In a game flush with drama, the Cincinnati Reds (43-49) fell victim to the walk-off against the Chicago Cubs (51-44) with a score of 4-3 in extra innings at Wrigley Field, Tuesday night.

Kyle Schwarber floated the game-winner just into the basket in left-center field off of Raisel Iglesias (2-8, 3.92 ERA) in the bottom of the tenth.

The Reds began the game well. Eugenio Suarez smashed yet another first-inning dinger to give the Reds a 1-0 lead. Cubs starter Alec Mills (ND, 4.50 ERA) then proceeded to hit Yasiel Puig and Derek Dietrich, consecutively, and allow a RBI-single to Nick Senzel, as the Reds doubled their lead. The scoring would not stop there, however, as Jose Peraza uncorked a double to score Dietrich and extend the lead to three. Inches away from making it one more, Senzel was thrown out at home plate to end the first inning.

That would prove to be all the offense the Reds would muster.

Chicago began their comeback with a two-run home run by Robel Garcia off Anthony DeSclafani (ND, 4.29). That was the 18th homer allowed by Disco, in 2019. Most he’s allowed in a single season is 24 (2018). Kris Bryant sealed the comeback with a solo shot in the sixth inning.

Mills, his first Major League appearance of 2019, settled down and held the Reds scoreless for the final five innings that he remained in the game. The Reds threatened with two on and none out, in the sixth, but a quick GDP by Peraza and strikeout by DeSclafani wiped away any potential insurance-runs.

Missed opportunities, as they have all year, defined Tuesday night’s loss.

The Reds threatened in the top of the ninth as Scooter Gennett grounded a one-out single into right field and pinch-runner Michael Lorenzen stole second. Kyle Farmer then followed with a strikeout and Jesse Winker walked. After working the count full against Craig Kimbrel, Joey Votto hit an easy fly ball to center to effectively end the Reds chance to score. 

Votto has stranded 12 runners in scoring position since the All-Star Break.

Cincinnati has a chance to take the series in Chicago on Wednesday afternoon with Sonny Gray (5-5, 3.42) on the mound against You Darvish (2-4, 4.72). First pitch is slated for 2:20 p.m.

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  1. FreeHouse

    How many times this season have the Reds a few runs in the first inning and then shut the offense down for the rest of the game. Ofcourse it’s a disappointing loss but the Reds had their chances and couldn’t cash in.

  2. matthew hendley

    A new bat might shake things up.

    Betting DD, Scooter, Iggy, Suarez tomorrow.
    Ervin Senzel, Puig.

    Catcher depending on health.

    Reds need to win the rubber match to salvage the series.

    • matthew hendley

      nope, Ervin sits again. DD to LF, Winker sits. Votto will start and Farmer gets another nod.

      I mean it is Darvish so I expect DD to be hit at least 3 more times this game.

      • Pete

        This is annoying. What’s a guy have to do? .371/.426/.597, wRC+ is 163! He’s not showing enough to put DD on the bench?

      • matthew hendley

        I mean HBP do count towards OBP, and he did score last night, and have the Baseball IQ play. Sometime, the hustle pays off.

        I would have been more upset if they had started Winker over both. I am beginning to think a minor league tune up might work for winker.

  3. Sliotar

    Jeff, nice recap. Tight, but with a little opinion mixed in.

    I found interesting that….

    -Hernandez did not pitch tonight, has not pitched since 1 inning on Saturday.
    -Stephenson pitched tonight for the third time in four days.
    -Iglesias pitched for the third straight night.

    All this after Bell defended Hernandez to media in Colorado over the weekend, and said he would continue using him just as much, same situations, as he has been.

    Always good to defend player publicly, but maybe Bell has lost some faith.

    • Still a Red

      mmmm…might just be giving him a bit of a rest…work on some things on the side

  4. Davy13

    Votto’s bat does not seem to be aging well. I would love for the team to buy Lindsor’s bat at the deadline and move to Senzel to 2B. Having an infield of Senzel, Lindsor, and Suarez will work out well.

    • Ed

      I wish! That would be awesome. Lindor seems to be the face of the Indians right now, and I can’t imagine them selling.

    • MFG

      Agree! his bat is very slow and i don’t remember him ever taking as many called third strikes as he has this year. Maybe time to move him down in the lineup?
      Our pitchers go 3-2 allot and you cannot do that to a good hitter and get away with it very often. Swarber hit a 3-2 pitch for the game winner last night.

  5. Curt

    “Votto has stranded 12 runners in scoring position since the All-Star Break.”

    That’s not good

    • Still a Red

      Wonder if he’s still trying to regain his power. He said at the start of the season he was unhappy with his power numbers. Maybe its time to give up on the power effort. OR…maybe he needs glasses.

      • VaRedsFan

        If he wanted to regain his power, he would stop with all of the bent arm, check swings, and swing the bat like he means it…that means pull the ball in the air. He is doing none of the above. He is taking so many hittable pitches early in the count, that it puts him into his 2 strike, check swing mode. I’d be curious as to how many hits he has gotten with 2 strikes this year.

