We made predictions for win totals at the start of the season. It would be interesting to know what impact, if any, the last week or so had on our expectations. So here’s the question

Question: How many games will the Reds win in 2019?

Nick Carrington: The Reds win 82-84 games. They’ve had two significant injuries, Scooter Gennett and Alex Wood, but the potential problems were mitigated by Derek Dietrich and Tyler Mahle. That shows some depth, but I anticipate a few more injuries along the way that will test them. I’m not convinced the pitching staff is quite this good nor the offense quite as bad as they’ve been overall. Still, I think they are a solid team who got off to a terrible start, one that probably doomed their playoff chances.

Still, a lot could go right, causing them to win a few more games. Yasiel Puig, Jesse Winker, and Joey Votto probably end the season with better numbers than they have now. Nick Senzel should continue to grow. The pitching is good, even if they regress a little. I can squint and see 88 wins; I’m just not planning on everything going right.

Ashley Davis: The Reds will finish with 85 wins. This would surpass my preseason prediction of 82 wins, but after watching the improved pitching from a year ago, it’s very possible the Reds can reach that mark. We’re almost three months into the season and I think this is what the Reds are–a .500 team. They’ll have another win streak like the one that was just snapped Saturday, but they will lose some series as well. As of Saturday, the Reds would have to go 49-37 the rest of the way to reach 85 wins. They haven’t played to that kind of record yet, but the schedule does get easier. Twenty-two of the last 35 games are against teams that currently have losing records. If the Reds at least can continue playing the way they have been playing, there’s a chance to finish strong in 2019.

Chad Dotson: Before the season, I predicted 81 wins and I see no reason to change that prediction at this point. The Reds have been on one big losing streak and now we see they can go on a nice winning streak too (against good teams, no less!). The rest of the season has looked like a decent but flawed team being competitive most nights. Almost precisely what you’d expect from a .500 team.

But if they want to surprise me the rest of the way, I won’t complain.

Matt Habel: Prior to the season I predicted 78 wins and I am sticking to that. FanGraphs still only projects 79 wins even after this past week. Factoring out the slow start and this unexpected win streak, this team has showed they are about average. I go back to the strength of the division as a real barrier to 80+ wins for the entire year.

Bill Lack: Before the season, I predicted a 90-win season. I still think that it’s possible, though not probable. At this time last year, the Reds were hot also (winning 6 in a row and 8 of their last 10), but were still 31-45 (.407). Doesn’t this team (currently 36-39) seem much more than 5 wins better than last year’s squad?

To finish at 90 wins, the Reds would have to go 54-33 (.620) the rest of the season and despite the current hot streak, I don’t see them going 21 over .500 the remainder of the season, they’ve simply been too streaky. So, I’m going to back pedal a bit and predict an 85- or 86-win season, which would require them to play about .575 ball the rest of the way.

But this is very much dependent on what they do at the trading deadline. If they unload Puig, Gennett, Dietrich, or some other offensive piece for which they don’t really have a replacement, this number will be worse. Finishing .500 might even be in jeopardy. But if they add a solid offensive piece, which is the current rumor, then the 90-win season is back in play, maybe more. Dare we say Wild Card or even possibly the Division championship?

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  1. Mason Red

    I figure they will finish around .500 but I don’t think they have the talent to make a playoff push even though they are within striking distance. Puig is heating up but will be traded for prospects which was why he was brought here in the first place. I’m not sure the FO or ownership is comfortable with the team on the fringe of being in a playoff hunt which is why I believe they will be sellers and not buyers at the deadline. I do admire the grit of this team but there just isn’t enough talent or depth.

  2. Roger Garrett

    Much better team but not as good as the Cards,Cubs and Brewers.Haven’t beat the Pirates this year either.They could win any where from 72 to 80 games depending on what they do at the deadline.They have pieces they could and should trade to get younger but is more wins what the front office really wants or do they want to prepare for 2020?Just imagine for a minute starting 2020 with the same 25 man roster even if Wood and Scooter were on it.Even if the other teams never made the first move do you think we could beat them?If wins are important right now then they are competing only against themselves and have been for a few years.

  3. Steven Ross

    Better team this year, no doubt but unless they get five games OVER .500, I think it’s too much to overcome. I’m interested in seeing the moving parts once Wood and Scooter return. Going to be some tough decisions plus an intriguing trade deadline.

  4. Brian S Jolley

    I could see their record ending up in a wide range depending how so many things go. If Castillo continues to revert back to a #2 or #3 starter, Mahle and Gray continue to perform in a similar matter, Disco gets injured again, Wood can’t get/stay healthy, and they become sellers at the deadline then I could see a 70-75 win team. I Castillo recovers from the recent blip to a consistent ace, Wood gets/stays healthy and pitches to the back of his baseball card, Mahle takes a step forward, Roark continues to be solid and the bullpen holds up, Votto continues to make strides, Puig stays productive if not red hot as of late, Scooter comes back and hits like Scooter, Winker and Senzel get into a grove, Suarez plays like last year, Iglesias continues to hit well, etc., then I see them challenging for the Wild Card and maybe 88-90 wins. AT LEAST THERE IS HOPE TOWARDS THE END OF JUNE THIS YEAR!!!

