Joel Sherman says that the Cincinnati Reds are willing to listen to trade offers on closer Raisel Iglesias. That’s just another rumor put out there that the Reds seem willing to listen on just about any player.

The Reds have reportedly been willing to listen to offers for Luis Castillo and Amir Garrett in the last few weeks, too. Of course, being willing to listen to an offer does not mean a team is actively trying to move a player, either. You should always listen to offers.

While there was some talk right after the All-Star break that the organization could try to buy, the performance of the team since then should erase every last ounce of that. At least for the 2019 season. Buying for the future – and we mean buying guys that can help the big league club in 2020 who don’t have to be prospects, though they could be, should absolutely be on the table.

Raisel Iglesias should have a lot of value on the market. He’s price controlled for two more seasons beyond this one. Teams know what they are getting in terms of salary. The performance has been down this year, unquestionably. But he’s still got top end stuff, and the performance has absolutely been there in the past. The value may not be the same as it was a year ago, but there’s likely still plenty there.

The trade deadline is July 31st. It’s been rather quiet in terms of actual moves so far this month. But there have been rumors that have been flying around a lot lately. Earlier today it was reported that the Phillies were among multiple teams looking at Tanner Roark as a potential starting option.

The Reds have assets that they could move. Some more valuable than others, both to themselves and to other teams. So far they’ve done nothing. But there are still four-and-a-half days remaining to get something done. Will they is the first question. What can they get in return is probably the more important second question.

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  1. FreeHouse

    Iggy is having a bad season but Reds need to be careful and not sell cheap like the always do. The Braves look like they need some bullpen help, Inciarte is the man to target with a top ten prospect.

  2. Seadog

    Awesome article Doug. Yes Iglesias should be available. The weakest part of this entire Org. Is catching. I was “surprised” not stunned that Farmer would catch on “all” his re-hab games. Even catching our #1 Lodollo.

  3. FreeHouse

    Ender Inciarte is the CF they should target and maybe a prospect since Ender is having a down year. Reds shouldn’t sell cheap.

  4. Patrick tumilty

    I want to see the reds get stronger in pitching

  5. Don

    Iggy is not the type of closer which Bell and the analytics define as important.
    Bell wants Iggy to be Hader, who really thought the reds would score against Hader in the 7th and 8th as a result the Reds were mentally beaten.

    Iggy has stated he does not like or want this role. Bell either needs to change how he expects to use Iggy or the team should trade him.

    FO needs to choose between the manager/plans and the player.

    Needs to find players whom want and desire to play the roles which the managers want/need them to do.

  6. Bill J

    If the reds intend to trade Puig, talk to the Braves, Markakis was injured last night, maybe they could work out a deal for Pache, by including Iggy with Puig.

  7. Rut

    Iggy, Puig, and Amir don’t get you Pache.

    Regardless, this would certainly be another “sell low” scenario were the Reds to deal Iggy now. But fact is, given the Reds history/luck, it might be worse to keep him as he could sink even lower or get the dreaded TJ time out.

  8. Steven Ross

    Before last night’s loss, according to Fangraphs: the Reds own just a 3.2 percent chance to make the playoffs. They aren’t going to the postseason and they’re not going to re-sign Roark so the time to deal is now. Dietrich and or Puig might also be part of a deal. Phillies appear to be prime trading partner. Prospects JoJo Romero and Kevin Gowdy could make sense. If Puig was subbed in for Dietrich, perhaps the Phillies could justify Enyel De Lo Santos as the lead prospect in the deal.

    I like Puig but it makes sense to let him go. Same with Roark. Dietrich was a nice story for a few months but not anymore.

  9. Alex

    Man. Depressing. The reds have rental players when the market for them is historical low. Listening for offers for Iglesias when his value is low. This rebuild has been marked by reds inability to read the tea leaves and trends in baseball.

  10. David

    This surprises me…not at all. The Reds are fantastic at selling low. Chapman, Frazier, Duvall, Hamilton (Billy, I don’t even want to think about the Josh trade from the previous regime), and Cueto. Chapman still haunts my Reds thoughts. The Reds did a phenomenal job of getting the least out of Aroldis Chapman’s career as possible. Well, I guess Cotham is with the team in another role. Apparently the Reds can only be trusted to move journeyman pitchers, i.e. Alfredo Simon and Dan Straily.

  11. Rob

    I urge caution here. I can read the 2020 by lines now: “Reds dont appear willing to pay for closer.” Lets have a contingency plan here with a PROVEN closer.

    • BigRedMike

      How many current closer’s were proven closer’s prior to the season?

  12. Rob

    Scooter Gennett. Every article I read hinted at the Reds upturn upon his return. What are we about 5 games under and Scooter is hitting 175. Where are the Reds going here? A 300 hitter with 25 pops each of the last 2 years. If another team doesnt VALUE him, why dont we resign him for another year? Seems like this would be in everybody’s best interest. I dont have an issue in trading him if we get some serious value in return. But that may not be happening.

  13. BigRedMike

    Iglesias has 0.6 WAR the last two seasons combined. Not sure he is Elite as a reliever.
    The Reds should look to trade him if possible