One step forward, one step back is a great way to describe the Reds’ 2019 season to date. Following a four-homer, 7-2 win over the Indians Wednesday, Redleg Nation members were hopeful that their team would return home against a team with some pitching challenges Friday night and begin a winning streak. But …

Game two of the weekend three-game series against the Texas Rangers begins at 7:10 Eastern time at Great American Ball Park. It should be another good crowd for Barry Larkin Bobblehead Night.
Before today’s game:

Ervin is in the starting lineup in left field tonight against lefthander Mike Minor.

The weather outlook is bleak, with a 100 percent chance of rain tonight in Cincinnati, with some storms possible. If the game is rained out, the teams would almost be forced to play a day-night doubleheader Sunday. This series is the only time this season the Reds and Rangers are scheduled to meet, and therefore the Rangers won’t be back in town. A mutual off-day that makes sense travel-wise for both teams would be the only other alternative.

Starting Pitchers

Mike Minor 89.1 2.52 3.90 25.7% 7.%
Tanner Roark 67.1 3.74 4.53 23.6% 9.2%

Lefthander Minor has been the Rangers’ best starter this year and over the past two seasons combined. The Reds as a team have a much better batting average against lefties (.252) than righthanders (.225), but the team OPS split is not nearly as pronounced (.712 vs. lefties, .701 vs. righties). Roark’s clear role is to get through the opposing batting order at least twice while keeping his team in the game.


Matt Bowman and Zach Duke both pitched two innings in Friday night’s loss, and as a result may be unavailable.

Starting Lineups

Rangers Reds
LF Shin-Soo Choo CF Nick Senzel
CF Danny Santana 1B Joey Votto
SS Elvis Andrus 3B Eugenio Suarez
RF Nomar Mazara RF Yasiel Puig
3B Asdrubal Cabrera LF Phillip Ervin
2B Rougned Odor SS Jose Iglesias
1B Ronald Guzman C Curt Casali
C Jeff Mathis 2B Kyle Farmer
P Mike Minor P Tanner Roark

Additional insights into the statistical history of the players in today’s game is available all season long at

News and Notes

Just in case you missed this fantastic play by Jose Iglesias …

Remember this trade (and this magazine cover)? …

Ian Krol opted out of his contract with the Reds today, leaving Cincinnati with one less left-handed option in the minors.

21 Responses

  1. Indy Red Man

    Trammell is our #1 prospect in the minors and he’s hitting .245 at AA. Ervin and Blandino might be able to help the Reds, but there is no pitching whatsover? Maybe Sims or Cody Reed, but they’re not difference makers. They’ve basically got to make do with what they’ve got for 2 seasons atleast. Make any midseason/offseason trades and signings count! Maybe they trade DD, Puig, or Winker. Disco maybe? They just can’t miss….not if they want to get out of last.

    I’m glad the FO is finally talking about analytics (only about 28th to pick it up?), but its the same cast of characters…don’t fool yourself.

  2. TR

    How did the Reds get this smooth fielding shortstop for practically nothing? I guess the same way they got their outstanding third baseman. J. Iglesias is a real bright spot in a frustrating season.

  3. Indy Red Man

    Texas plays in a launching pad, but loses their big bopper Gallo. What do they do? Start running more and steal home a few times! Take it to your opponent…be the aggressor.

    Lived in Texas from 87-98 & former Rangers season ticketholder. That WS loss to St. Louis still stings. Hamilton’s HR in Game 6 should’ve won the series & the mvp.

    Like the Reds lineup tonite, but Minor has been too tough this year. They haven’t seen him at all. He’s been tough. Could be another long night.

  4. Big Ed

    Votto’s glove is fine. His arm is about as accurate as Garo Yepremian’s.

  5. Big Ed

    The Reds appear to have shown up with hangovers again today.

    • Scotly50

      They have been playing uninspired for a few weeks now. A losing culture is in their nature.

  6. Indy Red Man

    The Reds with their typical intensity tonite. 2 errors and 2 unearned so far. And Texas is Houston’s little brother and he’s coming to town next.

    Yeah they’re so much better this year. Might lose 91 instead of 94 or whatever. Whoop-d-versatile word-doo

  7. TR

    The Reds are behind the eight ball again in the 1st. inning as .500 continues to fade away.

  8. Roger Garrett

    I would say that is a Roger from Roger.Just don’t get it and there is just no acceptable excuse for this type of play is there.Need to stop and regroup in the club house or maybe a good fight is in order.Nobody is going to go and watch this little league stuff.Heck Roark may be ready just to DL himself and hang out for a few days.

  9. Big Ed

    Votto has an OPS against lefties this year of .608. Billy Hamilton’s is .580.

  10. Indy Red Man

    My satellite went out again. Have to consider it a sign that I’m wasting time waiting on this team to be decent! It only took me a 3-4 episodes on 2.5 Men to realize that Ashton Kutcher isn’t funny and ruined the show, but I’ll watch the Reds ruin what used to be entertaining every night and every year for atleast 4-5 months at a time?

    • Indy Red Man

      Rain > satellite every time? Its actually back on for now. I guess I have to watch. I have Minor on daily fantasy….might make a couple of car payments if he throws a no-no. Unfortunately, I’m not into loveable losers as entertainment. Although Puig and DD are fun guys and would be fun to watch if the team was good.

  11. Jeff Morris

    Part of the problem with the Reds hitting is that they thought the trade for Kemp & Puig would give them run production and power hitting. Matt Kemp never panned out and was released. Yasiel Puig has not been hitting….look at his batting average. And….the third guy they thought would contribute to their hitting, is a great hitter, but he is on the DL. Scooter Gennett. So….that is three players they expected to really pick up the slack with power hitting. But….none of the three have panned out. Take out the pitcher, and you are expecting the 5 other guys to pick up the slack.

  12. Jeff R Morris

    Also….Votto has had a down year with the bat, and Tucker B has not hit hardly at all. Schebler did not work out and is in AAA right now. Nick Senzel is a rookie and is learning, Jose Peraza is not hitting, and really should be DFA’d. So in summary there is your problem.

  13. Indy Red Man

    Satellite tv? I will say this and bid everyone a nice evening. As a Reds and Ranger fan….see atleast some similarities between Lorenzen and Kevin Brown. Both strong as an ox and can just pound the strike zone with a power sinker with movement. Now Lorenzen will obviously never have a career like Brown’s. He’s just not as good, but he has 10x more talent then Roark and he’s better then Mahle and Disco too. Turn him loose as a starter and do it soon!

  14. yorktownred

    Wow. Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse. Hope nothing is broken, Nick.

  15. Roger Garrett

    Lets see through 6 innings we have 3 errors and two hits.Sounds about normal for this team and oh yeah Peraza is now in center after replacing Senzel.Guess it can’t get much better then this or maybe it can.

  16. Don

    how can bell let Peraza hit in 7th. Terrible managing. Had to use one of the 3 left handed hitters on bench and put lorenzen in center and let someone else pitch.

  17. Paul

    Highlight of year… getting out of last place for a day… we are obviously now sellers at the deadline, what can we sell? Kemp? Nope, we dumped him for Van Meter. Puig and his useless hitting coach in a package deal, I wish! Alex Wood? Is there a clause in the trade where we can give him “back”? Hunter “will never see the majors” Greene? Clearly after MVP and 26 HRs this year Yelich, wow we choked big time not pulling the trigger on that deal. almost Frank Robinson deal bad. Scooter? Naw no one wants damaged goods. We wont lose 90 but this even more frustrating and we’re rebuilding again next year with the one year contracts. Why go on, same ol same ol!