The outfielder was officially called up earlier today. We wrote about his season, have some highlights from his time in Triple-A, and look at some scouting information on what we may be able to expect from the 25-year-old right fielder. Go give it a read.

Tanner Roark learned that he was traded while at an Arby’s. It led to me making the best tweet of my life (low bar, understandably).

There’s been a whole lot of fines and suspensions handed out over the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates brawl. Amir Garrett, Jared Hughes, and David Bell will all face multiple-game suspensions. We wrote about it all with more details earlier today.

The Reds have announced that Trevor Bauer will make his debut on Saturday in Atlanta.

Nick Lodolo, the Cincinnati Reds 1st round pick this season has been shut down for the rest of the season. The left-handed pitcher is healthy, so do not worry. He’s simply had a long season, throwing 103.0 innings before the draft with TCU. With that said, I wrote about him earlier today at with video from his recent outing in Dayton, and words from both Lodolo and Dragons manager Luis Bolivar after what turned out to be his final start of the year.

Eno Sarris of The Athletic looked at which teams improved their rest-of-the-season outlook at the trade deadline. While the Reds weren’t #1, they were #2 on the list. Of course, as he notes, their improvement doesn’t mean much for 2019 since they are so far out of the race by comparison to some of the other teams that made moves.

Eric Longenhagen, one of the two Fangraphs prospect guru’s, ranked all of the prospects who were moved at the trade deadline. At the very top of the list is the guy who the Reds traded away, Taylor Trammell. The prospect received in the Tanner Roark trade, Jameson Hannah, comes in at 15th on the list. Scott Moss, the left-handed pitcher that also moved in the Trevor Bauer trade was rated 44th (out of 54) among prospects that were traded.

31 Responses

  1. Okie Red

    I am not sure what the Reds are thinking when it comes to Jose Peraza…good glove, but by no means great especially at 2nd…the Reds need offense, VanMeter really looks like a much better offensive player…who knows if he can hit left handed pitching if he never gets a chance…I realize that it is all about the numbers ordered matchups…my eyes tell me that Peraza is a good player but will never be a consistent/dependable bat…looks to me like VanMeter should be getting 85-90% of the playing time at 2nd regardless of who is pitching…imo

  2. Doug Gray

    I *think* this is my first posted game thread of the regular season. We’ll see if that brings good or bad things.

    • Rich H

      It was a good one Doug. Bring home that W!

  3. Chris Holbert

    I am not the biggest Thom fan, but seriously, Jim Day, leaves a lot to be desired in the booth…..

    • daytonnati

      I thought Mary Beth had it right when she said Jim Day lets the game “breathe”.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      I don’t mind Jim Day. Thom always sounds like he’s yelling at me, which makes me cringe.

  4. Mike Adams

    Did Desclafani decide he can relax now that the trade deadline is past and the new rotation is set?

  5. Roger Garrett

    Braves in line at the bat rack.Disco serving up 95 right down the middle.Got to regroup and soon.

  6. RedAlert

    Disco now the absolute weak link in rotation

  7. Indy Red Man

    Finally. Very lucky Duvall didn’t smoke a fastball. Sliders down-n-away all from righties….he’s helpless. See if Disco can get out of it now?

  8. Indy Red Man

    Disco’s current era is 4.15. Thats pretty good for a 5th starter in a strong rotation! I guess he’s still under contract thru next year?

    Not sold on Wood at all! Big loss of velocity is scary to me. He was topping out at 90 the other night. We’ll see? It would be great to have a solid lefty, but I think his arm is bad.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Time will tell but that was Wood’s first ML start of the year. I wouldn’t freak out quite yet and regardless, he’s gone after this year unless the Reds think he’s shown enough to make him an offer, and he accepts it.

    • Indy Red Man

      This is true. Maybe you throw him in between Luis throwing 97-98 and Bauer throwing 96-97 and he thrives? We’ll see. He knows how to pitch if his arm holds up.

  9. Chris Holbert

    Why did they give Aquino Eric Davis’ number?

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Maybe he asked for it. It hasn’t been retired (although I’d be ok if they had retired my favorite Reds player’s number).

      • Mike

        I only want to watch games where Yasiel Puig is playing.

    • Seadog

      I was asking myself the same thing?? Doug, anyone correct me if I am wrong. Was his # 66 in AAA? Puig is gone—why not give him that#. Are they saving it for Puig next season? Did “Eric the Red” give his OK? To pass on #44??

  10. Chris Holbert

    With all the righties, why is Farmer not in there?

    • Seadog

      Back-up catcher. Have to save him—just Incase Barnhardt goes down.

      • Chris Holbert

        I mean he should be catching….

      • Seadog

        Ha. You are right. Why not give him the start behind the plate against a lefty. If you are going to platoon/play the #s. Play Barnhardt against the righties.

  11. Indy Red Man

    This team as currently constructed will struggle to be average offensively, but they have no shot if JVM, Winker, Ervin, etc. all top out as platoon players like Bell plays them. When they first drew attention to JVM after a 3 hr game in April, I watched the video and they were all off lefties if I’m not mistaken.

  12. Indy Red Man

    I agree! Peraza loves the bench so much that he heads there after the 2nd out:)

    • Seadog

      Tonight is a great example of throwing vs being a pitcher. It is obvious to everyone that Peralta has way more “natural stuff” than the kid “pitching” for Atlanta. He is hitting his spots. Peralta is hitting bats. At some point—you have to say enough is enough. I want to say Peralta has given up 7 HR in 50 innings. You have to take him down. Where is Herget?? Please, please bring him back. I guarantee you he would eat Duvall’s lunch.

  13. Indy Red Man

    Genius move by Bell. Bring in a lefty to face Duvall. What was wrong with Bowman anyway? He’s 5x better then Peralta. Well this series will kill the excitement from the Bauer trade for the 2nd half. Atlanta is a monster!

    • Rich H

      … Bell is suspended. You’ll have to blame someone else.

    • Aaron B.

      The scouts obviously think Peralta is grading out well .. he does have velocity and break, he just leaves way too much stuff out over the plate and gets behind in the count. And it is discouraging Tucker can’t recognize this and prevent this from happening… really that 1st inning is on Tucker too, he must have called for that curve ball… Freeman destroyed it game over at that point. I realize you can’t walk the bases loaded… its a tough situation. I still think Disco did a great job tonight.

  14. Aaron B.

    Guess what guys, they have a one day sale right now you must get in on this if you don’t already have a subscription to for one day only now you can get it for 20 bucks if you choose to follow one team only like I just did. Good deal! Dick Williams was in the booth for a very long inning that 2nd inning where Disco pitched out of trouble… well they asked him everything under the sun… very revealing. Jim Day is a good announcer I like the guy. I sorta miss Thom tbh I haven;t tuned in for so long, his homerish ways are kinda fun.

  15. Aaron B.

    He threw a lot of good strategic curve balls, the hitters were baffled by those notably Suarez who had to step out of the box and collect himself, and Aquino who is clearly outclassed, but just a rookie can’t blame him.

  16. Doug Gray

    I will try to bring better luck tomorrow.