Reports are circling, though none of the teams have confirmed it, that the Cincinnati Reds are set to acquire Trevor Bauer from the Cleveland Indians.

ESPN baseball writer, Jeff Passan, was first with the report.

Hang on to your hats for this one, because there are a lot of moving parts. The Reds will send Yasiel Puig and LHP Scott Moss to the Indians. Taylor Trammell is heading to the Padres. The Padres will then send Franmil Reyes and Logan Allen to the Indians.

In Bauer, the Reds solidify the top three parts of their starting rotation for 2020. In 2019, Bauer is worth 2.0 bWAR with a 3.79 ERA and 1.213 WHIP. He’s struck out 185 batters while walking 63 (a stat he leads all of the major leagues in). His 4.17 FIP does say that he’s getting slightly lucky, and with his walks, and 14 hit-batsmen, on the year, it appears that his style is “effectively wild.” 

He just turned 28 at the end of June, so he has some years left on his arm. He is signed up until 2021, and then the Reds can reassess his contract. Reports are that he is only going to sign one-year deals, after the expiration of this current one, but that remains to be seen. He’s had some issues, off the field, but I will let you judge that, for yourself.

Contract wise, Trevor Bauer is making $13M this year. That puts the Reds on the hook for about $4.3M the rest of the season. He’s under team control through the 2020 season. The salary for Bauer will be determined in arbitration, but should be up from the $13M that he received this season.

Puig left his mark on Cincinnati, in his short stay. Some will point to his numbers, that they were lackluster and not nearly the explosive offensive numbers that were expected, but he has been a real presence in the clubhouse and a great teammate. Personally, I will miss seeing 66 in right field.

Taylor Trammell, by the numbers, hasn’t been amazing, in 2019. Doug goes in-depth on Trammell and Scott Moss here at

As more information, and as it becomes finalized, Redleg Nation will keep you up to date. For now, it appears the Reds rotation will be strong in 2020.

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  1. Lockersocks79

    I also will miss #66. The free agent market isn’t filled with a ton of great bats this off season so my hope is that the Reds take some of the truck load of cash they have this offseason and sign Puig!

  2. Lockersocks79

    TT’s value is estimated and that’s a guy that’s in double A hitting .236 with 6 hr’s. Most top prospects don’t make the splash that was expected. It’s like saying that Chris Farley would have been worth $200 million in estimated value in the cannonball splash league but when he arrived barely a drop of water was displaced!

    -Bauer is a known value, Trammell is not

  3. Satchmo

    Odd trade, but I can see the Red’s logic here.

    Bauer is a top of the rotation guy, and it was goibg to be a steep price for him. He turns a good rotation into the best ib the NL central.

    Trammell is tough to give up, but thw Reds have a glut of outfielders at MLB, AAA, and AA. To me, the primary reason Trammell was expendable was the Reds may see left field as a langing space for India, who us blocked at 3b.

    Also, before you lose your mind, Trammell has never played an inning of AAA. He’s a prospect; they’re born to flame out.

    • Hanawi

      He might be a prospect, but he was very valuable. The Padres gave up the three guys below just for him. Top 30 guys are almost never traded except for superstars these days. The 6 years of control if they become a star is how you end up in the World Series as a small market team.

      Don’t forget that Bauer is going to cost $20 million plus next year, which eats significantly into the money coming off the books for the Reds.

      • earmbrister

        How is Bauer going to cost $20 Million plus next year? According to you, he’s just a mid rotation guy.

        Sarcasm aside, I get that you don’t like the trade. However, Trammell’s arm didn’t play in CF, and his bat has been quiet most of the year. He may yet prove to be legit, or he may be in the process of flaming out. We won’t know for another 5 years or so. Meanwhile, the log jam in the Reds outfield has now been relieved. Winker, Senzel, VanMeter, and Ervin will all get more playing time, and they all deserve it. The rotation is down right NASTY. The lineup is better than they’ve shown to date, and multiple players are coming out of prolonged slumps. Trade Roark and/or Wood for a quality reliever or two.

        I’m seeing the glass as way more than half full, and the rebuild as basically over, particularly if they are able to extend Bauer for even one additional year, or Wood for two.

      • Hanawi

        Because he costs 13 million plus this year and he’s in arbitration. I didn’t say he deserves it, but that’s what the numbers suggest and what Bauer himself said he was going to ask for in arbitration.

        I’m not a huge fan of Trammell himself. I just think the Reds could have gotten a better deal and more value for him. Especially controllable guys that would be playing for cheap. Those are the guys the Reds need to build around. He wasn’t going to affect the logjam in the outfield as he wouldn’t be up until 2021 at the earliest.

