If it feels like we just wrote about Tanner Roark, it’s because we did just write about Tanner Roark. Earlier today we looked at how the Cincinnati Reds asking price for him was, as one general manager put it “untouchable”. That can be viewed in many different ways, and we covered most of them in the article. And you can also look at it as a negotiating ploy – ask for the moon, then work your way backwards so you’re actual ask isn’t viewed as “out there”. That asking price quoted by an anonymous general manager in the above linked article hasn’t, apparently, stopped other teams from being interested.

Three contenders are still showing interest in the Cincinnati Reds right-handed starter according to Jon Heyman. The Reds starter will be a free agent at the end of the season, so there’s only so much that you can ask for. And if the price for Marcus Stroman is anything to sort of set the market, the price paid probably won’t be too high.

That leaves the Reds in a strange spot where they have to decide what’s making more sense: Getting something in return for a free agent, or taking the production he provides and winning more games through September. The math from my seat here in Dayton (taking in the Dragons game tonight to see 1st rounder Nick Lodolo pitch) isn’t as easy as it may be at Great American Ballpark where I’m sure they’ve been weighing all of their options.

The other thing to consider is that maybe in a scenario where most teams feel like they are “in it”, there’s not as many players available. In that case the closer to the deadline things get, and we are 23 hours and change away at this point, the more you can potentially ask for. That probably doesn’t apply to Roark, though, who is scheduled to start tonight. And if he does, that’s one less start that he can make for an acquiring team. So, to quote Samuel L. Jackson from Jurassic Park: Hold onto your butts.

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  1. Hanawi

    Kind of surprised the Reds are going to have Roark make this start. Even if they don’t trade him, it would just push him back a couple of days.

    • Pete

      Yup, don’t risk the injury. Sims could spot start this game.

  2. Pete

    Also hearing some buzz on Twitter about Cleveland’s interest in Yasiel Puig. Maybe not a buzz, more like a low hum.

  3. rex

    stepped away from my computer for a moment, turned the radio off, walked my dog and ask my neighbor what he has heard…..no news yet

  4. Centerfield

    so Roark is going to be traded an hour before game time, right? I actually think Bell is anticipating this….Sims, Stephens, Lorenzen – 2-3 innings each? Hernandez is activated and then traded…..then we resign Roark over the winter

  5. Sliotar

    Nice coverage today, Doug.

    So….if I have the current formula for dealing Roark correct, it is….

    5% chance of making playoffs + “optics” of moving him now
    Return for Roark + Opportunity Cost of not getting Sims (or others) starts + Maybe Roark walks for free at season’s end

    It doesn’t feel like there is a complete “right” or “wrong” to any of this.

    But, IMO, it sure the magnifies the damage of 4 90-loss seasons in a row.

    I doubt anyone in Reds front office wants to make a call now that might damage the Reds TV ratings (Top 5 in MLB this season) and increased attendance.

    Hence…have to be “overwhelmed.”

    • Pete

      Like my dad always said, “son watch what people do not what they say”. I rather be pleasantly surprised than be let down. I doubt the Reds do anything but my fingers are crossed all the same.

  6. Pete

    Hot off the presses: Braves showing interest in Puig. You can hardly go wrong with any Braves prospects and could go down the list a few names before you hit the dung heap.

  7. JG

    Braves make a lot of sense… Go big with Roark, R. Iglesias, and Puig for one of their two stud outfield prospects (they only need 1 of them anyway with Acuna and Riley). I wouldn’t say no to a package of Ian Anderson and Braden Shewmake for the above package either. Their big lead is slowly slipping in the East and are going to make a move, might as well see what they would do before someone else does.

  8. Colorado Red

    First of all, wait to see if he starts tonight or not.
    I remember when they traded Johnny C.
    They had 2 people warming up. Did not make the trade till the next day, but where close.
    I expect the same thing here.

  9. Gonzo Reds

    Roark to Yankees for Mike Tauchman and a bag of peanuts? Ok let the Yankees keep the peanuts. Roark did his trade value no favors tonight against the worst team in baseball but maybe that’s what he wanted…