As you probably noticed, there was no game recap for the Cincinnati Reds vs Colorado Rockies game last night. After a weather delay that lasted more than three hours, then a game that featured *checks notes* eleventy-billion runs and hits, the game ended after 3am ET.

The Reds racked up 24 hits and 17 runs as they improved to 42-47 on the year. Nick Senzel went 4-5 with a walk. Of his four hits he had a double and two triples. His OPS entering the game was .770. It was .813 when the game was over.

Yasiel Puig went 4-6 with a double and a home run. He also drove in four runs. His OPS was .787 entering the game. It jumped up to .810 by the time the game was over. Going back to June 11th he’s now hitting an absurd .391/.436/.804 with six doubles, a triple, and 10 home runs in 25 games.

The biggest game of the night, though, went to Phillip Ervin. He last made a start on July 2nd. But David Bell gave him the nod with a left-handed starter on the mound and Ervin paid him back and then some. The outfielder went 6-6 with a double and a triple. He was hitting .280/.345/.460 when the game began. When they finally turned the lights off at Coors Field he was hitting .357/.410/.571. The last time a Reds player had six hits in a game was in 1949. That’s when Walker Cooper tied the club record held by Ernie Lombardi (1937) and Tony Cuccinello (1931).

The last time the Reds had four players with at least four hits in a game was 1940. Senzel, Puig, Ervin, and Jose Peraza all racked up four hits on Saturday night.

And here’s maybe the best stat of the game, per Elias via the Reds media relations department: The Reds are the first team in the modern era to have a game that included five triples and three home runs.

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  1. Vada

    The Reds just fulfilled their weekly quota of runs in one game. The logical result would be ten games under .500 by the end of next 6 games.

    • RichS

      I hope you are wrong but suspect you are right!

  2. Centerfield

    One thing that struck me was the number of opposite field hits the Reds had. Even Double D and Suarez went the other way. I wonder if this was just an anomaly or something the hitting coach has been working on. It was great to see and obviously very effective. Also kudos to Roark for providing 4 2/3 innings. He isn’t the best pitcher in the world, but he demonstrated damage control and tenacity for the younger members of the staff. It was a very entertaining game to watch other than Puig’s bonehead throw. Senzel needs to be calling out the base to throw to since Puig has no clue. I watched Senzel in center and it reminded me of early Hamilton when he was still learning the position. I think CF is a high value position and the Reds would be well served to keep him there. He will get better, much better. No need to move him back to the dirt. Finally, Winker had better take a more serious attitude because Ervin might take away a lot of his playing time. Reds will probably be no-hit today.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      The thing that I hadn’t realized is how fast a runner he is. Once he learns to read the ball off the bat a bit better, while he may not have the highlight film catches that Billy regularly produced, he will be a plus CF with a plus bat to go with it.

  3. Reddawg12

    I realize Ervin isn’t going to go 6-6 every game or consistently hit .357/.410/.571. But if he really can be an above average hitting outfielder from the right side, it’s going to help so much and really solve some problems. Here’s hoping.

    • Rut

      Higher upside than Nick? As in Senzel?

      Umm, no.

      But did look great last night, surely think he has more than earned additional PT.

  4. Lackey W

    In the past I have stated over & over Ervin should be given a LONG look not just a PH or replacement in a game. The Reds outfield is crowded so it would seem the Reds have trading on their mind. It may be moving Senzel to 2nd base, and as much as it hurts maybe trading Gennett would be one option. Reds have infielders that can go in a trade. Suarez is slumping badly of late. He could work involved in a trade. Hope the Reds keep Shortstop IGLESIAS.
    Votto will still be at 1st for 2 or 3 years more I think. Catching could be upgraded. Barnhart just is not equipped to hit consistently and very little power. As a Reds fan I’d like to see some BIG moves be made NOW, not later. But more than likely the Reds will just sit back and do their usual which is NOTHING.

  5. TR

    After being shuttled so often by the Reds, Phil Ervin will have to be traded to a team that wants him as a regular before his true worth is known.

  6. Earl

    Ervin has looked better this season, but I think his defense is one reason he had not gotten as much playing time. He looked totally lost at times out in the outfield last year.

    It would be nice if the Reds could get a prospect that can do both, they have had a long run of outfielders they have developed that seemed to be just a bit shy of being a solid starter. Many of them had moments where you think, they have it figured out and then return to AAAA baseball purgatory.