For this week’s question, we took a look at which player should be the #1 target for a contract extension. We asked our panel of experts.

Question: Which player, if any, should the Reds make a top priority to sign to an extension?

Jeff Carr: Like saying water is wet, they should focus on Yasiel Puig. He will be a strong presence in the middle of the lineup, for the next two year, at least. In Puig’s career, during the months of March and April, he holds a slugging percentage of .389. Frightfully low number, that. In every other month, he’s slugged .500, exactly. Even his on-base percentage is over .40 points higher outside of March/April.

Puig, after March/April this season, is .286/.347/.542. He has a .330 average with runners in scoring position and has even recorded most of his home runs (10) and RBIs (26) with two outs. Pencil him in for 30 homers a year in Great American Ball Park and lock down right field. If the Reds let him walk they leave a hole in the lineup that isn’t going to be filled in-house. Future value, plus massive void if allowed to leave, equals no-brained extension. #SignPuig

Ashley Davis: At the beginning of the season, I thought the Reds should extend Alex Wood. Now, I think the Reds should extend Yasiel Puig first. He’ll be entering his age 29 season and he’s shown, with his power, he would benefit from playing half his games in a hitter friendly park. He’s one home run shy of his total from a year ago and six shy of his career high in 98 games this season.

Some have questioned whether or not he’s playing like he is because it’s his free agent season and he wants the money. However, there were bigger issues in LA that led to the rumors about his attitude, including a reporter who just didn’t like him. Dodgers players and coaches had many different quotes when Puig was traded, but Clayton Kershaw had the best one: “No matter what antics he may have had, he definitely helped contribute to help us win games.” Puig can help the Reds next season. It’s just a matter of getting the deal done.”

Chad Dotson: Can I say Joey Votto? Okay, even if Joseph Daniel is off the table, there are a number of guys that I think the Reds should explore contract extension talks with. Luis Castillo, Nick Senzel, even Jesse Winker are guys that I want to see stick around Cincinnati for a long time. But if we’re talking “top priority,” there are only two names on that list: Yasiel Puig and Alex Wood. Both are youngish and each fills a specific need for the club: slugging outfielder and lefty starter. If the Reds could sign Puig, it closes one hole the front office will need to fill in the off-season (now go get a catcher and a shortstop and maybe even a second baseman/center fielder).

If I have to pick just one name, I’m tempted to say Wood. He’s interesting because he just made his debut for the club; if the free agent market continues to be the silly season again this winter, Wood may be interested in inking a contract to stay in the Queen City. Add him to the dynamic duo of Castillo and Sonny Gray and the Reds’ rotation starts looking really solid indeed. So that’s who I’m going with, on the assumption that everyone else is going to say Puig. When you zig, I zag.

Bill Lack: Puig. They don’t have a replacement in the system for next year. The free agent market is weak. They have the money to spend. He’s the best bet. I do have a concern that he’s playing this year for a contract and could become a problem, like he was in LA. By his own admission, when he was under contract he admitted he didn’t always play as hard as he could. This is concerning.

But I think he’s the best bet right now. Now if Alex Wood comes out and pitches well the rest of the year….my opinion might change.

Jason Linden: Puig. They currently have Castillo, Gray, Mahle, and Disco controlled next year, plus Sims and Romano. That makes the pitching staff less urgent and there will be plenty of fifth starter options out there if they aren’t able to sign Roark or Wood. However, there are almost not options for good bats. the Reds MUST sign at least one bat that isn’t controlled next year in order to have a reasonable offense. Given his age and history, Puig is easily the best bet. So extended him asap, please.

Tom Mitsoff: Alex Wood, with a big caveat: It has to be to a team-friendly deal, and after he has withstood the test of several effective starts while maintaining his health. The Reds have the potential of a dominant top two of their pitching rotation, and the addition of a third above-average starter would make Cincinnati a team that can win not only any regular season series, but any post-season series. I’ve also been very impressed with Yasiel Puig, and would also re-sign him in an instant to a team-friendly extension. He’s been great defensively, always hustles, and occasionally annihilates the ball while at the plate. But his wRC+ of 101 is way below his career average of 124. If some other team wants to give him $15-million-plus per season, be my guest. Anything below that would make sense for the Reds for two or three more years.


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    Puig on a 2 to 3 year deal. Wood on a 2 year with incentives. Maybe Jose Iglesias, but I’m on the fence there.

  2. Steve D

    Steve or any of RN,
    Would a 3 year 45 million $ contract get it done for Puig? If not what do you guys anticipate his value being?
    For Wood, would a 2 year/ $20 million contract get it done. If not what is his value? Thanks

    • GoJackets

      Puig would test the market before signing 3/$45. I think if you can get him for 4/$66 you do it. High price but remember that in ten open market someone would be likely to go 5/$80

  3. CI3J

    (I posted this in the other thread, but it seems to fit here.)

    A few completely random thoughts/observations:

    1. Boy, if Wood could be convinced to sign here for the next 3-5 years, a top of the rotation of Castillo/Wood/Gray would match up against literally any other top of the rotation out there. I would like the Reds chances in any short series where those 3 pitch. And if the #4 is Mahle, that means they are just one more pitcher away from having a rotation that would equal the 2010-2012 teams.

