If you were among the precious few who were up past 2 a.m. today and had your viewing screens tuned to the Reds vs. Rockies contest, you may be among the many folks who reacted like this:

Every time you batted an eye, new milestones occurred:

Did those of us who stayed awake past 3 a.m. enjoy the benefit of witnessing the Phillip Ervin coming-out party? We’ll see. It’s been clear since his time with the major league club last year that the guy can punish the ball. Until this year, he just hasn’t done it consistently. He had a fantastic spring training, and in retrospect should have made the team out of Arizona.

Ervin got the start last night against Colorado lefty Kyle Freeman, but after Freeman was removed from the game and replaced by a righty, Manager David Bell had the opportunity to play matchups and pinch-hit Winker for Ervin. He did not, and the results speak for themselves. Ervin certainly has earned a chance to play every day, and he’s in there again today for the rubber match of the three-game series at Coors Field. Game time is 3:10 p.m. Eastern time.

Starting Pitchers

Tyler Mahle 92.2 4.47 3.84 25.5% 6.4%
Antonio Senzatela 86.1 5.32 5.19 12.3% 10.9%

Mahle’s biggest bugaboo in 2019 has been his propensity to surrender home runs. He’s allowed 18 to date in 17 starts, and most of them seem to come at bad moments in close games. Mahle has done his job in keeping games close, but the long ball has done him and the team in. The Reds have won only three of Mahle’s 17 starts. The Rockies, on the other hand, are 9-7 in Senzatela’s 16 starts.


Wandy Peralta pitched two effective innings last night (this morning?) and may not be available. Neither Raisel Iglesias nor Matt Bowman nor Jimmy Herget has pitched in a week, so they should be rested and available for more than an inning if needed. David Hernandez needs to be limited to situations in which the team is way ahead or way behind. What the bullpen really needs is the return of both Amir Garrett and Cody Reed, because Bell is currently limited in his ability to match up against lefthanders.

Starting Lineups

Reds Rockies
CF Nick Senzel LF Raimel Tapia
RF Jesse Winker SS Trevor Story
3B Eugenio Suarez RF David Dahl
1B Derek Dietrich 1B Daniel Murphy
LF Phillip Ervin CF Ian Desmond
2B Scooter Gennett 3B Ryan McMahon
SS Jose Iglesias C Tony Wolters
C Kyle Farmer 2B Garrett Hampson
P Tyler Mahle P Antonio Senzatela

With all of the offense in last night’s game, this moment was probably the most critical:

That long ball put the Reds ahead to stay, after they had fallen behind by four runs early. Dietrich has had a flair for the dramatic this season, despite his inconsistency. He’s in the starting lineup today, as Joey Votto, Curt Casali and Yasiel Puig will start the game as reserves. All-stars Charlie Blackmon and Nolan Arenado start the game on the bench today for the Rockies.

Additional insights into the statistical history of the players in today’s game are available all season long at BaseballSavant.com.

News and Notes

Today’s game is the MLB.tv Free Game of the Day. So if you don’t usually get to watch, today could be your opportunity for free to do so.

Perhaps the easiest win ever in a Reds pitcher’s won-loss ledger …

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  1. Sliotar

    The only Reds game in recent memory that went as late (EST) was like a 16 or 18 inning game at San Francisco a couple of years ago, where Buster Posey hit a walk-off.

    By the end, the seagulls were getting the most camera time, as they were hungry and could not understand why humans were still in the stands, blocking their food.

    Kudos to Game Threaders, especially VegasTypo, who is usually funny anyway, but stayed fresher than the rest of us. Being West Coast has its perks sometimes.

    “Momentum is today’s starting pitcher” – best advice ever from my grandfather.
    New day, new game. Getting a series win would be sweet. Go Redlegs.

    • ToBeDetermined


      Was that the game where Aaron Harang pitched like 5 innings in relief on short rest and was never the same after that or I am thinking of a game from further back

    • vegastypo

      Well, thanks, Sliotar, but for the record, I was hard at work burning the midnight oil last night, OK? Baseball game? What baseball game?

  2. Pete

    Exciting to see Jesse, Phillip and Nick all in the outfield together – here’s hoping each has a huge game.

  3. Shchi Cossack

    No surprise that Winker is starting in the OF or that Puig gets the day off, at least from starting, but Winker in RF with Ervin in LF seems backward to the Old Cossack.

    • Pete

      SC, I’m just glad they are all starting. Does anyone know if this is a first? We could be looking at 2020’s starting outfield.

