Final R H E
St. Louis Cardinals (49-46)
7 10 0
Cincinnati Reds (43-51)
4 10 0
W: Hudson (9-4) L: Stephenson (2-2) SV: Miller (2)
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The long-ball with the bases loaded by Tommy Edman gave the Cardinals all that they needed on Thursday night in a win over the Reds.

The Offense

Eugenio Suarez got things started for Cincinnati in the top of the 1st with a 385-foot solo home run, his 24th of the year, to put the Reds up 1-0. In the 3rd inning Joey Votto picked up an RBI on a single that scored Tanner Roark and put Cincinnati up 2-0. Suarez followed with a sacrifice fly that made it 3-0. The next time the Reds got on the board the Cardinals were up 7-3. It was the bottom of the 6th when Juan Graterol, who will be a fine trivia answer question in a few years about obscure Reds players, singled in Jose Iglesias to make it 7-4. But that was the last time that Cincinnati put a run on the board.

Jesse Winker, Yasiel Puig, and Jose Iglesias all had two hits on the night. Joey V

The Pitching

Tanner Roark got the start for the Reds and at times he looked outstanding. He allowed two runs on the day – both of those runs coming in the 5th inning when he surrendered a 2-run home run to Paul DeJong that clanged off of the left field foul pole. He finished the night with six strikeouts in his 5.0 innings and left holding onto a 3-2 lead.

Robert Stephenson came on for the 6th inning. After a pop up started the inning, Stephenson walked Dexter Fowler, then gave up three straight singles to allow a run. Pinch hitter Yairo Munoz came on to pinch hit for the pitcher and flew out for the second out of the inning. But Tommy Edman came up next and took the first pitch he saw and planted it over the wall for a go-ahead grand slam that made it 7-3.

Lucas Sims, Wandy Peralta, and Jimmy Herget all followed and combined for 3.1 innings of shutout baseball.

Notes Worth Noting

Yasiel Puig made an incredible double play late in the game.

Eugenio Suarez seems to like hitting in the 1st inning.

The Reds fall to 43-51 on the season. They are 8.0 games back in the division and ahead of only the Miami Marlins in the entire National League. The Marlins are 36-58. The Mets are still playing their game tonight, but are 44-51 on the year.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati Reds

Friday July 19th, 7:10pm ET

Adam Wainwright (6-7, 3.99) vs Tyler Mahle (2-10, 4.82)

26 Responses

  1. RedsFan11

    Reds continuly fail to capitalize in the first few innings of a game.

    Ervin went 0-3 and HBP so he won’t get another start until September

    We all have a tendency to over-react either way, but this latest stretch since the 4th has seem to indicate the bullpen has run out of gas, and the offense isn’t there with even a can.

    It was a good effort. Now we need to hope Bobby doesn’t block any potential trades, especially on these one year guys

  2. RedsFan11

    Unfortunately all past history with this ownership would indicate

    Puig would start every day over Ervin even with low possibility of re-signing.

    Scooter would start every day over josh van meter and o Grady even though they should not resign him

    Whoever this veteran minor league catcher they just signed will start majority of games over Tyler Stephenson or the other prospect we have I’m drawing a blank on his name

    I would honestly start peraza again every day over Iglasies. He has really come back to earth so unless he can sign for cheap I wouldn’t re sign

    • Reds1

      Isn’t Tyler Stephenson like In high A ball

    • MFG

      I agree with a few of your points and disagree with a few. I believe VanMeter will be a very good player and deserves a real shot. Bench Scooter and let him walk after the season. Platoon Votto and drop him in the order. Trade Puig, cut Stephenson loose and promote Sims. Sign Jose Iglasies to a short extension because he is more consistent than Peraza who should be a platoon player anyway. Ervin/Winker platoon? Wood will hopefully be back soon so we can see what he can do. If he does well we should sign him to an incentive based contract. Time to start bringing up some players from our minor league system to see what we have.

  3. Stoney

    Votto could have easily tagged and scored on Puigs bloop but didn’t costing the Reds a run. Cards player tags on a pop up to the catcher. Difference between a winning team and the Reds. Losing culture with Votto a big part of that coupled with a Manager who makes horrendous decisions (Hernandez). I was holding out hope but I concede the season is over again. Sell away!!!!

    • Jack

      Losing culture with Votto? He is one of the few left that have any experience with winning. You think he is past his prime, fine.

      This is going to be your one warning. Don’t use abbreviations to avoid the swear filter. Don’t tell people to “shove it”, either.

    • Hot Chili

      People take criticism on Votto as a personal matter. Yes, he’s been a fine hitter, teammate, great with fans and media. But truth is he’s been a terrible runner with dumb mistakes over and over his career, part of that losing culture you talk about.
      And being completely honest, I hate him to see him come to bat with runners in scoring position, especially in close games.
      Insults coming in 3,2,1….

      • Hot Chili

        Typo: I don´t hate him, I hate to see him bat with RISP in close games.

  4. Scott Gennett

    Well, I guess it’s just safe to say now this season is over and another last place is in the horizon. Many decisions lie ahead besides all contract year players, i.e., FO shall also think about Votto’s and Bell’s future with the club. I never liked Bell and I think he’ll never be a successful manager in the bigs.

  5. Roger Garrett

    Reds 8 position players aren’t good enough.They haven’t sorted through their players to determine who stays or who goes,they pick up waiver wire guys and guys other teams release and fall in love with them along with the rest of their players,they won’t play younger guys because they feel the vets will get it done,they have learned very little during the is rebuild,they anoint some young guys daily or throw them under the bus,once a young guy has a bad game he sets for a while,a vet has a bad game then we must try to get him going,they care about a few more wins rather then building a franchise that competes every year.They made an excellent choice in hiring David Bell but his roster has at least 5 or 6 holes.They did cut Kemp,Duke and now it seems Hernandez.They signed Gray and hired a good pitching coach.They have a bunch of money to spend next year.The fans’ excitement has lasted until almost August.