  5. SteveLV

    The chance of them making the playoffs this year has got to be in the teens, which isn’t enough to bank on, but an improvement in that we’re having a conversation about the topic.
    I was a little concerned by Williams’ comment that the Reds were in buy mode. Unless that translates into good, controllable players, that statement or action seems like marketing. As a first priority, make the Reds better in the future.
    If they make trades at the deadline, I think they fade a little and end up with 75 wins.

  6. Scott C

    I still see the Reds at about .500 79 to 83 wins. Still a big improvement over last year. Again a lot of that depends on what they do prior and up to the trade deadline. There are still some holes. Castillo as good as he has been is still not an ace and won’t be until he gets his walks down. Mahle is probably going to run out of gas by the end of the year. Peraza is a defensive liability everywhere he plays except perhaps second, but Farmer is as good defensively and better offensively. Dietrich and Gennett when he get back are better often offensively. Twice in this past series Peraza has come up in big situations and swung at the first pitch and made a routine out. He has less base on balls than anyone playing regularly and less than Senzel and Barnhart even though they have less at bats. He even has less than Schebler who has been toiling away in Louisville since the end of April. If he had drawn a walk yesterday we would have had two of our best hitters coming to the plate in Winker and Votto. As long as Peraza continues to play we have a big hole in our lineup that will keep us below 500.

  7. TR

    I think the Reds will win79-83 games ending up around .500. A lot better than the last four years. The good pitching is a real positive and the second half will be interesting with changes coming looking forward to 2020.

  8. Indy Red Man

    They were hot and jumped up 3-0 on Saturday, then their “ace” melted down and they lost the streak. Then lost again. That’s 3 games blown with LC on the mound and with a 3, 4, and 5 run lead. Plus a 8-0 lead blown with Sonny. I think I had 84 wins coming in. I doubt that’s happening and even if it did its just fools gold. Problem is they’re too close to mail it in.

    2 steps forward and 3 back? Cleveland missed their shot at a WS ring, but you see them bring up countless young guys that are keeping them going. Mercado, Plesac, Luplow, etc. Atlanta just rolls out another youngster in Austin Riley and he’s killing it. Where are the Reds young guys? Senzel and that’s it?

  9. Indy Red Man

    “But this is very much dependent on what they do at the trading deadline. If they unload Puig, Gennett, Dietrich, or some other offensive piece for which they don’t really have a replacement, this number will be worse”

    This is true, but wouldn’t DD have to replace Winker in LF after Scooter arrives? DD is a character and I’ve enjoyed watching him play, but if he hits some more HRs and gets hit 5x a week:) then he’ll have value in a trade! Otherwise its Scooter? How are they supposed to coexist? Can a .500ish team with a farm system that is devoid of major league ready talent afford to keep a guy like DD on the bench when he would be of more value to another team?

  10. Jefferson Green

    Agreed. Wild card requires a ton (almost everything) to go right, but the Reds have finally moved from the rebuilding stage to the ‘finish building’ stages.

  11. Don

    83 wins
    To get to 83 they need to go 14-10 through July 24 which would put them at a 50 – 50. Then they go 32-30 the last 62 games.

    If their record is not at least 50 wins by July 24 then sell and see what happens.
    Trade whatever you can get (used baseballs, cash to be paid later, low A players) for anyone not under contract for 2020: Puig, Scooter, Woods, Hughes, Roark, Duke and even David Hernandez & Jose Iglesias anyone not under contract/team control for 2020 and that the team does not want to extended or the player will not sign an extension now.

    A similiar roster in 2020 will be another maybe 500 team.

    Bring up VanMeter, Aquino, Blandino, Sims, Reed and anyone else. Start them all plus Farmer and Ervin at least 4 games a week for the last 60 games. See what they can do over the last 60 games and go into the off-season knowing whom has limited statistics for whom can be productive on 2020 roster and whom is to be in the minor leagues or another organization.

    • Roger Garrett

      I agree in a big time way but it won’t happen.Signals the fans we know we are going to lose but we will sort this team out and get younger and better prepared for the future which everybody on here wished they would have done 3 or 4 years ago.They don’t sort players they just hold on to all of them until they can get nothing in return and then just give them away or recycle them back through again while hoping they win a few more games in the process.The only really good thing is they extended Gray and I believe they have control of DD and maybe Farmer for next year but they are bench pieces.I don’t expect them to do anything and just go bargain hunting next year in hope they can piece together a few more wins in 2020.

  12. TR

    The Stooges have put together a pretty good pitching staff and it’s not The Stooges fault the Reds offense was not there after opening day losing seven in a row.

  13. Indy Red Man

    Great player but he’ll be 31 in January. No way. If they were a 87 win team last year and close then maybe.

  14. redfan4life

    For what it is worth. The K.C. GM said he will not trade Merrifield.

  15. Lwblogger2

    Late to the party but I had them at 79 at the beginning of the season. Now? Well, I think they will sell some at the deadline (or they should). Good news is they have some easier series (no MLB team is easy) down the home stretch. I think they still land about 79 wins.