      • Old-school

        Senzel just turned 24.
        Ervin turns 27 tomorrow.
        Winker turns 26 in August.

        That’s a young talented core entering their primes together.

    • Jim Walker

      Just maybe a little bit of a psychological message to Winker that he is in for the regular sitting out instead of vice versa?

    • TR

      It is backward. The stronger most accurate arm should be in right not left field.

  4. Pete

    As if we needed more to brighten our day:

    “Cincinnati #Reds prospect Brian O’Grady homered twice last night for the Louisville Bats. It was his SIXTH multi-homer game of the year. He now has 24 on the season.”

    -From a Doug Gray tweet this morning.

    I hope this kid is called up in September…

    • Old-school

      Lucas Sims just broke Aroldis Chapman AAA Bats record for fewest innings to 100K’s in a season.

      • Pete

        If Roark is dealt, I’d like to see Sims slide into his rotation spot. Let’s get a long look at the young man.

        Sounds like Aquino is tearing it up at Louisville, I hope we get to see him as well. I realize it’s AAA but he’s carrying a 141 wRC+.

      • ToBeDetermined

        good to hear
        Sims was certainly impressive earlier this year in his 1 start

  5. Sliotar

    Holy Cow.

    If anyone at RLN knows someone who likes the sport of cricket, impress them. Tell them “I heard today’s World Cup Final was awesome.”

    England beat New Zealand in a superover (extra innings). Neither had won before.
    The match started at 5.45 am ET, just ended. (Each team usually takes 3 hours to bat).

    The summary from The Guardian, “NZ were beaten in circumstances that would have been beyond Hunter S. Thompson on acid, let alone your average scriptwriter.”

    Reds, then this. Live sports are the best reality show. Ever.

    • Seat101

      So you’re saying it was an acid test match?

      • Seat101

        What! Wrong literary reference it. That’s a Thomas Wolfe novel/reportage

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I wish I’d written that summary. 🙂

    • daytonnati

      And not even including the epic Djokovic v. Federer 5-setter at Wimbledon.

  6. Rich H

    Homer Bailey dealt from the Royals to A’s for the Athletic’s #17 prospect. Can’t believe it. Roark should bring back approximately 5 top 10 prospects by that math.

    • Doug Gray

      “#17 prospect” before the season. He’s gone out and posted a .631 OPS this season with power that makes Billy Hamilton look like David Ortiz, and a sub .300 on-base percentage. The chances he’d be the teams #17 prospect today are slim and none. He was the #22 prospect entering the year for Baseball America, which is far and away a better place to look at for rankings than MLB dot com. Kevin Merrell isn’t likely a Top 30 prospect in either organization right now.

    • vegastypo

      Well, Roark has given up 11 home runs in 7 games, including 3 each in his last two games. He needs to go to a contender with a big ballpark. Not sure how much demand there would be for him.

      • Pete

        Yeah, hope the Reds don’t come up a day late and a dollar short. Last two starts really hurt his value. On the other hand, Puig’s has rocketed…

    • Jim Walker

      Bailey in 2019
      18 starts; 90 IP
      4.47 FIP; 4.62 xFIP
      1.1 fWAR

      Tanner Roark 2019
      18 starts; 97 IP
      4.19 FIP; 4.50xFIP

      Edge to Roark but not overwhelmingly so.

    • Rich H

      I just got a kick out of the story from MLB, did not intend for this to be serious analysis fellas lol.

    • Rich H

      Look, I was literally just laughing out loud because of the story’s lede, I don’t think Roark is going to bring back 5 top 10 prospects. As I’ve said before, I think there’s a good chance he’s more valuable to the Reds than anyone else, as many writers and reporters have pointed out. Contending teams aren’t going to see him as one of their playoff starters, and that doesn’t leave many teams trying to pay something real for half a year of Roark, given the polarized races in most other divisions.

    • matt hendley

      I think everyone is missing the point that a team attempting to make the playoffs picked up Homer Bailey in an effort to make the playoffs smh

      • Pete

        Yup, there is a market – apparently. Lot of teams with playoff dreams…

      • vegastypo

        And Homer costs the team nothing more than a pro-rated share of the player minimum, right? The Dodgers are still paying him, or have already paid him ! Homer is like the lottery ticket that didn’t cost them anything.

      • ToBeDetermined

        Precisely, that’s why we can’t compare Homer to Tanner in what they will return. Oakland only has to pay him 40% of the current years minimum salary.