    • Gonzo Reds

      Was going to make the same point. Having seen AA Reds when they came to Jax Trammel looked good but so did the other 3 OF’s they had down there plus no where to send them since AAA stocked up as well. Our OF of the future VanMeter/Winker/Ervin/Senzel with one guy moving to IF next year and we’ll likely call up Aquino to spell them. I’m still hoping we extend Alex Wood for a solid top 4 SP. Still got to figure out the pen but Garrett will be back, he’s untradeable after the pending suspension, but other RP may be on move before deadline. Some say we need SS and C but I’m fine with resigning SS Iggy for his glove and clutch hitting and Barnhart/Cassel/Farmer fine until Stephenson works his way up from AA.

      • CFD3000

        JVM is the Reds second baseman of the future. And I hope that future starts today at 12:35 PM at the death cage match, I mean, ballgame, with the Pirates. VanMeter is a natural infielder, and Gennett will be gone after this year. Winker, Ervin, Senzel and Aquino can cover the outfield just fine. Free JVM – at second base.

  4. Hanawi

    I would have rather had the 3 guys that the Padres sent to Cleveland for Trammell. Reyes has serious power and is 23 in his 2nd year in MLB, Allen has already made MLB as a 22 year old, and Nova is a wildcard who is killing rookie ball.

    • Earmbrister

      H – Reyes is a DH: he cant field or run. Allen is a rookie, who’s struggled some on MLB. Is he up and coming, or a AAAA guy?And rookie ball play is too far removed to reach any meaningful conclusions about.

  5. Big Tony

    So Taylor is estimated at 46 million future value according to Fangraphs. Fangraphs also correlates that roughly 8 mill per WAR so Trevor would need to worth 5.75 WAR over his reds tenure for this to be worth it.

    Fangraphs estimates that he will generate 1.6 WAR over the rest of the year, and subtract the .7 WAR that they estimate Puig will generate. This leaves us at 4.85 WAR that Trevor will need to generate next year.

    Assuming their estimate is correct, that means Trevor would have generated. 5.8 WAR last year and 4.3 WAR this year and 2.8 the year before. Add them up and divide by 3 and you come to 4.3 WAR

    The Trade really depends on what Trevor shows up next year, but it isnt nearly as bad as you are making it out to be.

    ***I couldnt find what Scott Moss was valued at by Fangraphs

  6. TurboBuckeye

    This offense is going to be a train wreck without Puig.

    And there will most certainly be another trade coming. Reds starters now:

    That’s 7 guys. I’m betting Roark is moved for a bat.
    Boy, you can dream on this rotation though!

    • Jdel8949

      Ervin and VanMeter have shown some promise in limited time. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think they can give the reds just as much production as Puig. But even if not it’s high time to find out. Especially with Ervin

    • Gonzo Reds

      I’ll miss Puig’s arm but not his waiving at balls 2 feet out of the strike zone. Van Meter and Ervin forced the issue since the break and both deserve regular playing time. Think we’ll actually be better off!

      Roark is clearly moving and Mahle/Sims will pitch out of pen. Solid 5 rest of year and hopefully in 2020.

    • Aaron B.

      I would trade Roark for a true CF if one can be found, otherwise a prospect. Senzel sometimes exits a game early and he will need days off, they can’t keep running Winker out there it is crazy to do that. And Peraza isn’t the answer either.

      • Lockersocks79

        Aaron the Reds have 6 players (If Aquino gets the call up) to fill the outfield and 2nd base right now. Roark would be better spent trying to pull a decent reliever into the bullpen!

        I do agree though that Senzel isn’t a 162 game/year player with his fragility but then again I remember a certain 1st baseman that had to take off days for anxiety when he first started!

      • CaptainHook

        You think Roark brings a major league ready CF?

      • Jefferson Green

        Given the returns on rental pitchers this year, the Reds will be lucky to get a B level prospect. You can add Iglesias (SS), Gennett, Hughes, and Hernandez to that trade and still not get a player anywhere close to the Top 100. The market is what the market is. I still hope the Reds trade some or all of these players to clear opportunities for younger guys.

    • TurboBuckeye

      You nuts? Puig has been carrying this offense (OPS 1.000+) for the last couple months.

  7. Ray ray

    How is this organization this stupid. Can’t evaluate or develop players so the overpay get stuck holding the bag. Giving away young players and taking on more money just doesn’t work. How many times are they going to do this just like the Griffey trade or Kevin Mitchell or Ron Gant or whatever. Other teams build a organization to win championships. The reds just try to be wild card team then in 2021 another 7 year rebuild begins. Thanks for nothing.