    2. I’ve always rooted for Josh VanMeter as soon as I heard about him, simply because his name sounds like Johnny Vander Meer. Coupled with the fact that he’s almost a local lad (from Indiana), and he’s a pretty feel-good story. That said, I’ve been extremely impressed by what I’ve seen. He reminds me a little of a young Jay Bruce, but I think JVM could be even better. The kid looks completely natural at the plate, and fields his position pretty well too. I want to see him play every day from now until October to see if he can keep this up. If he can, wow, the Reds have themselves a real find.

    3. I haven’t given up on Jesse Winker at all. I think he’s a natural candidate to slide into 1B once Votto hangs them up, given that he runs about as well as Sean Casey. But more to the point, Winker has been playing well the last 2 months. His OBP and AVG have been closer to his career norms, but I’d still like to see him generate the kind of power he showed in April (8 HR). He’s just now 25 years old, and I think he still has a little more growing to do as a player. I think he has it in him to be a .300 AVG/.400 OBP guy with about 20 HR a year once he finally puts it together. I also think he needs to be allowed to bat more against LH pitchers. He’s not going to figure it out how to hit lefties by sitting on the bench, and he needs to be given every chance to do so.

    4. I really want to hold onto Puig. He, like Suarez, is right in the middle of his prime years, and he has shown he can be a productive offensive force while also playing pretty solid defense. Like Wood, I’d be happy if he would agree to stay with a 3-5 year deal and lock down right field for the foreseeable future.

    5. I’ve been really disappointed with Peraza. I thought last year was the beginning of his “break out”, but instead he has regressed heavily this year. Doesn’t walk enough. Doesn’t hit enough to make up for the lack of walks. No power after last year’s surge. Granted, he has been slightly better the last 2 months, but still not good enough. I know he’s still relatively young, but at 25, he needs to start showing clear progress, or else it might be time to look elsewhere.

    6. It’s really a shame Scooter got injured. He would have been a great trade chip this season, but I doubt many teams would want him now, and if they did, they’d most likely want to buy low, and the Reds would be foolish to do it. So that said, once again, I’d look at a 3-5 year extension. He’s probably better than anything else the Reds could get either in FA or through a trade, so why not keep him and ride out his prime years?

    7. Like Scooter, it’s really a shame that Iggy has continued his baffling decline from a year ago. They should have traded him when he was one of the best closers in the game. Now, they would be selling quite a bit lower on him. That said, they should do it, if they can get a nice return. I wonder if package of Iggy/Peraza/Roark could convince the Twins to give up Royce Lewis (SS) in return. Twins need rotation and bullpen help, Reds need a SS. Would be a nice trade if it could happen.

    • Reaganspad

      I do not extend Scooter. He has a poor strike zone and is a DH.

      We have Senzel, Van Meeter and Peraza at 2nd base. All three can play more than one position. Scooter can’t play any. Not someone you sign long term. You may take a flier on him in April when nobody else signs him

      • David

        Agree. At this point, Scooter is pretty much done with the Reds. He gave them 2 good years, but this injury year and the amount he will want plus age plus younger, better options.

      • CI3J

        The thing is, though, Scooter was a 4.2 WAR player as recently as last season. He put up 2.4 WAR the year before. He is 29 years old, which means he is ostensibly right smack dab in the middle of his prime years. Like I said, my first preference would be to trade him, but given the poor timing of his injury, it might make more sense to keep him for another 3-5 years and ride out his prime years.

        It all depends on money. He’s a local lad, so if he would take a slight hometown discount, I would gladly pay it for a 2B who will could put up All-Star level WAR numbers for the next 3 years or so, then maybe solid WAR for the last 2 years of the deal. I think Scooter has proven his offensive explosion was no fluke, as he did it two years in a row. The Reds could get younger and cheaper at the position, but could they find someone to replace Scooter’s production for the next 3-5 years?

      • NLP

        “I do not extend Scooter. He has a poor strike zone and is a DH.”

        I’m not sure Scooter has good enough defense to play DH… 😉

      • ToBeDetermined

        “I’m not sure Scooter has good enough defense to play DH… ?”
        Now that’s just mean. ??

    • Frostgiant80

      I really like VanMeter as well. I wonder if we don’t already have our future outfield with VanMeter, Ervin, Winker, and Senzel. I like Puig but if the first two guys are actually legit we may not need him. I think they should trade Puig for hopefully at least a top tier prospect but man it would look stupid if VanMeter and Ervin fizzle out.

  4. Sam

    Nice to have them both back. But, have either of them expressed a desire to stay with the Reds? I know it’s almost always about the money, but winning is also important. That hasn’t happened here in a long time.

  5. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I don’t believe the question is as much as “who should get an extension” as in “what route are the Reds going to go”. For example, I could understand offering Puig an extension. And, if he signs it, then we have little need for so many young OF’s, Senzel, Winker, VanMeter, Ervin, Schebler, with Siri and Trammell close behind. If you don’t extend Puig or he doesn’t sign, the Reds are looking at one of these younger kids or hitting the FA market.

