Straight-forward question:

Question: Who is your favorite Reds player since 2010?

Ashley Davis: It’s always been Jay Bruce, since that late September night in 2010. Not only is he responsible for the greatest Reds moment in my lifetime, he hit three home runs in another game I attended. I’ve seen some of his best moments as a Red, and I’m grateful for that. Who’s my favorite current Reds player? That would be a tie between Michael Lorenzen and Joey Votto. Lorenzen is so fun to watch on the mound and at the plate. He also motivates me in my own life. Just go watch his insane off-season workouts on Instagram. Votto, well, what is there to say about the greatest Reds player I’ve ever seen? I love watching his approach at the plate during every at-bat, and he’s got a hilarious personality too. There’s a common thread between these players I’ve chosen as my favorites: all three of them not only are great baseball players, but also have great personalities off the field. I find baseball much more enjoyable when the players can show fans that off the field, they’re like anyone else.

Jeff Gangloff: This is the easiest question of the week I’ve answered so far this year. It’s without a doubt Joey Votto. I grew up watching some pretty poor Reds teams and players and Joey Votto was the first MVP type player I had the pleasure to watch. He is simply the best Reds player of my lifetime. I love Votto’s analytical approach to pretty much everything. You could ask him what his favorite color is and he would give you a well thought out answer. His off the field personality also adds to his likeability. From trolling opposing teams fans to his legendary “Mountie” interview – Joey Votto is truly one of a kind.

Wes Jenkins: I’ll answer this question twice because I have a fun fact answer and a real answer. First, did you know Arthur Rhodes All-Star season was in 2010? Yep, the 40-year-old reliever was my favorite player that year because he was not only was he nails out of the pen but also he had some of the most swagger I’ve ever seen from a ballplayer. Single-earring and goatee all day. But my real answer: Joey Votto. How do you not love Votto? He keeps the game entertaining and for the past few years, he is the only player I will actively count the innings until his next at-bat. Eugenio Suarez has encroached on that mantle nowadays, but Votto is still the favorite.

Bill Lack: My favorite player would be Jay Bruce. His first year in the organization was the first year of RedlegNation and I got the chance to see him play in Sarasota in the Gulf Coast Rookie League and the next year I did a short interview with him in the dugout in Dayton for RN, one of my first ones. Our family was vacationing in Sarasota and got to watch him, and were at the game when he got the call to go to AA (he got pulled from the game and was coaching first and I asked him if he was going up, he nodded). Was also at GABP on the Friday of that first incredible week he had with the Reds. And who will forget the home run he hit to clinch the division in 2010? Jay never became the great player many of us envisioned and hoped he’d become, when he came up, but he had a very good career with the Reds and is still a very productive player today and a future Reds HOFer, IMO.

Jason Linden: Joey Votto. No question. But it’s not just about his play. He’s clearly an introvert and clearly cerebral about what he does. That’s a very rare combo on baseball and one I enjoy. As he’s aged and gotten more comfortable, we’ve been lucky enough to see more of his personality and sense of humor. I’ve yet to see anything from Votto I dislike. In addition to being the best hitter in Reds history, he also seems to be extremely likable. At least from my perspective.


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  1. Mark Lang

    Now that you ask, and I think of it… none in the last 10 years. Used to be, Sean Casey, or Chris Sabo or Larkin was always an easy choice for long span of time.

    I suppose the closest would be Brandon Philips – he was fun to watch both at the plate and in the field.

  2. CFD3000

    Votto, on the field and off. It’s a privilege to watch him hit, and the intensity he brings to every at bat. The way he identifies his weaknesses and his work ethic as he sets out to improve them is a lesson for us all. And as a fellow introvert, the delightful personality that has emerged as he has grown more comfortable in the public eye makes me appreciate him even more. He stands with Bench, Larkin, and Eric Davis as my favorite Reds of all time.

  3. Mark Burris

    Maybe we could put up some qualifiers so we avoid the, ‘he hit a homerun at my first game,’ or ‘he pitched the only no hitter I ever saw,’ or ‘he’s a good guy. He signed my kid’s ball,’ type of answers. How about ‘a starting player, played more than one season, or at least more than 2019.’ And I would ask the question in tandem. There should be two questions, the one we have, ‘who is your favorite Reds player since 2010?’ and ‘who do you think is the best Red’s player since 2010?’ otherwise we tend to confuse the two answers. Another neat question would be, aside from Joey Votto in 2012 and 2017, which player has had the best statistical season since 2010.

    • Lwblogger2

      Favorite: Jay Bruce (Honorable mention: Brandon Phillips)
      Best: Joey Votto

  4. TR

    Brandon Phillips. He knew it was show business and he gave it his all.

  5. Scott C

    Jay Bruce. He did so many things, when he got hot he could carry the team by himself. Right now, it is Winker. He may not be the fastest or outfielder we have but he gives it this all running after balls. I like the way he enjoys the game and gets aggravated at himself every time he doesn’t get a hit. He is just fun to watch.

  6. Don

    I do not know about .500 now but I counted 5 plays which Schebler did not make in March and April that Hamilton most likely would have gotten to and caught the ball for the 3rd out of an inning. IN each of these innings the opponent went on to score the deciding runs for that game.
    I think the Reds would have had been 15-14 instead of 12-17.

    Since Senzel came up his hitting is so much better than Hamilton it is not a contest.

    Hamilton was my wife’s favorite Red, she is not a baseball fan but would watch games just to see the amazing things Billy would do. I watch games on MLB APP so I can rewind and replay and many times she would want to see his plays over and over again. The stealing home from 1st due to throwing errors. Scoring from 2nd on a sacrifice fly. He got her to watch and like to see something about baseball. She has not watched a Reds game this year and does not really care to either.

    Phillips and Hamilton would be my two favorites.

  7. JayTheRed

    My top 3 since 2010 are in order
    1. A. Chapman – The guy was just so consistent and so good and so dominating.
    2. B. Phillips – The guy was a defensive star and he could hit pretty well too. Loved the personality he brought to the team too.
    3. J. Bruce – Just an all out good kind person and loved his hitting surges too. When he was on fire he was on fire for a while.

    Honorable Mention goes to D. Deitrich – Love the personality and flare. Very very fan friendly too. The stats this year have been quite good to in such a small sample size too.

  8. Russell Proctor

    How have none of you listed Scott Rolen????

    He changed the entire culture of this team for our pennant runs. Forever in debt to him.

  9. redfan4life

    Votto He is becoming my all time favorite.
    Billy was hands down the most exciting player since Eric Davis.
    We all know Billy couldn’t hit but he done things that I have never saw on a ball field.