  6. Scott Gennett

    Time to think about Votto’s role as a regular player, his days are soon coming to an end.

  7. Slicc50

    More Phil Ervin and less DD please! Even if that means you have to play Senzel in the infield! Take advantage of Ervin’s bat while you can David Bell! DD is more of a spot starter/pinch hitter. Look at how well he did in that role earlier in the season. Another winnable game lastnight where the offense put a crooked number on the board in the first and disappeared after that. This offense drives me crazy! I don’t know what has happened to Suarez. I think he has become HR crazy. Yes I know he has homered in the past 2 games. The Reds need more from him. Seems like he hits a few solo HR’s and strikes out the rest of the time now. 46 k’s in his last 117 ab’s? That is alot of strike outs! Too bad the front office didn’t go out and make a move to get this team a bat or a couple relievers. Who says you have to wait until the trade deadline? Every game matters! The NL central is there for the taking. You just have to go out and TAKE IT! Man……I just want my favorite team to go for it. Not wait back and hope everyone else backs into them! Is that too much to ask for?

  8. TR

    12 runners left on base. Ervin is hitting and not starting in left field. Another one run loss.

  9. Broseph

    Although it likely won’t happen, it’s time to move Votto out of the top of the order. Unless he gets it going again, he needs to hit 6 or maybe even 7. Just swap him and Senzel.

    Sad sight to see, and he’s still one of my favorite players that I’ll make sure to see their at bats, but he’s not coming back to pre-2018 form.

    The best thing at this point in his career is to waive his no trade and go to a contender (if anyone would even offer) in hopes to cement his career. The HOF is unlikely at this point.

    Next best thing is to swallow some pride and move down in the order for Senzel or another player to take the reigns.

    • Still a Red

      He’s still getting on base pretty well (though not up to his career avg.)

  10. Michael Smith

    Just so I am on the same page. Votto had a double and was robbed off another one and we are pouncing on him because he failed in the 9th and that means he is dead as a hitter?

    • Pete

      Michael, I’m not ready to throw in the towel but it’s in sight. My fear with JV is based on two things: trend and the cumulative numbers. Of all qualifying 1st baseman, Joey is 22nd of 24 in WAR and wRC+. If the Reds had a aire apparent ready to play, I would recommend Joey to ride the bench for awhile but they don’t. By September 1st if Votto is still carrying these numbers, I’d like to see Josh VanMeter get the lion’s share of starts. Not that JVM would be the 1st baseman of the future but rather to see how well he could produce with the bat.

      WAR: 0.4
      wRC+: 97

      • Michael Smith


        I get what you are saying. Last two weeks have been off, the month before that he was well over a 900 ops. I am trying to not react to the moment and see what is going in a bigger picture which it seems you are too with your wait til September.

        I guess my issue is with any comments in the heat of the moment. He was about 1 inch from having a multiple xb hit game.

  11. Wayne nabors

    Agree with Pete ,Michael.this has been a pattern all year not just 1 game,how many of us want votto to come to bat with men in scoring pos.not many I’m sure

    • Michael Smith

      Wayne I was agreeing with him but there has been ebbs and flows to his season. Last two weeks have been awful, month plus before that very good, month before that not so good and average in April.

      In summary its been a very weird year and is there a reason we want to replace a league average hitter (votto’s off year) with JVM? He is a second basemen and an outfielder and Dietrich has been 80 points lower on ops for the last 28 days compared to Votto and 100 points lower on slugging.

      • Pete

        Michael, there is a difference between a league-average hitter and an league-average 1st baseman’s numbers. If he was a catcher or middle infielder, league average would be acceptable. Every team needs production from first base. Let’s give it some time. In my mind, JV is one of the all-time great hitters, he deserves respect and more rope than the average Joe.

        FWIW: I know this won’t make you feel any better but the two lowest rated 1st baseman are Pujols and Cabrera. The aging process happens to everyone even the greats.

  12. Michael Smith


    Once again I get what you are saying. I am not sure why are circling back to this. My comment about the league average hitter was in reference to give the playing time to JVM who is a second basemen and outfielder. This is why I reference Dietrich as the guy who you take ab’s from. since he has been ice cold for the last month plus.

    • Michael Smith


      Also i get that father time wins and it is weird seeing the Pujols, Cabrera and Votto towards the bottom.

    • Pete

      The only reason to put JVM at first would be to see how he can hit. The Reds have three fellows in AAA I would like too get an extended look at: JVM, Aquino, and O’Grady. If the Reds are out of it by September, it might be valuable to see what they have to offer. All three are red hot with little left to prove in the minors. Even if Joey ends the season where he is at, I would think he is 2020’s opening-day starter.

  13. Michael Smith

    I would like to see all three at some point this season. Issue being logjam at the positions they play.

    • Wayne nabors

      I’m no where near the point of replacing votto with jvm or anyone else,it’s just become apparent he is not the hitter we are used to seeing,the strikeouts are piling up and his half swings are starting to become an issue,even his fly out in the 1st last night was hit with an upward trajectory that I’m not used to seeing,used to line drive em hard,players could not catch up to em,now they can run em down,but I think he definitely still has value