    I heard Roark isn’t available for a Qualifying Offer (can someone explain this?). If so, then if we can’t extend him in the next couple of days, I say trade him for major league ready pitching, no “high prospect” at single A or something, a high prospect at AAA. The same would go for anyone else, as far as I’m concerned. If someone is available for a QO, then I could wait till the end of the season.

    Past that, I let Scooter walk. I sign only only to a low base high incentive contract, if that.

    I can’t help thinking we try to extend Roark. I mean, for years, to find pitching on the free agent market, we tried to do reclamation project after reclamation project, to no avail. Now, we have a proven commodity in Roark, and I can’t imagine the Reds would let him go. Has he been an All-Star? No, of course not. But, I do believe he’s been a very serviceable pitcher and someone who can assist with the younger pitchers.

    I could see either way with Puig. If we extend him, fine. Then, I believe we should be trading off a couple of the young OF’s we have. If we don’t extend him, fine. I believe we might be able to get similar offensive numbers from what we have, at a much cheaper price.

    Any others, I can’t see trading, unless, what people need to remember with trading, what is going to be our “Plan B”.

    I like Jose Iglesius. He’s been a fresh addition with his success hitting with RISP. We might be able to let a reliever or two go.

    Going by COT’s, if we can get Kemp’s (done), Scooters’, and Puig’s contract off the books, and Wood to a low base contract, we have have almost $40 million we can use for arbitration and FA’s. If we can get Rasiel out of there, that takes it to almost $50 million. I would think we could definitely get some help there with that kind of money.

  6. CFD3000

    Keep: Puig (it’s not my money and there’s plenty of room in payroll for 2020 and beyond, Wood (incentive laden extension), Jose Iglesias (who doesn’t want a gold glove caliber shortstop insurance policy who isn’t a terrible hitter?).

    Trade: Roark, R. Iglesias, Dietrich, Gennett, Hugher, Hernandez. Okay, some of those will bring nothing in return, but at least don’t extend them.

    Some of the younger guys will likely merit extensions, but several are so young (Senzel, VanMeter, Ervin) in terms of service time that there’s no urgency there. But if the Reds end up routinely controlling their young key players for 8 or 9 years then this could be the start of a strong stretch of Reds baseball. Here I’m thinking also of Castillo, Lorenzen, and maybe Winker in addition to Senzel and VanMeter, and perhaps eventually Aquino, Trammell, Greene, Lodolo, and maybe Reed.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Not unless the Reds are going to commit to getting someone from FA, I don’t let Roark go. I mean, I’m thinking of how the Reds for years were looking for reclamation projects from FA and never found anything. Then, they took a chance on someone like Roark, and he produce very well, as far as I’m concerned. All-Star? Of course not. But, compared to what we had the last couple of seasons with pitching, he was a welcome addition to the staff.

      Again, I can understand letting Roark go, only if they are going to commit to getting someone off FA, no reclamation project.

      • Quentin

        Roark has been extremely lucky this season. His xFIP is the highest it has been over the last few years while his ERA is significantly lower. As a guy who is already thirty, paying significant cash for him to sign longterm is a bad idea.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        One could say “lucky”. One could say he’s gotten better under this style of management and coaching. Given what he’s done in the past and what he’s doing now, not unless we are going to commit to getting someone off FA, which may mean we overpay even more than what Roark would mean, I would prefer to see him extended for a couple of years.

    • Q

      Jose Iglesias is actually a terrible hitter. His wRC+ is 77 which is 23 percent below average. He is ranked in the 20s for WAR among shortstops despite playing almost everyday. Signing him and putting him on the bench doesn’t have all that much value because that means a guy like Farmer or Dietrich has to go

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Yet, he’s been near the league leaders of BA-RISP, something this team has lacked for a long time.

        It’s sort of like what I said, I don’t believe the question is “who to extend” rather “which way will the Reds go”. For, I could see them extending Jose, I could see them going with someone else. I could see them go with Puig, I could see them go with someone else.

        For me, it’s just things like I don’t want any more reclamation projects. If they are going to plan to get someone out of FA, then don’t offer pennies. Offer something more substantial to get them here. If we are going to go with a youngster, then commit to playing them everyday.

        I’ve never been a fan of platooning. I would like to see first if we have a player who can play everyday. Then, later, if we find they can’t handle something, then try to find a platoon player with them. I mean, to see of a left handed batter can handle left handed pitching, they have to be able to face it in a game. 1-2 AB’s doing that is nothing. Give them some time.

      • Broseph

        Not to survey with Steve’s point, but BA with RISP is a useless stat. Iglesias doesn’t all the sudden become a great future HOF silver slugger SS when there are runners on base. It’s luck.

        Did you see his RBI “hit” yesterday, a two bouncer over the pitcher that the 2B tried to glove flip for a force out. Possibly the softest hit RBI of the century.

      • Broseph


        Not sure where survey came from.