    • Jdel8949

      Were any of the members of this front office around for any of those trades you just mentioned?

      • Ray ray

        No but that is my point. I am not old enough to remember the BRM but the reds seem to be always trying the “name” player route then usually they underperform or get injured. I remember when we traded for Roberto Kelly and the Yankees were more than happy to keep Bernie Williams that’s what this feels like or even the Latos deal. When Latos and Homer got hurt we had no chance. But now I have to think why didn’t we just sign cuato and a bunch of free agents instead of this so called retool.I just frustrated from the last four years but last watching trammel and hunter in the future’s game was the high point . Now Hunter is hurt Trammel traded and their seems to be no depth for a run next year. I guess they need to sign Wood now . Might as well jump all in next year see how far they go maybe the division won’t be so strong.

    • Jefferson Green

      Ray ray, being a Reds fan has been mostly frustration since 1981, so skepticism and distrust of team leadership has some real historical basis, but I’d encourage you – especially since you seem to have some good fan passion – to give this newest leadership team a chance (not a free pass, just an opportunity). DW’s work to re-structure and build minor league development was sorely needed, and he has only been given the top decision-making power slowly over the last two years. By every account of people who deal with him, he is smart and analytical and has built a larger and more savvy management team that has increased organizational capacity across the board. Whether it works or not remains to be seen, but have confidence that they have a plan and detailed analysis behind their decisions – and this trade.

  8. Indy Red Man

    I’ll miss Puig too! He wasn’t boring and this is entertainment after all! If you were looking at this season realistically it was over after 9 games.

    Love the trade though! Trammell may turn out to be great, but .236 at AA? Cmon? Bauer does have some warts….sort of a 1 yr wonder last year, but he’s ultra competitive and has great stuff! I just wonder if Bell can pull him at 90 pitches in the 6th inning? Will he throw the ball in the Ohio River? He seemed to throw 110+ pitches every game for Cleveland. Will his arm hold up? Overall though….he’s better then Sonny Gray imo! He’s been a real workhorse! This makes Sonny the 3 and Disco the 4. Thats pretty good! Disco has had like a 3.10 era for 2 months now and throwing harder then ever!

    This trade also gives Ervin/Aquino a chance to play! They need to figure out the offense quickly! Trammell didn’t concern me. They labeled him a prospect and JVM a nobody. Its called mislabeling and it happens in every aspect of life including baseball!

    • Curt

      “Trammell didn’t concern me. They labeled him a prospect and JVM a nobody. Its called mislabeling and it happens in every aspect of life including baseball!”

      Well said, one thing I learned quickly since I started studying Redsminorleagues site is best prospects in minors are by no means best players in minors. Many people seem to equate the two, apparently even paid analysts like Keith Law. A month ago TT was listed as top prospect with VanMeter at like #13 or something. Didn’t make sense to me. The FO was, in a way, clever enough to use this confused perception (that TT’s our best guy) to their advantage. Truth being that TT was like 5th in line for LF and putting up mediocre numbers in AA. Multiple players better than him right now and now is what we need. Wish TT all the best. Seems like a good kid.

  9. citizen54

    I wonder if the Reds are trying to flip Bauer and Roark plus another top 15 prospect for Frazier. If the Reds can do that then the trade actually makes some sense. Yankees need pitching and they have been looking at Bauer. Frazier for Trammel, Puig, Roark and Moss and maybe a throw in.

    • Indy Red Man

      Clint Frazier is hitting .240 at AAA. Cmon? I like the kid, but lets not get carried away. Great chance that Aquino is better then he is.

      • citizen54

        Clint Frazier was a highly rated prospect and had a 170+ wRC+ in AAA last year. If he was still a prospect he would be #1 on the Reds list, even if Trammel was still here. Aquino was #20 on Doug’s list although he might climb a few spots based upon what he has done this year. Yes, Aquino is having his best year ever but I’m guessing a large part of it is due to the new ball they are using in the minors. He is still striking out a 25% clip so he still has some plate discipline issues. Frazier has already hit 116 wRC+ in the MLB this year. I think almost every GM out there would rather have Frazier than Aquino.

    • Lost11found

      If be good with Bauer being flipped today for longer term improvements or maybe they consider extending him ala grey. That’d be okay too.

      Rosenthal speculated also that perhaps the reds are starting a year to year plan using players on short term deals. That’s a possibility and could be a new way of doing business by not relying on long term deals and the risks associated with them (especially with pitchers).

