The Cincinnati Reds will try to start a new winning streak this afternoon versus the Milwaukee Brewers in the final game of the current series. A win today by the Reds gives them a series victory by 3 games to 1. The Brewers can gain a split with a win. Which team will accomplish its goal? Game time at Miller Park is 2:10 EDT.


Two right handers get the call today, Anthony DeSclafani for the Reds and Brandon Woodruff for the Brewers.


Anthony DeSclafani’s battle back from injury has been something of a feel good story for the Reds in 2019. However the season is nearly half gone; and Alex Wood is apparently near return from injury himself.  Thus the onus may be  on DeSclafani to raise his performance level if he is to remain in the rotation.

Disco may be rising to the occasion. He has followed up on a string of  4 outings ranging from bad (3) to mediocre (1) with 3  strong if somewhat short efforts. In these three most recent efforts, he has posted and ERA/FIP of 1.69/2.30 over 16 innings of work. The keys to DeSclafani’s recent success have been reducing walks and avoiding home runs. The Reds need to see see this DeSclafani today to have a shot at winning the series versus the Brewers.

DeSclafani has one prior appearance versus  Brewers this year. Back on April 2,  he held the Brewers to 1 run on 3 hits over 5 innings at GABP. Unfortunately the Reds eventually lost that game 4-3.


Brandon Woodruff is another Brewers starter who comes from humble roots. The 26 year old was an 11th round (#326 overall) pick in the 2014 June draft. After making starts in all 8 of his 2017 rookie season appearances, Woodruff was used out of the bullpen in 15 of 19 MLB appearances in 2018. This season has seen him work exclusively in the Brewers rotation. He has been one of their most consistent starters to date as per, the Brewers have won 9 of his last 10 starts.

Woodruff is a fastball (~60%)/ slider (~22%)/ change up pitcher. His fastball sits between 95-100 MPH,  the other pitches in the high 80’s.  He strikes out a lot of hitters, doesn’t walk many and is stingy about giving up HRs.


Anthony DeSclafani 4.85 1.32 1.79 7.3% 22.7%
Brandon Woodruff 3.14 1.17 0.93 6.7% 28.4%



The Reds bullpen covered 4.1 innings Saturday.  5 relievers saw duty.  Amir Garrett’s consecutive day pitch count sits at 40; he’s probably  unavailable  today. Michael Lorenzen’s consecutive day pitch count is at 27; he’s likely on short spot duty again. David Hernandez consecutive day pitch count is 33; he could be limited to short spot duty. Everyone else can go at least an inning. An off day on Monday should mitigate most any issues with bullpen usage today.

The Brewers pen also covered 4.1 innings. They used 4 relievers. Josh Hader threw 18 pitches to cover 2.0 innings. He should be good for at least an inning today.  No one else threw over 14 pitches. Nobody was working on consecutive days.  All should be available for an inning with an off day on Monday.


         REDS         BREWERS
1. Jesse Winker (LF)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
4. Derek Dietrich (2B)
5. Nick Senzel (CF)
6. Yasiel Puig (RF)
7. Jose Iglesias (SS)
8. Curt Casali (C)
9. Anthony DeSclafani (P)
1. Yasmani Grandal (C)
2. Christian Yelich (RF)
3. Mike Moustakas (2B)
4. Ryan Braun (LF)
5. Eric Thames (1B)
6. Orlando Arcia (SS)
7. Travis Shaw (3B)
8. Brandon Woodruff (P)
9. Ben Gamel (CF)

Great to see Nick Senzel back in the lineup!


Here’s how Reds Hot Yasiel Puig has been.

Alex Wood appears to be a step closer to returning to MLB action

Doug Gray provides  some details about the status of Wood elsewhere on Redleg Nation


Scooter Gennett had tough day at the plate in rehab Saturday at Daytona. He wasn’t alone. The Tortugas suffered through a no-hitter on the day.

The hits just keep on coming for the Reds at AAA Louisville.



The Reds  6 game winning streak is over.  It ended in a nasty way such  as it is not a stretch to say Saturday was a game which slipped through the team’s fingers.  But that’s behind them now, both the good of the streak and the bad of how it ended. The team’s current task is to make sure the past stays behind them and focus on today each and every day there is a game.  Starting today.  Get the “W” and series win. GO REDS!

Stats and Data via, Fangraphs and Baseball Reference


23 Responses

  1. Vada

    I wish the Pirates would offer Jim Day a job. Actually, ANY team. I have never witnessed a more BORING and irritating voice. On top of that he has nothing of real value to add to the conversation. I am forced to watch the games MUTED. Had he announced the games for the Big Red Machine Sparky would have wanted him fired for putting his audience to sleep.