  7. Tv

    Scooter then Puig. Scooter had 0 replacements in the minors for 2 years. At least in right you got a few guys to mix and match. Scooter is a middle of the order bat but also the heart. This team is losing so some turnover might be good. We can get a 5# for cheap till a replacement is ready. Also time for forget about parazas slow start and remember he a a young former top 25 guy. How many times do guys not even hit the big till 24 or 25 so giving up on him is insane.

    • Scott C

      Uh we have Van Meter who appears to be ready now, Farmer has played well at 2nd, and Senzel is really an infielder. 2nd Basemen are a dime a dozen, which is why the Reds couldn’t trade him last year. Puig and Wood are much more urgent to resign.

  8. docproc

    Anyone here notice that Puig is 4 for his last 24 with 0 HRs and 0 RBI during that stretch? Meanwhile, Aquino is the top power bat in the International League. More than 200-point difference in their OPS.

    I seriously don’t understand the “extend Puig” talk. I just hope he hasn’t hurt his trade value too much in the last week.

    • BigRedMike

      I concur. Not sure why there is a need to give multiple years and money to a player with a wRC+ of 99. There are concerns that Puig is playing well in a contract year and that is producing a wRC+ of 99?
      Why not just go with an OF of Winker, Senzel, Ervin, and Aquino and sign an additional starter?
      I guess the Reds will have money to spend and Puig is something that the money can be spent on.

    • RP

      Couldn’t agree more. We have a ready replacement for Puig in Aquino at a fraction of the cost. Even if they got Puig for $10 million a season I wouldn’t want it.

      Time to let the youth movement reign. We have a plethora of young outfielders, bring them up and see what we’ve got!

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        That’s how I feel. I mean, I do believe Puig was good on the bench, with fans, etc. But, baseball teams have to be about winning. And, if they win, the fans will be there. And, I believe we can get the same production without Puig with what we have already, in any of them: Aqiuno, VanMeter, I believe Senzel and Winker will get better (I give them 1 more year), Ervin, etc.

    • Ivan Osokin

      I completely agree that they shouldn’t extend Puig, and give Aquino a legitimate shot at RF. Cheaper, tearing up AAA, power, excellent arm. Sounds a lot like Puig to me with six years of control.

    • q

      I agree wholeheartedly. Puig is also known around the league as a poor fastball hitter. That is not something that will improve with age.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        The thing with Aquino is, he’s known as not a good curveball hitter. I just hope he’s fixed that.

  9. Tom

    I’d approach Puig, Wood, and Jose Iglesias with team friendly deals. Hopefully, two of the three bite and it would be great if all three do. Simultaneously, I’d be shopping all of them.

  10. David

    Don’t extend Puig.

    That is a mistake in terms of dollars and years. He will want $100 million for 5 years. The first couple of years might be ok. But how much WAR will he actually produce this year? $20 million dollars worth? How much will he be worth at the end of the contract? Have the Reds learned NOTHING from Homer, Devin and Joey? A small market team cannot afford multi year committments to a player unless he is an absolute slam dunk performer. Puig is good, but not $20 MM a year good.
    We need more QUALITY starting pitching, and better arms in the bullpen. A better catcher (offensive and defensive).
    There are several young guys at AAA (Refsnyder, Aquino, etc) that deserve a shot.
    Ervin and Van Meter are doing good, for a LOT less than signing Puig.
    We have two pretty good starters in Gray and Castillo. The rest are “meh”. Money should go to getting anothe really good starter.

    • RP

      Agreed completely on big money going to “slam dunks”.

      Also, if this is Puig’s walk year in a VERY friendly hitter’s park, and he is doing this poorly, that does not bode well for the future.

    • Jeff Gangloff

      This is a very strong argument.

      • RP

        Thank you. And by the way, add in they have Aquino in the minors who is tearing it up and has a great arm, and I just can’t find a reason to bring back Puig.

        Pour that money into back end of rotation and the bullpen.

  11. Steves

    Puig is my man, but I would really be interested in Roark if he wants to stay. If not, move him. I would also like to sign Wood, even though we have seen one start, just basing it on his La days. Just don’t jerk the fans around. If this team is committed to win, do it. If not move on.

  12. enfueago

    Roark and Wood are nice hypotheticals but I can’t believe either is going to sign without testing free agency. That said, I don’t see a lot of reason to give starts to Wood after the trade deadline just so he can market himself to other teams. If I’m Roark I have to be asking myself how much a team like the Angels would pay if they were willing to pay that much to the ghost of Matt Harvey. I was willing to see the Reds consider re-signing Harvey last year (they obviously did better than that) but $11 million? If he was worth that what would they pay Roark as a far more reliable choice? I like Roark a lot but not at two years for $30 or so.

  13. SultanofSwaff

    Jose Iglesias. 14 defensive runs saved above average, a tad below average offensively for his position. Peraza is not a starter, there is no one in the minors ready to take over, and he is worth more than he’s being paid. The stability he provides can’t be overstated. More to the point, he’s the kind of heady player in a playoff game you want to see at-bat or have the ball hit to him.

    1-2 WAR players aren’t sexy, but in lieu of all-star caliber alternatives, what’s not to like?

    • CFD3000

      Agree completely. The only reason not to extend Jose is if the Reds have a trade in the works for a major league ready shortstop with at least a couple years of team control. Not Peraza.