      • Tv

        Bingo. That’s the new way. No risk and if you lose you get top picks. Imagine what they could get if they dump the farm. They could fill every hole and then some. If they lose they trade they weight again. Its easy to rebuild when you got guys like Castillo, Grey, Swarez, Senzel, and Garrett. Love this move!

    • Earmbrister

      The Reds are not trading Bauer anywhere. They’ve spent the better part of a year trying to land him.

      He’ll be out there every fifth day wearing a Cincy uni.

  10. Michael E

    Astros want Bauer. Maybe Reds flip Bauer to Stros for Kyle Tucker or Forrest Whitley?

    • Michael E

      or Minnesota for Royce Lewis? One can dream.

    • Lost11found

      Bauer to the astros would make for an interesting clubhouse after his comments on Twitter last year(earlier this year) where he implied the pitching staff was doctoring baseballs. That would be their problem though.

  11. Amarillo

    I don’t like this deal, However, ignoring everything else, the front office did stay true to it’s word to “get the pitching”

  12. IndyRedsFan

    To this point, no one has commented on the “some issues” link that Jeff included above.

    Give it a read. Sure doesn’t sound like the “model citizen” that the Reds typically go for……and for those that believe in clubhouse chemistry, it’ll certainly give you pause.

    • David

      I don’t think this guy (Bauer) is a problem. I think his personality thing with the Indians is that he didn’t feel he got the same recognition as say, Corey Kluber.

      I think he will be less of a personality problem than say, Matt Harvey was.

    • Chris Holbert

      Neither was Puig “allegedly”…..

  13. Roger Garrett

    Reds hit a homer with getting Bauer.Trammell wasn’t going to get a shot because several outfielders are ahead of him.Reds need to play every young guy they have the rest of the year and see what they have going forward.Personally I am so tired of the Scooter love.First Senzel was blocked by him and now it appears JVM is now an outfielder.Scooter is in the last year of his deal,Reds haven’t found a trade partner and he hasn’t been resigned so why is he still blocking players.Scooter had two really good years but he is just now seeing the field and looks awful at the plate and has never been a good fielder.He is 29 and data says its injury time and guess what it was and is and he blocked a 23 year old and now a 24 year old with multiple skills.

    • Jefferson Green

      We hope so. And for his sake, I hope a contender takes a flyer on him (the Reds will get no value in the trade, but that’s OK with me).

    • Chris Holbert

      We can only hope….JVMR is definitely looking like the future at 2B, so they need to see what he can do as the everyday guy….face it the Reds are not making the playoffs.

  14. David

    Color me totally surprised that the Reds made this deal.

    I expected them to do nothing and lose Puig at the end of the year.

    Trammel was frankly a big disappointment this year at AA. And the end of last year was no great shakes in High A. Rankings and draft position mean nothing, really. Where is Chris Okey, who was a number two draft pick when Senzel was taken? In AA and frankly not a promising prospect.

    Aquino has emerged this year, and with Longhi and Refsnyder deserve a look with the Reds. As does Brian O’Grady. Van Meter’s future is at Second Base.
    Trade Roark for whatever you can get.

    Waive Dietrich and Gennett. Somebody will pick them up. Clear roster space for the young guys and prepare for 2020.

    And no, I would be VERY surprised if the Reds flip Bauer for another player or players from somewhere else. I think the premise of this trade as it was sold to Castellini was to make the Reds better RIGHT NOW! I don’t think it will make that much difference now, but this is preparing for 2020.

    • Satchmo

      There is a real chance that the Reds unloaded Trammell just as his star began to fall. Only time will tell. Teams have to make these choices sometimes. Sometimes you unload Drew Hanson; sometimes you unload Eugenio Suarez.

      I think the Reds see Trammell a player with too many flaws to overcome. He has excellent speed, a good eye, and high character. However, his weak arm may relegate him to LF and he may never develop power or solid contact skills. His talent is tantalizing, but the possibility of a bust is there as well.

      • Jefferson Green

        Agreed. Even if he pans out to be solid at the plate, he may well be relegated to left field on a really good team, so he would need to become a great hitter to be more than replacement at one of the easiest positions on the field to fill.

  15. Reddawg12

    Like it or not, this deal makes it pretty apparent that the Reds were no longer that high on Trammell. His struggles this season must have contributed to that. As far as Puig, this will probably be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think it’s a huge loss. He was phenomenal on defense, I’m not denying that. But other than a one month hot stretch, he’s been a below average hitter all season and lacks any kind of plate discipline most of the time. And this is coming in a contract year. I also think there’s a chance that some of the undesirable behaviors he showed in LA resurface again once he’s signed long term.

