The big news on the farm yesterday was that the Cincinnati Reds assigned their 1st round draft pick, Nick Lodolo, to the Advanced-Rookie level Billings Mustangs. The now former TCU left-handed pitcher is the 5th consecutive Reds 1st round pick to spend time in Billings. The last 1st rounder taken by the Reds to not see time in Billings was Nick Howard back in 2014, who joined the Dayton Dragons for his first assignment.

While Nick Lodolo didn’t make his debut on Tuesday night for the Billings Mustangs, several draft picks did make their professional debuts on the other side of the country with the Greeneville Reds – who opened up their season at home in Tennessee. Second, third, and fourth round picks Rece Hinds, Tyler Callihan, and Ivan Johnson started around the Greeneville infield on Tuesday as they all made their debuts.

The Reds have signed 27 players so far. Below is that list, along with where each player has been assigned.

Round  Player  Pos Team
1 Nick Lodolo LHP Billings Mustangs
2 Rece Hinds SS Greeneville Reds
3 Tyler Callihan 2B Greeneville Reds
4 Ivan Johnson 2B Greeneville Reds
5 Evan Kravetz LHP Greeneville Reds
6 Graham Ashcraft RHP Greeneville Reds
7 Eric Yang C Billings Mustangs
8 Quin Cotton OF Billings Mustangs
9 T.J. Hopkins OF Billings Mustangs
10 Jake Stevenson RHP Billings Mustangs
11 Wendell Marrero OF AZL Reds
14 Garrett Wolforth C Greeneville Reds
15 Matt Lloyd OF/RHP Not Assigned
16 Jason Parker RHP AZL Reds
19 Tyler Garbee RHP Greeneville Reds
21 Ashton Creal OF AZL Reds
23 J.C. Keys RHP Greeneville Reds
24 Quinten Sefcik RHP Greeneville Reds
25 Yamil Nieves C AZL Reds
26 Quincy McAfee SS AZL Reds
27 Matt Gill RHP Greeneville Reds
29 Yassel Pino SS AZL Reds
31 Justin Gomez C Greeneville Reds
32 Dan Serreino RHP Greeneville Reds
35 Tanner Cooper RHP Greeneville Reds
37 Caleb Van Blake 3B AZL Reds
39 A.J. Bumpass RF Greeneville Reds

Other Reds minor league notes

Taylor Trammell, one of the Cincinnati Reds top prospects, has been placed on the injured list for the Chattanooga Lookouts with a hamstring strain. Last week he was named as the #8 prospect in all of baseball by Fangraphs.

Aristides Aquino has been on fire all season in Triple-A for the Louisville Bats. But last night he extended his hitting streak to 21 games. That puts him all alone in 2nd place on the all-time Bats hitting streak list. The record is 26 games held by the immortal Brandon Larson.

Nick Travieso, the Cincinnati Reds 2012 1st round draft pick, pitched last night for the Billings Mustangs on rehab. It was the first time that the right-hander has pitched in a game since the 2016 season. He missed all of the 2017 and 2018 seasons, as well as the first half of the 2019 season as he recovered from shoulder surgery.

Scott Moss, a left-handed pitcher for the Chattanooga Lookouts, was a late addition to the Southern League All-Star team, but he took full advantage of his opportunity on Tuesday night. Moss threw 2.0 perfect innings with 3 strikeouts. Alfredo Rodriguez started the game at shortstop and went 1-5 with an RBI. Reliever Joel Kuhnel finished the game for the winning North All-Stars, recording the final two outs of the game.

In the Midwest League All-Star game the lone Dayton Dragons participant was catcher Pabel Manzanero. He went 0-1 with a walk in the game. His team, however, won the game in the best kind of way: A home run derby. Yes, you read that correctly. The game was tied at 3-3 after 9 innings and that means that each team picks one player, who got 90 seconds to hit as many home runs as possible. Chris Betts of the Bowling Green Hot Rods was selected by the East squad, and he needed just two home runs to win it. He did just that, and on his second home run he bat flipped that thing into right field.

15 Responses

    • Doug Gray

      He has. But he’s Canadian, so he needs a work visa. It takes more time to get him going than Americans.