    • Tv

      Lol wow. He sucks at 30 parana is ok at 25

    • Q

      Iglesias is on pace for a .7 WaR season. Due to his age it is unlikely that he improves in the future. That is not the longterm answer at shortstop.

      • CFD3000

        I wasn’t suggesting that Iglesias should be the starting shortstop. But he’d be a very serviceable backup and insurance policy at short. So I’d extend him for that purpose. The shortstop of the future is not Peraza. The Reds need to trade for or sign that player. I’d be happy to keep Iglesias as the backup, but will be disappointed if he’s the backup to Peraza.

    • Jefferson Green

      I like Iglesias’ defense – he’s fun to watch, but unfortunately he is not a 1-2 WAR player this year; at 0.4 WAR in 2/3 of a season, he projects under 1 WAR. And of the 32 folks who have played SS and have over 250 PA, Jose is 31st with the bat. The median SS thus far has a 106 wRC+, while Iglesias is sitting at 77 – again far below average. If the Reds want a high end glove as a back up at SS (and that is not necessarily a strong move in this era of short benches and the need for offense on this team), he would be a good one. I would like to see Peraza get another shot for the next two months to see if he improves and can be starting caliber next year. Otherwise, I want the Reds to look elsewhere to fill the starting role for 2020.

  14. Jeff Gangloff

    This team starts to look REAAAALLY interesting next year if they can re-sign Puig and Wood (and if Wood continues to stay healthy and pitch well).

    Go out and spend some money on a bonafide center fielder and move Senzel to 2B and it gets even more interesting.

    • CFD3000

      Jeff I do like this secodn idea, but I also like Senzel in CF and VanMeter at 2B for a long long time.

  15. C Holbert

    I think Scooter’s better days are behind him, and the Reds got the best out of him. JVMR it seems is more than capable at 2B. He needs his opportunity there, and make an attempt to resign Puig, reasonably. I think JVMR fits in well at 2B, but playing him in the outfield in its current configuration, is only taking ABs away from other young, future and current contributors. If Puig wants to much, then let him walk, with a QO, and take your chances that the young guys, Senzel, JVMR, Winker, Ervin? will mature and pick up the lesser production of someone that may fill the RF spot. I think Wood is a more viable candidate with his recent injury problems, and if he matches his past production, the 1,2,3 of the rotation looks pretty formidable..

  16. Redgoggles

    How long is Derek Johnson signed for? I would lock him up long term.

  17. Pete

    Whom to extend? No one. After 4 months of baseball, Puig’s wRC+ is 99 – justify it anyway you need to but it’s 99. I could see extending Iglesias but the problem is he will be the starting SS in 2020, it’s the Reds way. Peraza deserves a long look the rest of this season.

    Wood is an interesting case, let’s see him the rest of the way and if he preforms like he has in the past, I suggest a 3-year contract offer. There are no real hotshot starting pitching prospects down on the farm except one – see below. Wood is a LHP , relatively healthy and has been very effective throughout his career. He is only 28. It’s not out of the question come July 2020 this could be the Reds starting rotation: Castillo, Wood, Gray, Lodolo and some combination of Mahle/Disco/Sims/ Romano. I really like the sound of these guys as the Reds starting rotation.

    If some combination of Peraza, Ervin, VanMeter, Aquino fall on their faces; you can try to resign Puig and/or Iglesias in the off season. Reds have the opportunity to handle this properly, will they? What do Steve Mancuso and Doug Gray have to say?

    • vegastypo

      “Whom to extend? No one.”

      Agree here. Certainly about Puig. See L.A. history. Ignore that at our own peril.

      Also agree about that regarding Wood, unless he goes the rest of the season with no injuries and really impresses. And even then, he would get only a 1 or 2 year deal, perhaps with incentives or team option years beyond that. He might even accept a qualifying offer to spend one season fully building his value back in search of a really good contract, perhaps his last chance to do so, age-wise, as he approaches 30.

      Jose Iglesias? Maybe, because his defense is important. If the Reds are getting offense from everywhere else in the lineup, sure.

  18. Still a Red

    I know this thread is about extensions, but there has been alot of excitement about a Castillo/Gray/Woods rotation completely leaving out what might very well be a rejuvenated Desclafani.

  19. wizeman

    I have been talking about extending Puig for a couple of months… but for the first time starting to question myself. Love watching him but think we have numerous options in system. If he takes 2 plus an option or 3 yrs. tops… then I consider.

    Have so much money coming off the books. Looking to trade Raisel, Roark and Gennett, Dietrich and Jose Iglesias. DFA Gennett if you can’t get anything for him.

    Looking to extend Wood, Lorenzen, Desclafini.; Garrett and Lorenzen close next year. Have to also think about Winker whos’ numbers good after starting 1 for 24.

    Senzel or Van Meter at 2nd base next year. Plenty of talent on the way but can live with Castillo, Gray, Wood, Desclafini and Mahle with Romano and Sims as starters.