    I don’t totally understand this trade because it seems like the rotation is the strongest part of the team. But I don’t hate it either. There could also be a lot more to come.

  16. Satchmo

    Some thoughts on the trade:

    -I don’t really understand the love fest for Puig as a Red. He was a headache in LA for half a decade and then, in his contract year, he suddenly turns into a total team first kind of guy. Color me surprised. As a player, he’s got nice power, but it’s not electric. He’s got an outstanding arm, but it’s value is mitigated by his tendency to make boneheaded throwing choices. He plays hard (again, contract year!), but he also blows up and becomes a childish, emotional mess. It seems to me that every positive attribute he has is negated by some negative aspect. And with the Red’s surplus of outfielders Puig was expendable. I’m just happy they found someone who sees value in him.

    -As for losing Trammell, I think the Reds valued him less than other teams value him. Part of that has to be the fact that the Red’s system is outfielder heavy: MLB: – Winker, Senzel, Ervin, AAA – Aquino, Crook, & Longhi, AA – Siri, Fridel, & Fairchild, A – Siani, Sugilio, Beltre, & Bautista). The other part is that the Reds may have seem some weakness in Trammell that other teams did not. (There are some excellent studies that show that traded top prospect fizzle far more often than ones never traded). If Trammell is relegated to LF for his career, his offensive potential isn’t all that special. His limitations + OF depth in the system = Expendable.

  17. CFD3000

    Disagree. I think Scooter’s best days as a Red are done. But even if I didn’t, I’ll take JVM at second moving forward. Yes, he’s played some outfield, but that doesn’t change his natural fit at second base. I want Winker / Ervin, Senzel and Aquino in the outfield, with JVM at second every day. An extension for Scooter would, in my opinion, be a mistake and I’ll be surprised if it happens.

  18. Armo21

    CI3J–Agree with you on Scooter. I was never on the sign Scooter train and thought it would be wise to trade him last year at the deadline or over the winter….this year has shown me that his bat was missed in the line up….guy hit .310 with 90 rbi last season. that production is tough to match.

  19. David

    If Philly collapses this year after adding HUGE payroll (which seems likely), JT Realmuto may become available again through a trade.

    They may decide to cut payroll for 2020, and they are STUCK with Harper.

  20. Tv

    He had not put up the numbers they you would like to see out of a top prospect. He wont be in the majors for 2.5 to 3 years. So many prospect list are nothing like how teams value players. In fact they did a study saying top prospects they get move almost never work out. They now have 7 arms and 6 that cant be sent down. My guess is they flip one today to fill the holes or restock some. They seem to be taking the Boston approach of prospects are suspects. They still could fill every hole by emptying their farm. Now they have the rotation they rest should be easy to get. It took a few hours but now I am liking it

  21. Jefferson Green

    If not enough performance is demonstrated by the multiple OF candidates, there are other candidates for second base, one of whom may step forward. Finding a second baseman has been easy the last two years with an over supply on the market. Stinks for Scooter, but he arrived a year or two too late to cash in big. They can always re-sign him over the winter if all better options fail. I like Scooter and would enjoy seeing him here, but patience is smarter right now.

  22. Optimist

    The trade is more surprising than disappointing. Agree that Satchmo’s comments, and don’t think this will be anywhere near the Robbie/Pappas benchmark, on either side.

    Also thought the winter trade was better for the Reds, but, honestly, looks as if Josiah Gray can expect his MLB debut in a spot start sometime next year. Didn’t think it would be that fast – perhaps the Dodgers know something about developing pitchers?

    • wizeman

      bailey and trammel for bauer and wood.The rest is just noise.
      i like it. all in for next year.

      • Optimist

        Downs and Gray were a bit more than lottery tickets, and Downs seems more replaceable, but Gray is simply dominating. Maybe he hits a ceiling soon, but so far he looks like a Cingrani or Mahle.

  23. Jack Wilhelm

    Anyone else notice that the Reds had advertised a Puig appearance at a July kids camp for weeks and then about a week out the appearing player was Jose Iglesias?

    Waiting to hear Puig turned down an extension. Could help explain recent slump.

    I like the fun nature of this team. Bauer is a great add as long as he doesn’t harm clubhouse chemistry.

  24. Curt

    Right on Jim, the trade really tells us a lot about the FO. Shows they’ve got the stones to make bold moves, using heads not hearts, knowing the value of what they have and dealing from depth. And finally doing it NOW not later or never. There’s a new brain-trust in charge and they’re moving in the right direction.