  7. matt hendley

    Crazy game last night, watched it thismorning like a few others. Deitrich back in the saddle. A good thing to see.

    Reds gotta win this, Pirates have started to crater again, and while it is cool to be closer to first then any other second place team the reds need to get out of last place.

  8. Rich H

    Did anyone else notice Puig looking like he was running a bit awkwardly ok Ervin’s 2-run single?

    • Don

      Yes, Puig did look like he was not right the last 2 innings, running a little gingerly and had a limp when jogging or fast walking

      • RojoBenjy

        Maybe he caught Scooter’s virus.

  9. vegastypo

    Incidentally, the Rays have a perfect game going the Orioles after 7 innings. They used an opener for the first two innings, and then Ryan Yarbrough has gone the last 5 innings. Wonder if there has ever been a combined perfect game before.

  10. Old-school

    Suarez leads NL 3b in errors. His advanced metrics suggest he’s a good 3b. He wasn’t good last year.

    Senzel was an outstanding 3b.

    Is Suarez a good defensive 3b or not? The eye test tells me he makes too many errors on routine plays.

    • Roger Garrett

      Goes through the motions sometimes just like the rest of the team does.This game is over already.Reds are asleep as they should be.Rockies are at home and they win the series.

      • RojoBenjy

        Loses focus often.

        If a contender wants to give something valuable in trade for him, go for it.

      • matt hendley

        let this be a lession about giving up on a game in the 1st inning

  11. matt hendley

    Reds playing from behind here,

    • Pete

      I don’t know, of the 5 hits, Rockies hit two balls hard: 109.0 & 107.6, the rest were pedestrian: 84.6, 78.0, 85.9 – not exactly knocking the cover off the ball but…the pitch count. Can’t give 4 outs an inning at Coors Field.

      • RojoBenjy

        Mahle has 4 UNearned runs. He got 3 outs before the floodgate opened.

        The defense let him down.

  12. matt hendley

    Changed over to the Rays, 1 pitch later, perfecto gone, I will take credit for that, BAL can thank me later.

    Alex Wood Rehab start went off without a hitch, creeping back and Mahle not making a statement to stay today,

    Hopefully lastnight/thismorning can repeat itself

    • RedAlert

      Bye Mahle – got no business on big league roster

  13. matt hendley

    and the words that i have waited all season to say,


  14. Pete

    Big spot for Winker – hope he bears down.

  15. RojoBenjy

    I guess this game will pick up where the last one left off!

    • Pete

      Coors Field – no matter the score neither team can phone it in. Nice to see Jesse not try to do too much, just could solid contact. This is the Jesse Winker we have come to know and love.

  16. matt hendley

    Scooter and Winker come through with a little help from the ROckies. TIe game, make this count reds

  17. Old-school

    Can farmer pitch? May need an inning or 2. Mahle needs to buckle down and give some innings. Winnable game again after it wasn’t.

  18. vegastypo

    Not sure how, or if, Dietrich kept his foot on first base, but the Rockies didn’ challenge.

    • Pete

      Base runner came off the bag and DD tagged him out was the call.

      • vegastypo

        Well, you’re allowed to overrun first base, and I didn’t notice the runner make a move toward second base. The umpire was already signaling out before Dietrich ever tagged him. Interesting. But either way, the Rockies didn’t complain.

    • matt hendley

      could have it been the ‘turned toward second arguement’ Desmond slowed down, maybe making to turn to second.

      • Pete

        I think he had the base and stepped off, not the same as running through it. Just my take, Rockies didn’t argue.

  19. Slicc50

    Action packed inning there for DD defensively! Lol.

  20. matt hendley

    SHowdown at the OK Coral here, Senzel steps to ROckies.

  21. Slicc50

    That is insane. How in the heck did that ball make it to the wall?

  22. Sliotar

    Senzel hitting leadoff (every day) is such a slam-dunk. If you go look at other teams’ leadoffs, Senzel’s all around game puts him in top 10 already.

    Winker hitting second could really work. He has been prime Votto-like today with putting ball in play.

    The key will be which season to move Votto down in lineup, and getting the player’s buy-in on it.

  23. matt hendley

    Mahle’s done, stick a fork in him. Hopefully the Reds can find more of what they had last night/this morning It will be needed

  24. vegastypo

    Another 0-2 pitch, right down the middle. Mahle gets what he deserves when he makes pitches like that.