  20. TR

    Trade Puig. An outfield of Ervin, Senzel and Winker gets it done until Aquino and company come forth. Extend Alex Wood and Jose Iglesias. Castillo, Gray, Wood and DeSclafani gives the Reds a top flight starting pitching staff and shortstop is covered until a younger one, who can hit, comes along.

    • Reaganspad

      Aquino is next year

      Out of options

  21. RedsFan11

    I honestly feel us “small market” cities have an over-hype bias of players that come here from big markets. Oh Puig played for LA and is interested in playing here long term? SIGN SIGN SIGN…..

    Yasiel Puig: 3,100 PAs: AVG .276 / OBP .347 / SLG .479 / OPS .826

    Jesse Winker: 800 PAs: AVG .280 / OBP .373 / SLG .463 / OPS .834

    Phil Ervin: 400 PAs: AVG .279 / OBP .347 / SLG .457 / OPS .804

    Nick Senzel: 300 PAs: AVG .278 / OBP .342 / SLG .463 / OPS .804

    Yes proven vs unproven, but you have 3 capable everyday outfielders right there with almost identical numbers as Puig. Only argument is sacrificing some defense maybe.

    Puig is so much more valuable as a trade chip. If you want to try and sign him in the off-season then have at it, but completely disagree signing him now.

    • Don

      Agree with what you are saying. Puig cost vs production is not worth $20 mil a year.

    • Q

      You hit the nail on the head here. Puig will not get any better than he is now. Extending him, especially for 4/80 would set us back.

  22. Chris Holbert

    Everyone keeps talking about all the OFs that are coming, but in looking at the system, there is no one considered a top prospect with the exception of Trammell. Aquino is mashing now, but when/if he gets here, what will he do? Can Ervin provide Puig numbers? Baseball people mostly know what they are talking about and Aquino is not even listed in the Reds update top 30, by MLB.

    • Pete

      That’s why you give them a trial run right now. If Aquino, VanMeter and Ervin are the real things, you got lucky and beat the odds. If not, try to sign Puig and Iglesias in the off season. Unless you believe the Reds have a real shot this season, to me the counter argument makes no sense. In fact, it is the exact move I’d expect from the “experts” in the Reds front office.

      The baseball intelligentsia love Yasiel Puig and if you listen to their “reasoning” it’s generally for all the wrong reasons. “He is exciting and has so much untapped talent…” Yes, he does have so much talent that has basically remained this way since his second big-league season. Don’t buy the hype.

  23. Don

    Wood is the only one to even consider as a left handed start

    Extend no of the expiring contracts now unless they will take a very team friendly deal for a max of 3 years.
    Not Puig for what it will take (100mil for 5 years)
    Wood will probably be offered 4 year $75 mil based on age and history with Dodgers. He may be want to stay with Reds since his wife is a good friend with Farmer’s wife whom should be on the team a couple more years.
    Not Jose Igelsias – there is a reason Detroit let him go and he was a free agent until February. Most likely same this will occur this off season.
    Not Gennett – 2nd baseman has many options in the team and around the league.

  24. BK

    To me the priorities for 2020 are starting pitching, SS, and C. The Reds will need to invest in at least 2 of these 3 areas to be competitive next year. So my top extension candidate is Wood. I prefer him due to age, track record and the fact that he is left handed.

    Puig has been an absolute delight to watch this year, but the Reds have talent on the farm. Aquino is crushing the ball against both LHP and RHP. He has the plus arm for RF. He takes over in RF. With a platoon of Winker and Ervin in LF and Senzel in CF, the Reds outfield is highly competitive. Yes, this assumes Aquino’s production translates to the majors, but we also have O’Grady and Longhi at AAA that could form an adequate platoon. We have our #1 prospect in Trammell at AA along with the uber-talented Siri, currently injured Friedl, and Fairchild all at AA. In short, there are lots of internal options for our outfield.

    This is not a call to dump Puig at Wednesday’s trade deadline … as of now he’s getting a QO if I’m handing them out. Having him around for another year would be nice, but it’s not mandatory. Puig should be available on the trade market for a fair return, but an extension right now could keep the Reds from addressing more pressing concerns where there are fewer internal options.

  25. Jim Walker

    I’ve switched sides on Puig. Given how the team has played since the All Star break, I’d trade him for what he brings and not ride it out with the qualifying offer as a safety net if he can’t be re-signed. He will be out there, possibly even cheaper as an FA if the Reds really want him back.

    I’d prefer to see them double down on the talent that is raking away at AAA right now. Ervin and VanMeter have not disappointed. If either Aristides Aquiño or Narciso Crook can get the can job done, the Reds have at worst a strong platoon for both OF corners, adding one of them to Winker/ Ervin/ VanMeter.

    I’d then cover 2B by using the “Puig money” to buy a CF so that Senzel can be brought in to 2B.

    I want to see more of how Wood holds up and performs prior to making any decision on him.

