The Cincinnati Reds (47-55) beat the Colorado Rockies (49-56) by a score of 3-1 on Saturday night at Great American Ballpark.The Reds received a pair of home runs, a solo shot from Josh VanMeter and a two-run dinger from Eugenio Suarez, to make up all three of the night’s runs.

Anthony DeSclafani (6-5, 4.01 ERA) tossed five strong innings, allowing the one run in the fourth on a sac fly off the bat of Nolan Arenado. He largely shut down the Rockies lineup, who scored 12 runs the night before, allowing four hits and three walks, while fanning five.

Colorado’s biggest threat came in the sixth when they got the first two batters on base. That chased Disco in favor of Wandy Peralta. Some may have recoiled at that substitution, but Peralta quickly silenced those critics by inducing three-straight unproductive outs to erase the threat. Coming into tonight, Peralta was allowing 35% of his inherited runners to score.

Something that was nice to see, Raisel Iglesias (18 saves) pitched a perfect ninth inning with two strikeouts. He looked a lot more like 2018 Iglesias than the 2019 version as he nailed down the final three outs to help the Reds beat the Rockies.

Speaking of nice to see, VanMeter bangs:

He is a guy who is showing a lot of potential. He now has three homers in three games. There are some who would prefer to see him in the lineup, every single day, and I tend to agree.

Could be interesting to see how VanMeter grabs on to the opportunity ahead of him, given the struggles of Scooter Gennett and Derek Dietrich, of late.


The Reds answered the challenge, after having been soundly beaten the night before, and now look to take the rubber game. Sunday features the 2019 Reds debut of Alex Wood. Many tabbed him as the key acquisition of the offseason, but he has yet to play. 

Will he show some sort of trade value at the 11th hour, before the deadline? Or, will he demonstrate his quality to the Reds front office and receive a contract extension to be the final part of the three-headed rotation monster? Sunday is the beginning of these answers.

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  1. EricDavisFan#44

    Can someone explain the balk call? the radio guys were suggesting it was on Votto, which I didn’t think was possible (fielders balk). In reading rules, was the call a balk on the pitcher for throwing “to an unoccupied base” due to Votto being too far off of the bag? Sorry, all i had was the radio and I can’t find highlight or explanation online. And according to radio, Joey was mad.

    • RedsDownUnderer

      Yes, Votto was off the bag–I didn’t see the replay in detail, but he was a few steps away from the bag–Disco threw over and Votto turned and stepped to apply the tag. Commentators said it was close (in the sense that it wasn’t an obvious call), but ultimately it was the ump’s discretion.

    • Wutinthehail

      It was on Votto, I suspect, in the context that he caused the balk. It’s on the pitcher but Votto was the cause.

      My guess is it was called because he was holding the runner and came off the bag into a fielding position. After he assumed a fielding position Disco threw over.

  2. ToBeDetermined

    Regarding Alex Wood
    You wrote “Will he show some sort of trade value at the 11th hour, before the deadline?

    That’s why I thought they brought him up to pitch in a ML game before the deadline. If the Reds aren’t planning on trying to sign him they should try to trade him for even just a little return.

    They could always sign him in free agency if he’s available at a reasonable cost after the season

  3. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Boy, there is a lot of good offense going on at AAA. I would like to see what they could do up here.

    • Jim Walker

      It is amazing isn’t it. And the 2 guys they’ve brought up (Ervin, VanMeter) have been too good to send back. Meanwhile the anointed next great generation are by and large scuffling at AA. But then so did some of the guys now raking at AAA.

  4. Roger Garrett

    For the first time since Winker was in AAA the Reds have some guys down there that can hit and hit with power.Lots of talk abut the ball etc etc but what JVM and Ervin have done since being called up has nothing to do with the ball.Along with Senzel’s 2 hits last night they got 5 of the 6 hits the Reds managed to get against 3 pitchers that well aren’t exactly good even if you try to stretch it some.Jim’s use of the word anointed is just what the Reds do but they also throw guy’s under the bus after a few bad at bats or bad appearances on the mound.What a lot of us would like to see is at least for the rest of this year is to give them 200 at bats or so and see what they have got.It can only help the organization to find out who can be counted on next year and beyond.All hitters struggle at times during a long year but you have to let them and it hurts nothing in a season that the Reds aren’t quite ready to challenge for a title in the division.JVM’S homer last night was a line drive that got out right now.He swung and the next things you see is the right fielder turning to see if it was high enough to go out.The kid gets on base and has the discipline to take pitches unlike almost anybody else on this team.He is 24 years old and well he just has to play period.

