The Reds Father’s Day doorknock lineup was cooking this afternoon, with Jesse Winker leading the charge. Da Wink went 4-5 with five RBIs as the Reds drubbed the Rangers to salvage something from the interleague series.

Final R H E
Texas Rangers (38-33) 3 6 1
Cincinnati Reds (31-38) 11 14 0
W: Gray (3-5) L: Jurado (4-3)
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— More on that incredible performance by Jesse Winker, told through four C. Trent Rosecrans tweets:

It was the first time Winker has had four hits in a game and the first time he’s had five RBIs in a game.

— On the mound, Sonny Gray turned in a nice performance, lasting 5.0 innings with eight strikeouts. He did give up three runs on home runs by Shin-Soo Choo and Hunter Pence, but otherwise was magnificent.

— Speaking of Gray, the pitcher helped himself at the plate with a triple for his first career extra-base hit. It wasn’t even close or anything. I mean he did slide, but I think that was mostly so he could jar his helmet off for a better picture angle. Just look at the quality of the dab here, as it is enhanced by his brilliant flow:

— Other standouts of note: Joey Votto doubled and walked twice, one of which brought home a run; Yasiel Puig had three hits and smashed a massive two-run shot to extend the Reds lead; Jose Peraza had two sacrifice flies to bring home runs early when the game was still close; Robert Stephenson pitched two clean innings in his return from the injured list; and Josh VanMeter recorded a pair of hits for his first major league multi-hit game.


— A 1 hour and 34 minute rain delay preceded the game, which is always an annoying occurrence.

— Eugenio Suarez continues to slump, 0-5 on the day with a couple of strikeouts.


— Derek Dietrich’s arm sleeve said “thank you, dad” written in sharpie and what appears to be a generic child’s scrawl. An awesome look by the beloved Red. Also, Dietrich almost did the anti-cycle:

— Reds beat writer Mark Sheldon got absolutely smoked in the Stache Dash today and did a nice little write-up about the people behind that event this season:

— Nick Senzel was available for today’s game after wearing a foul ball off the face yesterday, according to C. Trent. He should be back in centerfield tomorrow night.

— As I was watching the Reds game, I also had the Vanderbilt-Louisville CWS game on and man, if I don’t think the Reds will finish far enough down in the standings to pick up Austin Martin next year in the draft, but the dude’s the real deal. Two homers accounting for all of Vandy’s scoring, powering the Nashville team past the Redbirds.

— Another unrelated note, but this goal by Julie Ertz this morning the Women’s National Team is an absolute beaut. I’ve never seen anyone generate that much power on a back header before:


Reds vs. Astros

Monday, 7:10pm EST

Luis Castillo (6-1, 2.20 ERA) vs. Wade Miley (6-3, 3.14 ERA)

13 Responses

  1. Doug Gray

    Yes, it was a typo and it’s been corrected.

  2. TR

    A good win for the Reds. Hopefully a few of those hits and runs can be distributed in future late inning close games to help out the improved pitching. In order to reach .500 and escape last place, the Reds need at least a series win against the Stros. They start a very tough stretch of games before they meet the Pirates at the end of July.

  3. Reddawg12

    Man, this is the version of Winker and Puig I was expecting before the season started. If they are both finally coming around (yes, I know, that’s a big IF considering how inconsistent this team has been all year) then who knows what could happen. Especially with Scooter’s return being just around the corner.

    I have no expectation of the Reds making playoffs this season (never really did), but the team is 7.5 games back in the division as I type this and it’s only June 16. They were 17 games out on this day one year ago. Might as well keep hope alive, even if it makes me a homer.

    • Reddawg12

      As I wrote, I have no expectation of them making the playoffs. But it’s more fun for me to be a fan and watch every night if I keep that little bit of hope in the back of my mind.

      Agreed on all the teams in front of them being a major hurdle. The NL is stacked with solid teams.

  4. C Holbert

    It was a win, and that is a good thing. Big challenge coming this week. On another subject, I did not think I would ever say this, but hopefully Thom is back this week.

  5. Scott Gennett

    Reds haven’t got such a consistent starting rotation in years, which tied with a reliable bullpen makes for a good bet. On the offensive side, all players will have ups and downs along the way, now Votto and Puig are recovering but Suarez is going thru a slump. I believe the problem, unfortunately, is the manager which doesn’t look capable enough just yet.

    • VottoMatic125

      There is NOTHING wrong with David Bell.

  6. CFD3000

    I’m not happy about this game. This was the annual pilgrimage from Atlanta. Nice night Friday – but the Reds got shellacked. Iffy Saturday but they squeezed it in… and lost a close one. Then on Sunday it’s obvious there’s going to be a rain delay of unknown length, and then a short window to play, also of unknown length. Followed by a 7 hour drive back home. So… no Reds game for CFD. And we missed the Puinker show. Of course. You’re welcome Redleg Nation. Every one of you. But don’t expect me to be happy about it! Go Reds!

  7. Indy Red Man

    So many on RLN want to deal Puig now? I don’t quite understand? Where else are we going to find RH power like him? The Reds are most likely 2-3 years away, but he’s only 28.5 and he likes it in Cincy! I’ve been talking about righty OF Clint Frazier on here for a few years now. He’s getting squeezed out again in NY. He put up a .843 (11 hrs) in 191 atbats. Somebody will probably get him? Probably the Cards or somebody in the NL I would imagine.

    Personally I hope DD starts blasting some HRs again so they can get something for him. Scooter has been taking his game to a Daniel Murphy level and he’s just a more complete hitter…plus he’s a little younger. I really enjoy DD, but is he going to LF to block Winker? That would be stupid? To block a promising young OFer guy for a 30 year old infielder. I’ve also been talking about Mike Clevinger from the Indians for a while now. He comes back tonite. His stuff is nearly as good as Castillo’s! 96-97 with a herky-jerky release. He’s 28.5, but should have 5 good years left. Maybe you put together a package with Winker for him? Alot of important decisions to make!

  8. VottoMatic125

    Everything you said here is SPOT. ON. All baseball stadium north of the Mason-Dixon line need retractable domes, especially Cincinnati. The Reds fan base is made up of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio folks that have to drive to the game. If guarantee the games will be played, people will come. Plus April-May games would all be on-time and devoid of cancellations.

    • Mason Red

      Do you really think more people would attend Reds games if they’re was a retractable roof??? I remember thousands of people sitting in the red seats at Riverfront stadium…including me as a kid….and you literally needed binoculars to see the players up close. This franchise doesn’t need a retractable roof to draw more fans. Put a quality team on the field and the fans…including me…would come.

  9. Mark Lang

    Hey, we won the series in run differential!

  10. Jeffery stroupe

    Winker on bench tonight……get beat 5-1…..have about 4 hits total