  25. Sliotar

    Third time through lineup monster almost can’t be stopped at Coors.

    • RedAlert

      And deserves to be back at AAA too ! he can’t help this team this year . As Parcells would say “ you are what your record says you are “ . He has zero command of the strike zone

  26. Slicc50

    Get him out of there! When this dude gives them up, he gives them up in bunches!

  27. matt hendley

    3rd time through the line up strikes again. Bell late to get the BP started, late to get Mahle. Reds have a hole to dig themselves out of.
    Defense isnt helping matters either

  28. TyGuy88

    You gotta have that quick hook in this inning, went from a 50/50 game to a tough comeback.

  29. RedAlert

    He ought to be in the plane back to Louisville tomorro – he’s simply not that good and has had every chance in the world to prove himself . Get him the heck out of this rotation

    • Slicc50

      I would love to see him replaced by Lucas Sims as soon as possible.

    • PhP

      Yeah idk how you leave him in long enough to give up 5 there. After first 2 reached you have to have a quick hook. Reminds me of what he did with Hernandez against the Brewers. Almost like he predetermined Mahle was going 5 no matter what.

  30. Ed

    Poor Mahle- I’ve seen him pitch some great games. Including one against the Dodgers earlier this year… but yikes. Astros, Angels, and now the Rockies have really run it up on him.

    • vegastypo

      Last I heard, end of July. But I’m about resigned to it being 2020, with another team.

  31. burtgummer

    Obviously this one’s over I hope the terrible starting pitching the last couple of days is only because of where they’re playing

  32. Old-school

    Did the Reds 2019 season almost end today? It’s Coors so the could win 19-17 but Colorado and Washington and Philly and the Brewers and Cardinals and the Dbacks are all too much to catch in the WC… everyone can’t lose and finish below .500.
    The Cubs are too much to catch in the NL central. The next 3 games against the Cubs will decide tradeline decisions. If the Reds lose 2/3 – sell.

  33. matt hendley

    Scooter!!! Again!!!! 3 RBI day, Reds not giving up by a long shot. Games not over yet.

    • Slicc50

      Have to give these guys some credit! It’s a scrappy bunch!

  34. matt hendley

    OK, gonna lay off of Jose for a minute here. 1 Run game.

    • Sliotar

      Two nights in a row, Reds with a pinch-hit HR.

      That’s the medicine that can get you well quick.

    • Ed

      Those ????s in my post were supposed to be muscle emojis, which didn’t post
      So if you don’t mind, please imagine a series of muscle emojis in place of the question marks.

      • Ed

        Winked lifted with a strained muscle on a missed swing

  35. Ed

    These games have been such rollercoasters

  36. Roger Garrett

    Mahle was bad today and real bad but it doesn’t help when you throw it all over the yard and get 4 hits in 5 innings against a batting practice pitcher.The Reds margin for error(no pun intended) is so small because of their inconsistent offense they have to pitch and field almost flawlessly just to stay in games.That is why they have been around 500 since the get go.Strange season so far.Nobody expected the pitching to be this good but we did expect some improvement and nobody expected them to go from last in pitching to next to last in hitting.I can see this team getting a bat or two in free agency and maybe shore up the pen and compete in 2020.However they must play younger players and make some moves with marginal players going forward.Half of the 25 man roster should not be here next year.Reds have to go young and develop players and fill in where they have a need.

    • Ed

      Oh man Roger, are you gonna be saying this for the next 80 games or so?

      • VaRedsFan

        It would be consistent with the last 40 days

  37. vegastypo

    And there goes Winker …. if that’s a bleak oblique, Ervin might have a longer audition by default.

    • Optimist

      Was Winker batting when Gray PH, or did Gray get all the pitches? Cannot tell from the box score – interesting that Bell is saving the Lorenzen PH appearence.

      • matt hendley

        winker was pulled with a 2-2 count, Gray took a hack at one pitch struck out (counted to winker). I think since they still may want ML to pitch, and the AB wasnt going to have the full load of strikes to work with that the move to Gray was smart. Especially since JP was already usable as the LF

      • docmike

        Winker hurt himself swinging during the at-bat. Bell elected to basically concede the at-bat by sending up Gray. It was a 2-2 count, 2 outs, no one on base. Not a bad decision rather than burning a position player to pinch hit when you already have 2 strikes on you.

        Probably wouldn’t use Lorenzen to pinch-hit since they very well may need him to pitch in this game.