    • Hotto4Votto

      The good thing about a few of the Reds hitters at AAA is that they’re besting the league average by a lot. It’s not just that they’re hitting, in a league where everyone is hitting, it’s that they’re hitting it that much better than everyone else is during a hitting explosion.
      Aquino has a wRC+ of 144 this season in AAA (and currently holds the Louisville bats single season HR record at 27 and counting). Aquino destroyed the FSL in 2016 on his way to being the Reds organizational hitter of the year. That season his wRC+ was 143. He’s having his best season as a professional, and at only 25 there’s reason to believe he can still get better.
      VanMeter was doing even better with a 173 wRC+ in 49 games with the Bats. He was absolutely destroying the ball this year. At age 24 he’s a legit prospect too. What a good pickup by Dick Williams for a Rule V pick.
      I’m a little more skeptical on O’Grady. While he’s putting up a nice 128 wRC+ this season, he’s also 27 already. He’s not without a track record as he’s been an above average contributor at every level with the exception of his first time through AA (which trips up a lot of guys). But, his production is largely due to having a higher ISO than he’s had previously which is likely directly connected to the ML ball. At the same time his K% is also the highest it’s been in his career and his BB% since reaching AAA has gone in the wrong direction as well (still solid). I’m not sold we’re seeing much of a breakout with O’Grady, but more a guy reaching his physical prime taking advantage of the ball flying. But still, he’s taking good advantage of it, and could potentially be a solid bench piece.

      • Pete

        One to keep an eye on: Leon Durham, the Louisville Bats hitting coach who came aboard last year. Can’t see where he has ever been a hitting instructor before. There is another kid down there who is hitting very well, Narciso Crook.

      • Pete

        Excuse me, Durham was the Tigers A-ball hitting coach for 16 years. Perhaps he is also a late bloomer….

      • Hotto4Votto

        You’re right on Crook, who’s having a very nice season both at AA and since his promotion to AAA. He’s only 24 so nice to see him do well now at the highest level in the minors. I still have some reservations as his BABIP in AAA is an unsustainable .402 and his BB% is pretty middling. Still as a guy who can play all three OF positions, he’s someone to pay attention to.

  5. docproc

    Aquino leads the International League in OPS at .999 and is second in HRs with 27.
    Fun question: Who leads the International League in HRs with 29? Hint: Former Reds player.

    • Scooter Rolen

      Adam Duvall. He actually just got called up by Braves and hit a homer, I believe. Nice to see him get another chance, he seemed like a good guy.

    • Hotto4Votto

      My best guess would be Duvall, who’s been in AAA all year and has no problem tapping into power.

    • Pete

      It gets better, actually he was out for nearly a month and has played 20 games fewer than the HR leader. This kid might be special or he could flop in MLB but the Reds need to find out because the upside is too high. I watched the Bats last 3 games and plan on watching today, he is a specimen. Senzel, Winker, Ervin and VanMeter are all looking like big time players but Aquino might be the jewel in the crown.

      The Reds might have lucked themselves into having a core group to build a great team around. Throw in Lodolo and it gets real interesting. Life cam be strange at times but 2019 may end up a very special year just because we get to watch the front end of theses players careers. No one saw it coming.

      I recommend if you have $30 to spare you can get for a year, Aquino is making it worth the purchase by himself.

  6. Satchmo

    VanMeter is such an odd situation. I can’t remember a guy that went from non-prospect to mlb so quickly. It doesn’t seem like a fluke either, since he tore up AAA for well over half the season.

    Maybe Doug Gray can help with this one. Where did this guy come from? Why the sudden explosion? Are there any noteable precedents of guys coming out of nowhere to have productive careers?

  7. Pete

    Josh is making an impression with the FO, MLB Trade Rumors is reporting the Reds have put Scooter on the market. The team looks to be selling and selling the right guys. Fingers crossed….