    • TR

      It seems to me that Jim Day has a nice personality and does a good interview. I’ve not heard him call the action on the field since, of late, I watch the game with the mute on.

    • Anthony

      Jim is a good “sideline” reporter, but his PBP is like listening to paint dry. He seems really nice, does a good interview, is very dedicated, but I don’t understand why it’s so hard for the Reds to hire good and TV guys to put in the booth.

  2. Vada

    How about taking time away from the game for a Poll. How many would prefer teams eliminating pitchers COMPLETELY and replace them with a State of the Art pitching machine that has the ability to generate 5 different pitching styles? From the dugout the team Pitching Coach or Manager controls the choice of pitch. Better yet, allow REGISTERED Reds fans in the stadium to choose the pitching choice. Total fan involvement. Taking fan involvement another step they can replace team Managers. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Attendance would skyrocket. Use payroll for the extra 13 position players. This would not only speed up the game it would make the game more interesting. Count me in as the first YES.

    • Ron Payne

      Disco looking like a State of the Art pitching machine right now.

      • Ron Payne

        To a State of the Art batting tee.

  3. Roger Garrett

    Won’t do anything against this pitcher so Disco better be really really good today.Six straight scoreless innings now going back to yesterday with only 1 hit.

  4. Burtgummer

    5-0 now that’s ballgame.I’d think it’s pretty obvious the spot Wood takes when he returns

  5. First2Third

    The last week was probably the high point of the season. Would not be surprised if the Reds are 7-8 out by next Saturday. Just too inconsistent across the board.

  6. Burtgummer

    That would be smart
    The games over don’t blow the whole bullpen on a lost cause

  7. Aaron B.

    If he has strikeout stuff he might be work as a reliever… shorter stints, crank up the velocity… worth a try.

  8. Scott Gennett

    As it stands now, everything points to Disco been kicked out of the rotation once Wood returns. I hope they can find out what the problem with Castillo is, yesterday it was the 2nd or 3rd time this season he cannot pass beyond the 4th inning.

  9. Roger Garrett

    That’s 8 innings with 4 hits and no runs and counting.We are much better then last year for sure but we are no where near as good as the Cubs,Brewers and Cards.Its just who we are at this point.Future looks bright unless we hang on to players thinking we can compete as we have done in the past.Got to be really aggressive and listen to any offers for any of our players as we approach the deadline.Got to move guys in the last year of their deals or resign them but can’t let them just walk away without nothing in return.I just hope we don’t stand pat and make some smart moves to get us younger going into 2020.Rest of year will still be fun just hope the front office wants to do more then just win a few more games then last year.

    • Cincyborn2012

      I pretty much agree with all of this. The last week was fun and balanced out the horrendous start to the season, but that doesn’t make this team good or a contender. The offense goes cold, seemingly out of nowhere, for games at time and even our two top starting pitchers can’t really be counted on due to lack of command and general inconsistency. This year’s team is improved, yes. But not enough to really contend.

      • Burtgummer

        Aquino will take Puigs spot so Winker Senzel and Aquino in the outfield
        Scooter and Iglesias will be gone no one decent to take their place maybe Blandino
        Wood Roark Duke Hernandez will be gone and no one to take their spots
        I can’t bring myself to be optimistic about anything

    • Burtgummer

      The future looks bright is a massive overstatement
      Most of these guys will be gone with no one to take their place
      Although I’ll be curious to see how Aquino fares once Puig leaves for another team

      • Roger Garrett

        I think the future is bright if they package guys to get a good return in a trade.We have arms in the pen and several guys on one year deals to get younger with along with money to spend with those and other expiring contracts.Just can’t keep everybody thinking we are close when we are not.

  10. Mark Lang

    Duke?! When the flames look to be dying down, bring on the guy who throws gas… not to be confused with the fastball “gas”

  11. Roger Garrett

    That’s nine innings and 4 hits and no runs and Duke is in for mop up duty.Reds back in one of those funks where nobody hits just as has happened so many times this year.Their guy is pretty good but our approach stays the same against everybody.We get pull happy when we need at times to be slap happy.

  12. Roger Garrett

    Votto got a cookie from a guy up 7-0 and he said I like it.Bell threw in the towel with Duke.This game has long been over.Cookies are good but you just never get enough of them cause they stop serving them.

  13. Mark Lang

    It’s never going bad enough to go to Arby’s

  14. Hanawi

    Well, Ervin has not taken advantage of the chances he’s had since being recalled. Looks overmatched. 7 Ks in 11 at bats isn’t going to get you more time.

    Almost rather see what Aquino can do at this point. He’s a true RF, which Reds are lacking in the system.

  15. Hanawi

    Four times on base for Votto. Just about has taken over the team lead in that category. Again. Won’t be surprised when it’s over .400 again by the end of the year.