      • Optimist

        Thanks – found the updates on Twitter – interesting. Agree that Lorenzen may be very valuable later, especially if it goes extras, and they get delayed leaving for tomorrow’s game.

        Bench still loaded with talent for this one. Be nice to steal one.

  38. Jeff Morris

    You are never out of it, never out of the game when playing at the Colorado ballpark, fans must really enjoy the games there.

    • TR

      Denver is a boom town especially with the young crowd. Coors has a lot of nightlife and restaurants in the surrounding area.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Yes they do enjoy games there. Not only is the team potentially always in the games with the high scoring but also the Stadium is in a great part of town that the city gentrified a while back. There are a lot of nice new bars and restaurants nearby. There is a tram that you can jump on that can take you through downtown and drops you off within a few blocks of the stadium. It seemed fairly safe.

      I went there on a Tuesday and the stadium was packed. The Stadium also was aesthetically beautiful.

  39. Tom Mitsoff

    Watching these games is like watching a video game. It’s better to win them than lose them, but geez …

  40. matt hendley

    Not going to say it, I promised I wasn’t going to say it.

    Complete the Comeback.

  41. Ed

    I’d love to see some strong defensive work from Peraza today.

  42. George

    Just A question or two for the upcoming “fire sale”.
    After Castillo and Gray and maybe Puig, who is going to be buying what the Reds have to offer and if they are interested, what do the Reds get back, frontline MLB player, frontline AAA prospect, or just another reject?
    This team is in real trouble and the FO really doesn’t show that it can or will fix it.
    Geez, I am just so frustrated.

    • Sliotar

      Stephenson dealing. Welcome back.

      Iglesias may not appear at all in Colorado.
      Roark/Mahle got every chance to get in 5 innings, even being hit hard
      Votto off today.

      Feels like Bell has been looking ahead to showdown with Cubs all weekend.
      And, the Reds could still win this series.

      • vegastypo

        Yeah, that’s sort of what I wondering yesterday. After escaping the indoor pinball machine of Colorado, it 3 in Chicago, 4 at home against the Cardinals and 3 in Milwaukee before another day off.

        If the Reds are seriously harboring postseason hopes, they can’t afford a losing record in that stretch.

    • Lockersocks79

      If the Reds fall out of contention before the trade deadline I think they should keep most of their assets that aren’t walking next year and build around them. The Reds shouldn’t be having a fire sale this year.

  43. Burtgummer

    The rentals will get better offers elsewhere
    Plus would they even want to return to a perennial last place team
    They need to sell,they got some bats at aaa that need to be brought up

    • Sliotar


      Even a blind shift finds an out now and then.

      • vegastypo

        I have no idea the percentage of how often it works vs. doesn’t work, but I just think people might take for granted when it works, then criticize it when it doesn’t.

  44. Sliotar

    C’mon fellas.

    Otherwise, this is the opposite of last night.
    9 runs scored, one-run Coors Field loss.

  45. Old-school

    Yasiel Puig is the #1 outfield rental bat and FA Of in 2020. Sign him now. The reds need 4 starting OF- not 3. Guys get hurt.. guys need rest.
    Winker/ Ervin / Senzel are on rookie / minimum contracts.

    Sign Puig to a retroactive 5/80 contact that Lorenzo Cain got. Give him a $6 million signing bonus in 2019 so that 2020-23 is 4/64.

    The reds 4 man outfield then becomes elite and affordable and deep and injury proof. Aquino and Trammell are next up.

    Allocating $ 80 million combined to the outfield for 2020-23 makes a lot of sense.

    • Lockersocks79

      I’m all for signing Puig!

      That would leave us enough money to hopefully pick up a #1-2 pitcher and a few arms for the bullpen.

      And also wait to see how Gennett produces for the remainder of the year.

  46. matt hendley

    Well, thats that, Pitching let downs by Mahle, Bats were alive though, good work by Scooter, yes even peraza, Ervin.

    COmming to the Must win portion of the season

  47. TyGuy88

    IMO, they need to get what they can for 2020 and 2021 this deadline. All but Senzel and Castillo are available.

  48. Lockersocks79

    Can’t help to think that if Bell would have pulled Mahle half way into a 6 run Rockies inning the outcome would have been a Reds win.

    That’s 2 games this series that the Reds lost to the Rockies based on the Managers choices.

    • Old-school

      The Reds had 3 errors. All of Mahle first inning was Suarez error on a play a good 15 year old makes. Love Senzel but he booted a ball.
      That said Mahle wasn’t good.