  6. Big Ed

    Yes, he is above criticism on this site. His bat isn’t fast enough for the better fastballs, but we aren’t supposed to say it, strictly because his WAR when he was younger.

    Whenever I do post a Votto-is-done message, he will got 12-for-29.

    My main point on him is that if we can see it, then professional scouts and analytics staffs can figure it out, too. Teams are not pitching to him like they pitched to him in his prime, and he has not been able to adjust his way back to his old self. Pitchers don’t nibble with him anymore. In 2017, he BB/K stats were 134/83; in 2018, 108/101; and this year, 43/77.

    It is what it is. He could make up for some of it with savvy baserunning, but …

    • MFG

      Votto is one of the greatest hitters in Reds history but I think the time has come to make some decisions. He needs to sit against left handed pitchers and he needs to bat lower in the order. He cannot catch up with a fastball anymore especially inside. He plays a power position but is struggling to keep up. Look at all the other first basemen in the league. How does Votto stack up against Rizzo, Freeman, Bell and others?

    • TR

      I’ll go for that. The trading of great players like Votto, unless they want to be traded, is not the way to go. Sentiment should not be overlooked in fans love for their team. The trading of Tony Perez, Pete Rose and Joe Morgan has never set well with me.

  7. Scott C

    UHHH. Winker had 2 hits last night and scored a run. Played pretty decent CF for a Slow guy and had enough sense to allow Puig to catch that fly ball to hold off a run at least for the time being.

    • Scott C

      Pete, I agree with you mostly. I think any playoff hopes are gone after the last week, certainly with the situation we have at catcher at the moment and the injuries to the bullpen, I don’t think we can make a recovery. There is not enough playing time for all the players you mentioned but it would help if the Reds went ahead and cut bait with Gennett. His trade value has never been high, what with the glut of second basemen, it has certainly fallen off the cliff with the injury this spring and his lack of hitting since he has returned. Then they could put Senzel back in the infield and open up center for Aguino or Siri. I’m of the opinion that Peraza’s bat does not offset his defensive liabilities. He has had a half season worth of decent play.

  8. mark

    Regarding Votto and the play where Winker deferred to Puig to catch the ball and thrown home which we knew it was coming is why in the world did Votto go over to the cutoff lane when he probably knew the throw needed to come regardless if Winker or Puig caught the ball, I think he should have been over closer to first base on that play that turned out to be pretty important to get that out at 1st base.

  9. Roger Garrett

    Votto carried the offense for years and he no longer can do it.It just is what it is.Reds didn’t prepare for that just like they haven’t prepared for tons of other things.He still has value but the Reds must get better hitters around him to get max value out of his on base skills and his ability to work the count.Last time I looked the team was 24th or 25th in walks so its correct to say we swing as a team early and often.Setting next to last in runs scored says his OBP is wasted with some of that being on him due to his baserunning or speed.Bottom line Miggy and Albert have other guys around them but Joey doesn’t.The Reds won’t address Votto this year and probably not next year regardless of his performance because he isn’t the sole reason they are losing.When he was what he used to be the team still lost.Reds have issues at second,catcher,short and at least one outfield spot in regards to hitting so I expect them to focus on that rather then on Joey.Not saying they shouldn’t just saying that’s the last place they will go because well he is Joey.

    • Jefferson Green

      What preparation should the Reds have done? Good teams don’t groom first basemen for years in advance; it is the easiest position on the field to find/move a player to. You just move a good hit, low mobility fielder (or a mobile one if all your top hitters are mobile) into the position. The Reds could put Winker there (or Gennett, or Dietrich, or O’Grady, or Suarez, or Van Meter…). Preparation done.

    • Jefferson Green

      Same question as above: what preparation for Votto’s decline should have been done/prioritized? If it’s time to put someone else at first, plenty of options exist in-house, not to mention on the potential FA market next winter.

    • Bill J

      Different sports but, Jim Brown retired after 1 of his best seasons, with 20/20 vision today wouldn’t it have been nice to have seen him retire after the 2017 season he had.

  10. George

    There was and still is some excitement about this year’s Reds team. Daily somebody talks about how many games to the wild card. Last year after 96 games the Reds record was 43 wins and 53 losses. This year after 94 games the Reds are 43 wins and 51 losses. If I remember, last year the mob was beating on the fortress gates with ropes and pitch forks to hang the manager.
    The final record for 2018 was 67 wins and 95 losses. The 2019 Reds consistent lack of hitting and the bullpen showing signs of cracking, does not offer a lot of hope. The overall weakness of the other Central Division teams adds to the delusion of a wild card for the Reds.
    The question is, can this team win 30 or more of the remaining 68 games to finish with a record of 73 wins and 89 losses or better to prevent another 90-loss season.

  11. Roger Garrett

    I can agree with you doofus.I have watched very few games from start to finish but there have been times he has hustled like crazy but Rojo’s account of the game kind of gives us some clue.Gone are the days when guys go all out on every play and every day.Injuries or fear of injury get in the way sometimes but all money is pretty much a guarantee but its a new era. Since I am old school,selective hustle or hustling when I want to bothers me big time.Players are humans too and losing stinks but it should stink in a way that makes one hustle more not less.Reds have lost for a long time and there is a lot of that smell still left.Hopefully it leaves and never returns but I never for a second thought Puig would sign with the Reds.