It’s time for the second half of the MLB season, and it’s time to make some second-half predictions for the Cincinnati Reds. Chris Garber joined me this week for a wide-ranging discussion of everything you need to know about the rest of the 2019 season. Plus: a particularly rousing edition of #ViewerMail.

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2 Responses

  1. Pete

    Noah Syndegaard has regressed in these major pitching categories over his last three systems, less 2017 when he only had 7 starts. Listed from years 2016, 2018, 2019:

    xFIP: 2.67. 3.29, 4.22
    K/9: 10.68, 9.04, 8.60
    BB/9: 2.11, 2.27, 2.56
    WHIP: 1.15, 1.21, 1.28

    His fastball velocity is holding but I believe he is too great a risk for the Reds to make the investment. Honestly, I think I’d rather have Mahle with the contract numbers considered. I say pass.

  2. Steve Schoenbaechler

    The biggest thing to me would be who’s going to step up or step down. For, that’s the only way I see any kind of change. For, I don’t see how we have any kind of meaningful pieces to trade with. Oh, we might have the pieces, but when one thinks of trading someone away, you have to think of “what’s plan B”.

    I still say, if we can’t extend Roark and Puig, trade them off. Or, at minimum, do that “qualifying offer” thing (I don’t keep up on the details of the CBA and how it works. Sorry).

    The biggest thing, as all season, we need offense. That’s going to be, in my opinion, first from Votto and Winker. Votto has turned it on a little better with each month. But, he’s still not at “Votto” numbers. I hope we can see him keep getting better.

    Winker is very similar. Hopefully, he will still improve. I believe he would given more playing time. It might mean against more right-handed pitching. But, I believe the regular play will help keep Winker in timing.

    I will state, I don’t mind if the Reds “call it for the season” at all. For, I don’t believe the Reds will make it. And, I would hate for them to lose out on a trade that would make the overall organization better. Also, there seems to be several players at AAA who are doing real well offensively. I would like to see what they can do up here.