    • CFD3000

      Jim I’m fine with all of this but the last part. Why go get a CF to, effectively, displace VanMeter? I’d rather go get a SS and let Senzel play CF with VanMeter at 2B. And I won’t complain if the Reds want to upgrade the catching situation either. Imagine a lineup of Winker / Ervin, Senzel, Puig or Aquino, Suarez, Gregorius (oh the irony but the Yankees need starting pitching like right now), VanMeter, Votto and Grandal (don’t ask me how that would happen, I’m just identifying priorities). With a starting staff of Castillo / Gray / Wood / DeSclafani and Mahle, Reed or Sims. Imagine what we’d be saying about the front office then…

    • Don

      Agree with not signing Puig and trading now.

      If the AAA guys do not show well for the next 60 games then agree to get a true CF for the Puig money and move Senzel to 2B.

      If the AAA guys do show well then spend Puig Money on 2 or 3 or 4 solid relievers. Should be able to get 3 good relievers for the Puig money and 3 reliable relievers to add to Lorenzen and Garrett would get more wins in 2020 that Puig at any price.

      Solid middle relief to cover innings 5,6,7,8 (3rd time and some of 4th through the order) is the future of baseball pitching in 3 of every 5 games a team plays.

      if Iggy is not traded then just use him in save situations that he can starting a clean inning and live with the excitement/heartbutn he brings with that role.

  26. CI3J

    This is a very interesting time to be a Reds fan, simply because there are so many moving parts and dominoes to fall in determining future moves. The first and biggest of those dominoes is Puig, as what the Reds decide to do with him has the potential to affect several other positions. Consider:

    IF the Reds extend Puig…….

    DO NOT extend Scooter
    DO move Senzel to 2B and fill CF either internally or externally
    CONSIDER trading/packaging one of the OF in the minors to get needed pieces

    IF the Reds DO NOT extend Puig………

    CONSIDER extending Scooter for another 3-5 years
    DO promote Aquino and see what he can do in the MLB in September

    And of course, from these moves, they will lead to other dominoes falling. But it all comes back to what happens with Puig.

    • CFD3000

      I’d rather have Senzel and VanMeter in the lineup together than Senzel and a big question mark Gennett, or Senzel and an unknown CF with VanMeter having nowhere to play. 2B is an easy upgrade (JVM). I think the problems are at SS and C. But you’re not wrong about the “many moving parts” issue.

  27. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

    Give the extension to Alex Wood, if it’s team friendly.

    He’s got a solid track record, and he gives you a rotation of Castillo, Gray, Wood, Disco as your top 4. That’s good enough to win a bunch of ball games.

    In the OF, they are good enough with Senzel, Winker, Ervin and VanMeter, and possibly Aquino.

    • CFD3000

      I’m not sure where the VanMeter to the outfield option is coming from. Yes, he can play LF in a pinch, and he brings some versatility because of that, but unless I’m badly mistaken he’s a natural infielder. But unlike Senzel he’s not fast enough to convert full time to outfield, and there’s really no need. The Reds have a weakness at 2B right now – neither Gennett or Dietrichnlook like good, full time, long term options IMHO. But VanMeter looks really good there, and doesn’t steal at bats from Winker / Ervin, Puig or Aquino, or Senzel. The move to install VanMeter at 2B seems like a no brainer to me. And I know all about small sample size, but he’s not just mashing mistake pitches, he genuinely seems to have a mature approach at the plate. I think he might be the Reds 2B for the next 6-8 years.

      • Jim Walker

        JVM ran down a ball in the gap Sunday that had Senzel beaten from CF and that Winker probably wouldn’t have even been in the same zip code with as it went by him. Welch commented that JVM made a quick correct read and took the only route which gave him a shot at the catch.
        He also got himself around the bases very well with a 1st to 3rd and a 2nd to home jaunt neither of which even drew a serious throw.

      • doofus

        This season VanMeter has shown that he can play LF and 2B on the big club and hit; he also can hold down 3B, RF, 1B. Perhaps he becomes the Reds version of Ben Zobrist?

        He made a nice running grab of a flyball yesterday that Winker would still be running after.

  28. Chris Mo

    It’s time to sell the soon to be free agents for whatever their market value currently is. Reality is the wildcard is out of reach. If the Reds play .644 (38-21) they still project to fall short of the wildcard. And who among us genuinely believes the current Reds can make that kind of run? After the 1-8 start the Reds have played to a 47-47 record.
    Roark, Puig, Jose Iglesias, Hughes, Gennett, and Dietrich all have value. Fans would miss Puig’s cannon in right field. We will miss Iglesias gold glove defense.
    The Reds can always look to resign a traded player as a free agent, after the season. After giving that player a chance to play post season baseball.
    Winker (1st rd pick, 49th overall), Ervin (1st rd pick, 27th overall), Senzel (1st rd pick, 2nd overall) would be the outfield. Suarez, Peraza (begrudgingly, he would be the only SS left), VanMeter, Votto would be the infield. Wood plugged into the starting rotation where Roark left. Give Romano some starts if Mahle is out for a while. Bring up some of the young relief pitchers like Kuhnel because the trades should free up a few spots on the 40 man. I don’t see a significant drop in production statistically. I believe the kids would be more exciting to watch.

    • doofus

      Wood is also a free agent after this season.

