The Cincinnati Reds have traded right-handed pitcher Tanner Roark to the Oakland Athletics. Ken Rosenthal had that piece of the action first. In return they will be getting back outfield prospect Jameson Hannah, which was first reported by Jon Heyman. Susan Slusser, the Oakland Athletics beat writer for the San Francisco Chronicle was the first to report that the Reds will be cover $2.1M of the remaining salary on Tanner Roark’s contract for 2019.

Tanner Roark’s career as a Red lasted just over 4 months. He made 21 starts for Cincinnati and threw 110.1 innings, walked 38 batters, and he struck out 108 of them. And he did all of that while post a 4.24 ERA – good for a 108 ERA+ (8% better than league average). He’ll be a free agent following the 2019 season. The Athletics are currently clinging onto the final wild card spot, a half-game ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays. They are trailing Houston in the division by 8 games, and with the moves the Astros made today, the chances that Oakland catches them are slim-and-none. But adding Roark improves their rotation and gives them a better chance to claim that final wild card spot, or even catch Cleveland for the #1 wild card spot.

Looking at James Hannah



Jameson Hannah was a 2nd round pick of the Athletics in 2018. This season he’s played the entire year as a 21-year-old in Stockton. The Advanced-A California League is known as a hitters paradise. Jameson Hannah has hit .283/.341/.381 with 29 walks, 88 strikeouts, 25 doubles, 3 triples, 2 home runs, and he’s stolen 6 bases while being caught 7 times.

More information on new Cincinnati Reds minor leaguer Jameson Hannah. The outfielder was rated as the #8 prospect in the midseason update by MLB Pipeline in the Oakland organization. They rate his hit, field, and run tools as above-average. His power and arm both rate out as slightly below-average. Baseball America rated Hannah as the Athletics (not to be confused with The Athletic) #7 overall prospect, praising his bat speed and defensive abilities. Fangraphs has already added Jameson Hannah to the Reds prospect list and they slide him in at the #10 spot.

MLB Pipeline’s Jim Callis is a fan of Jameson Hannah.

25 Responses

  1. Brad

    Solid return. Fits current FO profile. Getting a top 10 prospect from a teams system is a plus for 12 starts of Tanner Roark. I like a lot of the players in Oakland’s system.

  2. Rut

    Tanner Rainey for 2/3 season of Roark and flipped into A’s 8th rated prospect?

    Solid work by the Reds FO here

  3. Nate

    They didn’t trade Tanner for a Tanner so I’m not sure about this trade.

    Good move by the FO, we’ll have to wait and see if what happens with this prospect.

    • Colt Holt

      I was hoping for Tanner Anderson in the A’s system for a good story/headline, but Hannah is definitely a better prospect, so I can live with him.

  4. weigarp

    A three-year starter at Dallas Baptist, Hannah improved each year in college and as he turned in a huge junior season, his name was popping up in 2018 first-round conversations. The A’s were very happy he lasted until the second round, the earliest the Patriots have had a hitter selected, and signed him for an above-pick value bonus of $1.8 million. He was able to show off some of his tools in the short-season New York-Penn League during his pro debut, but a foot injury shelved him for the summer in mid-July.
    While he isn’t the tallest guy in the world, he’s strong and athletic and has a strong track record of consistent hard contact from the left side of the plate. He has an advanced approach, managing the strike zone well and finding the barrel while being very quick to the ball. His bat speed and strength point to some over-the-fence pop and plenty of extra-base power. He’s shown he can handle wood just fine, both in a scorching hot stretch to end his Cape Cod season in 2017 and during his brief pro debut.
    A plus runner, Hannah is an efficient baserunner with the potential to steal bases and cover a ton of ground in center field. He’s a capable defender, albeit one with a fringy arm. He could start to move quickly given his all-around skillset, with a potential future as a No. 2 type hitter in a big league lineup awaiting.

    • TR

      The only negative reference, so far, to Jameson Hannah is a fringy arm, and he is a centerfielder.

  5. Brad Konerman

    I was actually hoping for SS Logan Davidson. Their 1st round pick from 2019. I know teams dont like to trade recent draft picks as PTBNL. Was spot on with value though. Davidson/Hannah were 7/8 in MLB and Baseball America, just swapped.

    • LWblogger2

      Oh come on! Comparing their batting averages to come up with this insight? You realize that not only do Trammell and Hannah play at different levels but that Hannah’s league and home park are extremely hitter-friendly and Trammell’s league and theme-park are extremely pitcher-friendly, correct? There’s a reason that Trammel is a consensus top 50 prospect. You can say he can’t hit but most people who are paid to watch and evaluate baseball players would strongly disagree. Sure he might bust but that’s an even higher risk for Hannah as there isn’t as much upside.

      • LWblogger2

        Not sure why that reply happened where it did. It was a reply to @Satchmo who said “He’s like Taylor Trammel, except he can hit.”

  6. Hanawi

    About as good as one would expect for Roark. Would have liked someone with a bit more plate discipline, but seems like a fine trade to me.

    • Optimist

      Did you read the scouting report above?

      “He has an advanced approach, managing the strike zone well and finding the barrel while being very quick to the ball.”

      I’m more concerned about the league bias to hitters, but that’s a great scouting report to coach from.

  7. citizen54

    I like this trade. Getting value for Roark. FG has Hannah as 45FV. Wish Roark the best.

  8. Aaron B.

    The front office came through at the deadline. I don’t see how they could grade out better than this, They have an outside shot to challenge for the division or 2nd wild card, while still keeping Bauer for an epic 2020 run. Who knows Bauer could get extended if he takes to the city, worse things could happen. I laugh when they say he is having a down year. That is pitching, it varies from year to year, even like 2 home runs makes a difference and really it might be a lost game anyhow. The pythag says this team is better than advertised, let us see how it plays out before we abandon hope!

  9. Jefferson Green

    Surprised – and quite pleased – that the Reds could get anything of any remote value for Roarke. Glad they used some $ to enhance the return – they have the payroll space.

  10. Aaron B.

    The scouts exist for a reason. I understand the numbers tell the story, but sometimes inexplicably a player goes plus or minus and it’s just a roll of the dice or maybe indicative of something. Trammell trended downward, Reds want to give the team a fighting chance, they did very good. And they finally have a natural center fielder, who cares about the arm at least he can the catchable stuff out there and hit a cut off man. Huge upgrade from Winker playing emergency CF that was just plain nuts and I can’t believe it occurred for as long as it did. We really missed Billy as a bench player during the stretch, but maybe he refused that role?

  11. Jdel8949

    I really don’t understand this from the A’s perspective. They already traded for Homer Bailey, what more could they possibly need?!?

  12. Tom

    This narrows down extension for next year. I think it might now make sense to extend Jose Iglesias for a year or two.

    • LWblogger2

      He’s not arbitration eligible. They need to extend him or he’s a free-agent like he was this past off-season.

      For the record, I don’t extend him of I’m the Reds GM.

  13. Sowelo

    For cash considerations. That’s it?!

  14. Mark

    I believe they should sign Jose Iglesias to a 2 year deal team guy great glove can hit the other way and hope he is the bridge to Jose Garcia

    • Gilbert Keith Chesterton

      Yes, keeping Jose Igloo should be a priority. He plays a great SS and hits well enough.