  1. Centerfield

    I love the home run hitting contest instead of extra innings. MLB needs to adopt this in 2020. I wouldn’t seen either the umpires and players unions complaining. But I suppose TV won’t allow anything that reduces commercials…..

    • Michael E

      Time for pitchers to get in on the fun. Lets have a batter hitting contest, see which pitcher can plunk the most all-star hitters in ten pitched balls.

      Seriously though, the game is fairly boring since inter-league play started. Before then there was some mystique to National v American. I think free agency started hurting it a little bit with players changing leagues (traitors! lol), but I do recall the 1980s (after FA) in my youth having some very exciting games and every player seemed VERY serious. You watch the games now and it’s a love fest and just having fun, while the game itself feels like a old-timers exhibition.

      It may just be me of course, and that pesky “they don’t make it like they used to” mentality. I don’t see a way to fix the all-star game now that inter-league has taken away the last energizing aspect of a pitcher and hitter rarely or never having gone against each other.

      I do wish the SP would go 3 or 4 innings and they don’t TRY to use everyone, but instead use the obvious best pitchers through the first 9. Any SP that comes in should pitch a minimum of 2 innings, 3 would be better. Managers need to take the game seriously, like a Tommy LaSorda did, and play to win.

  2. Doug Gray

    I feel that you are very wrong about that assessment.

    • Michael E

      Yeah, I don’t know enough about our prospects beyond obvious stats. Who knows which ones have uber confidence and killer work ethic and which ones spend every night drinking beer after the game and getting by on youth/athleticism. Hopefully a few of our top 10 prospects will be long time MLB starters and an all-star or two in there, but never met any of them. If they eat and train like me, they’ll get a cup of coffee in the bigs and implode into a couch ornament (like me).

      Hey Doug, without calling out the bad, do any prospects in particular strike you as “almost certain to exceed expectations” due to manic work ethic or always listening to good coaching or other?

    • Doug Gray

      Who are these players that are that “we” aren’t seeing in the Majors until they are 27-30 that aren’t going to forever be journeymen?

    • Michael E

      Doug, not arguing here, but are prime years now a bit earlier? We see so much success for many an all-star at age 23 or 24 or 25 and some regression before they reach 30. I know growing up I always heard 27 was start of prime, but I wonder if that has changed. I don’t know how to cobble together stats to mine that ore, but I wouldn’t be surprised if prime years are earlier now, say 25-29 (Barry Bonds miracle arm cream aside).

  3. TyGuy88

    Where will Travieso end up after his rehab? Would you see him being a SP or RP long-term? I suppose how he responds to the surgery will tell a lot, so it might be too early.

  4. C Holbert

    I realize this is no the subject, but why does it seem Jonathan India is not moving that quick? Coming out of an SEC college program, I would anticipate moving quicker.

    • Doug Gray

      Because your expectations aren’t aligned with historical reality. By-and-large college first round picks begin their first full season in Advanced-A, then move up to Double-A in the second half. Chattanooga has not begun to play their second half yet.

  5. David

    Where they start is not nearly as important as where they are in 2-3 years.

    I think the Reds want to be careful with Lodolo pitching, and get a better idea of what kind of stuff he has. He is a highly regarded first round draft choice.

    And yes, whatever happened to Nick Travieso and Nick Howard. That’s a rhetorical question, as we know where they are right now. But 1st round pitching draft choices that have pretty much….bombed. And who knows where Hunter Greene will be in two years?

    He has already pitched a fair amount of innings in college this spring, so there is no need to rack up a ton more innings this year. After 5-6 weeks a Billings, he may be in Dayton with the Dragons. No need to panic about placement, etc.

  6. Michael Smith

    The data for the most part does not back that up Steve. Senzel should have been up a year earlier along with Votto and Alonso maybe earlier but he was blocked by Votto

    I looked going back to 2001 looking at 1st and 2nd round picks (most likely to fly thru the system.). Here are the debut ages.

    21: Wagner (03), Bailey (04), Bruce (05)
    22: Leake (09), Hamilton (09)
    23: Senzel (16), Wood (06), Alonzo (08), Mesoroco (08), Stephenson (11), Winker (12), Lorenzen (13)
    24: Votto (02), Stubbs (06), Ervin (13), Blandino (14).
    25: Frazier (07)