    • Roger Garrett

      Great idea and it makes so much sense as we look toward next year and beyond but it will not happen because the Reds have never played young guys over vets.Its a mind set that they believe gets them a few more wins and may keep the fans coming but the reality is the lineup you purpose would get just as many wins and give the fans something to get excited about in 2020.It would also identify where the holes are so the money could be spent more wisely next year.Wood is the only guy I would consider to extend but for no more then 2 years at 10-12 mil per year.It is risky but I would do it.

  29. David

    The important thing to me is to move out older players who would be expensive if kept. They aren’t bad guys, but they will be too expensive to keep, and use up roster spots.
    The Reds need roster openings on the 40 man and 25 man roster to bring up the AAA players of value.
    I honestly don’t know what the Reds are thinking. I would assume that the 31st of July will come and go, and the Reds will do nothing. Lame rationalizations about “not getting enough return”, and then when the season ends, they will not make a QO, and they get nothing and will like it.

    I don’t expect much for Puig and Roark, and nothing at all for Dietrich, Gennett, etc. But clear some roster space, and give the young guys a chance to play out the season. Someone above has done the math, and to get to a believable victory total for make the playoffs will require the Reds to play .640 ball the rest of the way, when they struggle to reach 0.500 for the season. This isn’t rocket science to see how the season will end. But maybe Pittsburgh ends in the cellar this season, because they are lousy too.

    Not.Going. To. Happen. But this is the Castellini mindset, and what prevents Young Dick Williams and Nick Krall from doing anything constructive with the roster.

    And the fans will riot……RIOT!!! if fan favorite Yasiel Puig gets traded. I’m sorry but “fan favorite” is a manufactured item from the Reds’ publicity dept since the trade last winter with the Dodgers.

  30. Hanawi

    Wood is the only one I consider for an extension, probably 2-3 years.

    Also, I’m all for the Reds targeting Lindor for a monster contract when he is a free agent.

  31. Pete

    Tonight’s starting pitcher for the Pirates, Jordan Lyles, has been dealt to the Brewers.

    • vegastypo

      Thanks for the update. The Brewers could use at least one more arm. Maybe Roark ?

      • docproc

        I keep thinking that same thing. And it’s nice that Roark is a rental who (presumably) wouldn’t haunt us for years.

  32. vegastypo

    And Scherzer goes back on the injured list … can’t quit on that comeback now, can ya Nationals? Reunion with Roark? Interest you in Wood ?

    • Pete

      I could see Roarke, in a NY second, returning to the Nats. They know him and he knows them. In fact, I would think it’s the odds on favorite.

      • vegastypo

        Well, Roark apparently had some bitter feelings toward the Nats because they took him out of the rotation a few years ago. Not sure if that would stop a reunion, though.

  33. Eric B

    The Reds are not going to contend with the Cubs until they start putting up good offensive numbers in April / May. Signing another prolific slow starter in the early going won’t help them keep pace. They were 26-30 at the beginning of June. If the Cubs would have taken off it would have been over by the end of May. Do the Reds want to extend Puig in the 4 hole with Votto in the 2 hole while they both don’t start hitting until the middle of June.

    As of June 1 2019
    Votto: 247/344/366
    Puig: 214/263/383

    You can count on these kind of numbers year after year.
    The #2 and #4 hitters have to consistently put up numbers from the start. Extending Puig is not the answer. Ervin playing everyday is a better option.

  34. Pete

    Dodgers are fortifying, gunning for the WS Championship and it’s the right thing for them to do:

    “MLB Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Dodgers Want Felipe Vazquez and Noah Syndergaard in the Free Agency Trade Deals”

  35. Nicole Cushing

    Puig admitted, on the record to ESPN, that he didn’t work hard when he had the security of a contract. Which is why the Reds would be fools to extend him. If he did it to a contender like the Dodgers, he sure as hell will do it to a Rebuilder like the Reds. We simply cannot count on him exerting the same effort once he’s signed.

    Here’s the article:

  36. Gaffer

    All the people being discussed are free agents to be. Who the heck would agree to an extension when they get a chance to hear bids from everyone as a free agent in a few months. Extensions are for young guys that have never made any money and want some security. The reds have basically no one like that. Peraza is the type who would be but he may not even get a tender in arbitration!

    • Gaffer

      You could trade Puig, Roark, and Wood and still sign them as FA.

  37. Ron Payne

    – Extend Wood. 2 years with option on a 3rd year.
    – Use Puig and Roark to beef up bullpen and/or catching position.
    – Trade Eugenio Suarez and Raisel Iglesias to Braves for Cristian Pache and Ian Anderson. (Suarez takes over at SS for Atlanta this year and moves back to 3B next year when Donaldson is gone)
    – Trade Tyler Mahle and Jonathan India to Nationals for Carter Kieboom.

    2020 starting lineup:
    C Barnhart/Stephenson
    1B Votto
    2B VanMeter
    3B Senzel
    SS Kieboom
    LF Winker/Ervin
    CF Pache
    RF Trammell/Aquino

    2020 Rotation:

  38. Mark Burris

    Offer Wood 3 yr, $27 million
    Offer Puig 3 yr, $45 million
    Offer J Iglesias 3 yr, $12 million
    Whether or not any player is extended depends upon them wanting to stay in Cincinnati.